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30 Columns: Life and Arts

Everything we need to say can be summed up in 30 words. Our time here ranges from six months to five years, with work ranging from music reviews to feature writing. Although our experiences could amount...

Electropop pair makes Austin debut

Francisco Marin May 4, 2011

While most people are content to leave their past behind, childhood friends Holly Dodson and Cameron Findlay, the former drummer for Crystal Castles, might have known on some level they would eventually...


Indie hip-hop MC discusses latest album

Francisco Marin May 2, 2011

Atmosphere, the peerless independent hip-hop duo comprised of MC Slug (Sean Daley) and producer Ant (Anthony Davis), have reestablished their legacy once again. Their most recent album, The Family Sign,...


The Black Lips discuss experience working with producer

Francisco Marin April 29, 2011

It isn’t necessary, at least for Black Lips and Vivian Girls, to cite the growing lo-fi trend in music anymore. In Black Lips’ case, mega-producer Mark Ronson took the helm on its...


Vivian Girls describe theme of music, plans for summer

Francisco Marin April 29, 2011

  The Daily Texan: Cassie, we corresponded through mail very briefly, and I was surprised to see you mentioned Share the Joy, Vivian Girls’ third album, as a “different sort of...

Chiptune punk band discusses Four Loko, tsunami

Francisco Marin April 25, 2011

It would be hard to encapsulate the personalities of each member in Anamanaguchi, a New York-based chiptune punk band and arguably the most famous band to ever use hacked Nintendo consoles as makeshift...

Artist bursts onto scene, emphasizes many genres

Francisco Marin April 25, 2011

Bosco Delrey is somewhat of an onstage enigma. Saturday night at La Zona Rosa, he opened for Brazilian electro rockers Cansei de Ser Sexy and noise-pop duo Sleigh Bells with a set that jumped between reverb-drenched...

Electronic, hip-hop artists to take the stage this week

Francisco Marin April 18, 2011

It’s been nearly two years since the release of YACHT’s last album, See Mystery Lights,but if front man Jona Bechtolt’s recent Twitter feed is any indication of the band’s...

British band discusses album, dealing with U.K. stereotypes

Francisco Marin April 11, 2011

You can’t please everybody, but you can sure try sometimes. That happens to be something that the U.K.-based band British Sea Power realized going into their fifth full-length album, Valhalla...

Band members open up about upcoming album, rowdy energy at shows

Francisco Marin March 7, 2011

It’s a crisp, clear day and lead singer and guitarist Ryan Lentell is holding a 24 oz. of Budweiser and chain-smoking cheap Pall Malls as he talks about how he thinks the psych-rock scene in Austin...

Math-rockers play Austin; lo-fi lies low

Francisco Marin February 22, 2011

Marnie Stern hits up the Mohawk In November 2008, the beautiful Marnie Stern and her band received a hefty speeding ticket while on tour and couldn’t afford to pay it. Their solution was to...

Musician sheds not-so-rosy light on labels, lo-fi

Francisco Marin November 14, 2010

Ariel Pink doesn’t necessarily believe in the labels critics and his fans have attached to his aesthetic since he began making music in 1996. Actually, Pink and his band, Ariel Pink’s Haunted...

Fun Fun Fun Fest brings indie world to concert-goers

Francisco Marin November 5, 2010

Now in its fifth year, Fun Fun Fun Fest has grown from a collection of overlooked indie artists and local vendors into one of the most progressive festivals in the nation. Fun Fun Fun Fest prides itself...

Indie vocalist talks of music listening, inspiration’s death

Francisco Marin October 31, 2010

How do you listen to your music? There’s an art in creating a setting for making music, but not many people realize that the act of listening to music is itself an art, too. Margot and the...

Music subgenre arises from reviewers

Francisco Marin October 28, 2010

“Whatever ‘witchy’ musical presence lurking in Austin is due to either the funk at Barton Springs or the idiocy of blog writing. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate reviews and...

Retro funk elements, fresh guest vocals expand appeal of dark dance music EP

Francisco Marin September 7, 2010

For the myriad of bands gunning for a resurgence in ‘60s surf pop (Best Coast) and girl group harmonies (Dum Dum Girls, Tennis), it’s almost unnatural that DâM-FunK would jump in with...

Stevens’ sound driven by eclectic mix

Francisco Marin September 7, 2010

He’s written an orchestral masterpiece about the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. He’s titled a track after a serial killer clown. He famously committed himself to writing an album for every...

Multilingual band brings punk twist to synth-pop base

Francisco Marin September 3, 2010

There are a few things you should know about Stereo Total. One is that “Total” is pronounced “Toe-TAL”; another is that Stereo Total is out-of-this-world outrageous. Françoise...

Mix of light, harsh makes third album ‘enchanting’; Risky transition pays off in Klaxons’ sophomore effort

Francisco Marin August 31, 2010

Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan, Hawk Who would have thought that a former vocalist for Belle & Sebastian and a crusty grunge punk from The Screaming Trees could make such enchanting...

Marmalakes to play Cactus Cafe again

Francisco Marin August 30, 2010

The scene in July was magnificent. Amid the standing room-only crowd at the Cactus Cafe and the soft clinking of cocktail glasses and dim lighting, Marmalakes took the stage. For the night, the...

Chromeo brings antics, electrofunk nostalgia to Stubb’s performance

Francisco Marin August 25, 2010

For a long time, nobody knew whether or not to take Chromeo seriously. After all, the partnership between P-Thugg (Patrick Gemayel) and Dave 1 (David Macklovitch), the sole members of Chromeo, was...

Tequila draws ire; indie musicians make big changes

Francisco Marin August 23, 2010

While you were out... Tila Tequila versus the Juggalos This was the first year that the Gathering of the Juggalos, a yearly Midwestern pilgrimage for Insane Clown Posse fans, scheduled a “Ladies’...

Indie-pop band gets perspective with gender mix

Francisco Marin June 15, 2010

Jared Boulanger believes in gender equality. Of that, he is sure. When I ask Boulanger, lead vocalist and multi-instrumentalist for indie-pop band The Sour Notes, if groups such as Radiohead or...

‘Lone Star Lowlands’ offers compilation of breezy Texas music

Francisco Marin June 13, 2010

  What would the soundtrack to a Texas summer sound like? Over the past two years, Numero Group has meticulously gone through myriad basement tapes, originally recorded in Mickey...

Sleep Over awakens in Austin’s underground

Francisco Marin April 26, 2010

Sleep Over is Christa Palazzolo, Stefanie Franciotti and Sarah Brown — three 26-year-olds who came together in October to start conceptualizing what would become one of Austin’s crown...

Local jazz artist takes cue from genre’s legends

Francisco Marin February 7, 2010

In August 1959, Columbia Records released Miles Davis’ groundbreaking jazz album Kind of Blue. The album, which went quadruple platinum in sales and has heavily influenced the jazz scene for decades,...

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