Slingshots Aren’t Just for Girls


They’re also for taxi drivers, drag queens, roller derby gals, special kitties and talking cactuses.

"Girls with Slingshots" is a web comic written and drawn by Danielle Corsetto and updated five times a week. The comic follows the everyday life of Hazel Tellington and her cast of ridiculous yet totally-someone-you-know friends as they try to figure out life, money, sex, dating, how drunk you can be yet get to work the next morning and where the hell the Ghost Cat that haunts Hazel’s apartment came from. I dare you to read this comic and not find at least one situation that you haven’t been in, and wish your reaction had been this funny.

The art style is simplistic but sleek and the characters are memorable, unique and very relatable — even my comics impaired boyfriend reads it over my shoulder once and while.

Hazel is snarky but secretly loveable as a main character — her best friend Jamie can not only say the exact right thing when you need it, she can also hide kittens in her cleavage — and if that isn’t a marketable skill I don’t know what is. And, can you really not tell me you’re not interested in a character that works in a porn store by day, an S&M club by night and secretly longs to be a librarian. These girls range from quite blogger to bondage expert, and somehow they all manage to tolerate each other, even sticking around long enough for a game of drunken Strip Scrabble.

And don’t worry all you male comic fans out there! Not only are there fluffy kitties and girl talk in this comic, there are also man things! Like Pirates! And dominatrixes! And a talking Scottish cactus named McPedro with a mustache that most men could only dream of! The guys of GWS are just as well written as the girls. And no, they still haven’t figured out how women work, yet; the closest they’ve gotten is advice from Darren, the resident drag queen.

Something I believe to be a mark of a great comic about everyday life is that it isn’t geared simply towards girls or boys, or men or women. It’s just about people hanging out and laughing at themselves, and GWS has it in spades. Danielle Corsetto got her start drawing comics for (achem) her college newspaper, and has been writing Girls With Slingshots since 2004. She also wrote and drew The New Adventures of Bat Boy for the Weekly World News. She sells her comics in book form, appears at cons all over the country and gets to do what she loves everyday, and she started out in the exact same situation we find ourselves in.

So, next time you’re bored and you need a good laugh, grab a beer, pull up the closest talking house plant, and give Girls With Slingshots a try.