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The Stampede plays punk rock without sappy quality

Mary Lingwall August 10, 2010

“Don’t be scene, be heard” is a powerful saying in city where the music scene is almost as incestuous as it is vibrant. And for Austin’s The Stampede, “Don’t be scene,...

Catch up on ‘Gossip’ of fall season premieres

Gerald Rich August 10, 2010

With the final week of summer session hanging over campus like the oppressive summer heat, the onset of the fall semester also means we’re trudging toward some highly anticipated television seasons....

’80s pop singer Cyndi Lauper gets case of the blues

Mark Lopez August 10, 2010

Known for her chart-topping ’80s anthem “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” few people would expect Cyndi Lauper to come out with a blues album. But in the two and a half decades since...

Gelato offers all the flavor of ice cream with less fat

Kiersten Marian August 9, 2010

The ice cream man doesn’t seem to exist anymore, at least around campus. Even though Amy’s Ice Creams is a local favorite for frozen desserts, Austin’s diverse selection of gelato...

Book examines past relationships

Addie Anderson August 9, 2010

Though its title may evoke thoughts of lost love, don’t expect any romantic narratives in “Elegies for the Brokenhearted,” the story of a woman’s life told through the elegies...

Zoe Cordes Selbin leaves her mark on city’s tough music scene

Gerald Rich August 9, 2010

In the Austin music scene, Zoe Cordes Selbin is unmatched. “Seventeen years old,” “homeschooled” and “straight-edge” are rarely epithets for the people in the music...

Wine bars work magic with unique ambience

Gerald Rich July 1, 2010

When it comes to wine bars, you’ve got to have three things to set yourself apart: service, selection and scene. If you don’t have those ingredients, then you might as well just buy yourself...

Psychadelic Furs ride ‘new wave’ of ’80s nostalgia

Mark Lopez June 30, 2010

Best known for “Pretty in Pink,” the theme song from the iconic ’80s film by the same name, the Psychedelic Furs formed in 1977, when the English punk scene was at its apex. Headed...

Tesla coils energize meditation

Katherine Kloc June 30, 2010

Meditation and yoga are becoming more and more central to the lifeblood of popular culture, as more than 10 million adults in the U.S. engage in some form of meditation, which is double the numbers...

Anthony Bourdain’s ‘raw’ passion comes through

Kate Ergenbright June 29, 2010

Audiences can’t seem to get enough of Anthony Bourdain, who has built his career as a food critic around being angry, jaded and brutally honest. His Travel Channel series “No Reservations”...

Play-by-play play commentary

Katherine Kloc June 29, 2010

  “The Drowsy Chaperone’s” opening lines, which are delivered in complete darkness, are a bit surprising. “I hate theater,” play narrator and musical aficionado...

Alt-rock group varies essence, tone of albums

Neha Aziz June 18, 2010

  Silversun Pickups have become a staple of the alternative rock scene since the release of their freshman album, Carnavas, in 2006. The band got their start in East Los Angeles and had no...

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