Clash of Marvel's Greatest Heroes


Heavy breathes. Tense muscles. Red gloves firmly gripping the star spangled shield. Captain America slowly recovers after deflecting an optic blast from Cyclops.

Cyclops and Captain America will be but two characters caught in a heroic grapple when Marvel releases their Avengers Versus X-Men 12-issue comic series on April 4th.

Brian Michael Bendis, writer of Avengers, and Jason Aaron, writer of Wolverine, laid out the story line of the series claiming the final outcome will forever change the fabric of the Marvel Universe. This is a welcoming idea when the comic books are known for killing off and easily bringing characters back to life.

Bendis is reported as having said that the usual formula for heroes picking up arms against each other was to meet, misunderstand each other, fight, followed by them making peace and saving the day together. However, this story line differs in that both sides have valid and defensible positions in their reaction to the conflict’s inciting incident: The return of the Phoenix Force.

Of course, this series comes at a time when Marvel has reached immense financial success with their X-Men and Avengers movie franchise, with the X-Men series having grossed nearly $2 billion and May’s Avengers movie finally bringing together the Iron Man, Thor and Captain America films. While the comic series is obviously another attempt to cash in on their films’ success, it’s a curious notion to see just who would reign triumphant on the physical and philosophical battlefield.