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Rapper Murs seeks to maintain a unique perspective

Ali Breland October 10, 2011

At age 33, underground rapper Murs possesses both the composure and collectedness of a nearly jaded veteran and the vitality of a kid fresh to the expansive world of hip-hop. He has his plate full with...

Alt rockers Mutemath stay true to New Orleans roots

Eli Watson October 6, 2011

New Orleans rock collective Mutemath has done what many other artists have failed to do: stick to their roots. Remaining true to their jazz-laced, groove-driven breed of alternative rock, Mutemath returns...

Tabi Bonney’s latest album keeps lyrics light

Ali Breland October 5, 2011

In terms of intellectual insight and emotional depth, Tabi Bonney’s latest album, Summer Years, is a wasteland devoid of both of those things. Summer Years, for the most part, is just a compilation...

Prince Rama’s new album ventures deeper into psychedelic abyss

Eli Watson October 5, 2011

It would be an understatement to define Prince Rama as a band that is out of this world. Their eclectic blend of psychedelic, Arabian-esque chords and avant-garde, minimalist instrumentation results in...

South Austin Music owner puts service, relationships first

Lena Price October 5, 2011

Almost 20 years ago, South Austin Music owner Bill Welker picked up the phone at his store and heard a voice on the other end ask for the guitar strap department. “Small of a store as I am, I thought...

ER doc: Jackson’s doctor was ‘devastated’

The Associated Press October 4, 2011

LOS ANGELES — Michael Jackson was clinically dead when he arrived at a hospital and two emergency room doctors said they thought it was futile to attempt to revive him. His doctor, however, insisted...

Dessa’s eclectic new release does not compete with Feist’s

Eli Watson October 4, 2011

Underground hip-hop’s unsung songstress Dessa and indie folk’s poppy majesty Feist have always been a step ahead of their contemporaries. Making their returns with albums Castor, The Twins...

Benefit event goes gaga over Gaga

Sarah-Grace Sweeney September 30, 2011

“If not you, then who?” That was the phrase Haylan Teel and Dena Greenwalt kept in mind when creating Gagarazzi, a burlesque and variety show this Friday at The Highball to benefit Equality...

Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ turns 20

Eli Watson September 29, 2011

Nirvana’s Nevermind, the album that catapulted the grunge movement into the mainstream and steamrolled pop music in 1991, turned 20 this weekend. To commemorate the album’s legacy, Universal...

Wilco’s ‘The Whole Love’ integrates elements from diverse genres

Henry Clayton Wickham September 28, 2011

[Updated on Sep. 28 at 9:29 a.m., corrected album names] From the abrasive experimentalism of “Art of Almost,” to the somber acoustic release of “Sunday Morning,” Wilco’s...

Domo Genesis struggles to find his own sound on mixtape

Ali Breland September 28, 2011

Of the next generation of heavily associated hip-hop stoner acts, Odd Future’s Domo Genesis definitely sits at the top the field. Domo’s peers in the field, Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa, have either...

‘Getting Paid’ utilizes otherworldy groove

Eli Watson September 27, 2011

Musically, El Paso is known for a few things. Whether it is the post-hardcore sound of iconic band At the Drive-In or progressive rock heads The Mars Volta, El Paso has a thing for birthing groups that...

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