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Rhett Miller’s ‘Live at Largo’ bittersweet, inconsequential

Robert Starr November 22, 2011

The Largo on Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles was a magical place — a small hole in the wall with terrible food, no comfortable seats and filthy restrooms that somehow managed to attract impressive...

Gym Class Heroes follow-up lacks cohesion

Anjli Mehta November 22, 2011

The digitized voice on the introductory track of the latest Gym Class Heroes album, The Papercut Chronicles II, states he’s “back to blow your mind.” He’s right. The sequel to the...

Rihanna’s ‘Talk That Talk’ fails to impress

Chris Nguyen November 22, 2011

Rihanna is horny and gets right into the action on her sixth album in as many years, Talk That Talk. Apparently, “S&M” and “Rude Boy” were mere foreplay. Following in the...

Harpists play contemporary hits

Julie Rene Tran November 21, 2011

With each nimble stroke, strum and pluck, the strings buzzed, sounding an ethereal melody into the small living room. Leaned against the shoulders of their players, music junior Meredith McCay and nursing...

The Asteroid Shop takes to the road

Julie Rene Tran November 16, 2011

What began as a new venture to break away from comfort metamorphosed into a serendipitous collaboration of like-minded musicians for local band The Asteroid Shop. Spearheaded by lead vocalist and songwriter...

Childish Gambino offers off-beat rap album

Ali Breland November 15, 2011

With piercing poignancy and unparalleled punchline delivery, Childish Gambino doesn’t occupy a conventional place in rap. That’s because he isn’t from traditional rap origins. After a...

Deerhunter singer clears the noise on third solo album

Elizabeth Hinojos November 15, 2011

Atlas Sound, the self-given moniker of Bradford Cox, told Pitchfork that his new release is his “loneliest album ever made.” He has definitely cleaned up his sound, straying from his usual...

Drake creates solid sophomore album

Eli Watson November 15, 2011

When Drake made his hip-hop debut last year with Thank Me Later, critics were skeptical of the Young Money R&B crooner. Exchanging his teenage persona, Jimmy Brooks, from the Canada-based television...

Detroit band uses music to tackle serious, silly issues

Ali Breland November 9, 2011

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. is fairly unique in that it has managed to create a dreamy pop, alternative sound, vaguely reminiscent of something that’s very west coast, despite it’s Detroit origin. It...

Randy Newman’s ‘Live in London’ a solid, if unremarkable, release

Robert Starr November 8, 2011

Randy Newman is something of an unconventional singer-songwriter. Aside from his voice, which only really works for Randy Newman songs, his songwriting is difficult to pigeonhole. While many know him for...

Wale upgrades music with new record label

Eli Watson November 8, 2011

When Wale debuted with Attention Deficit, the world received their first taste of hip-hop’s newfound prince. Technically gifted and vigorous in his delivery, Wale’s new-school sound showcased...

Strong vocals, beats lead to powerful Florence + the Machine release

Anjli Mehta November 8, 2011

Florence + the Machine’s sophomore album, Ceremonials, is a musical force of nature. Pulsing beats reverberate while frontwoman Florence Welch’s tornado vocals whir madly around the eye of...

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