Attorney General Ken Paxton indicted in Collin County jail


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was officially booked in a Dallas-area jail on Monday morning for charges of misleading investors.

Paxton was photographed and finger printed before being released with a bail totalling $35,000, according to the Collin Country court records. Paxton is facing two first-degree security frauds and a third-degree charge for failing to register with the state securities board, according to the indictment.

According to CBS News, Paxton admitted to violating state securities law for not disclosing to regulators that he was receiving commissions for referring law clients to a financial planner.  Paxton paid a $1,000 fine and his aides said this was administrative oversight and the criminal investigation was a political hit job, CBS News reported.

Following this incident, Texas for Public Justice filed a criminal complaint against Paxton with Travis County prosecutors.

The case was eventually referred to the Texas Rangers where they have since found other security violations Paxton did not admit to in 2014, according to the Houston Chronicle.

On Monday afternoon, Ken Paxton's attorney Joe Kendall released a statement saying Paxton will not plead guilty and will seek a trial by jury.

"In the meantime, the Attorney General is returning to Austin to focus on his work on behalf of the citizens of Texas," Kendall said in the statement.