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Kreayshawn represents fundamental shift in hip-hop music

Ali Breland October 20, 2011

“Right now, the highest selling rapper in hip-hop is white. The most discussed up-and-coming rapper is white and female. The most important consumer of rap music is white,” said Phillip T....

Q&A: Research based rapper tours eccentric new album

Ali Breland October 20, 2011

Andy Bothwell, who raps under the moniker Astronautalis, is perhaps the most eccentric and intriguing rapper you’ve ever heard of. Honing his skills as an MC on the Jacksonville, Fla., freestyle...

For African drum instructor, ‘Rhythm is Life’

Sara Benner October 19, 2011

“I mean, yeah, we can put a count on [the beat], but it makes it boring; you become a machine,” Ibrahim Aminou said, as he tapped out an uninspired beat on his talking drum in the beer garden...

Jane’s Addiction updates alternative rock

Eli Watson October 18, 2011

Jane’s Addiction has been a definitive force since its inception in 1985. Helping pioneer and redefine the alternative rock scene that grew with fellow acts Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters and...

Björk channels Mother Earth in her latest, interactive effort

Chris Nguyen October 18, 2011

Björk is the Madonna of the alternative world. With every album, she transforms her sound and image, moving from pop-culture-referencing indie queen (Post) to cold, electronic dominator (Homogenic)...

Ben Folds’ retrospective exceeds expectations

Robert Starr October 18, 2011

Ben Folds loves his fans, and if they needed any proof, they now have it in the form of his new release, The Best Imitation of Myself: A Retrospective. Not content just putting together a simple “best-of”...

A capella groups perform together for wildfire benefit

Jessica Lee October 18, 2011

Three of UT’s a cappella groups are coming together tonight in an attempt to raise money for victims of the recent Texas wildfires. A cappella is a form of singing without instrumental accompaniment....

Q&A: Jamestown Revival describe what folk means to them

Ali Breland October 17, 2011

Austin-founded group Jamestown Revival is on its way to becoming a big deal in music. Since the release of Knives and Pipes, Jamestown’s rise has occurred within a relatively meteoric time frame,...

UTOPIAfest offers lots of musicians to small crowd

Eli Watson October 14, 2011

UTOPiAfest is known for its intimate take on the music festival experience. Taking place in a natural amphitheater on the 1,000-acre Four Sisters Ranch, concert-goers will be able to camp out and listen...

B L A C K I E strays from original style with more coherent new album

Ali Breland October 13, 2011

After three years, Houston grime-punk rapper, B L A C K I E All Caps, With Spaces is back sporting a fresh hair cut and a fresh album, True Spirit and Not Giving A Fuck. After ditching his signature B...

Q&A: Friendly Fires talks new album, tour dates

Demi Adejuyigbe October 12, 2011

You’ve probably heard one of Friendly Fires’s songs whether or not you’ve heard of the band themselves. For the past couple of years, their songs have acted as the backing tracks for...

Rachael Yamagata’s Third Album, “Chesapeake,” a Genre-Mixing Success

Robert Starr October 12, 2011

 Give a pretty girl a guitar and tell her sing to about heartache, and that seems like all you need to make a solid pop album. Or at least it seems that easy when that girl is Rachael Yamagata. Her...

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