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‘Lone Star Lowlands’ offers compilation of breezy Texas music

Francisco Marin June 13, 2010

  What would the soundtrack to a Texas summer sound like? Over the past two years, Numero Group has meticulously gone through myriad basement tapes, originally recorded in Mickey...

Actor-turned-restaurateur Joe Reynolds leaves Hollywood for Texas

Addie Anderson June 13, 2010

Actor-turned-restaurateur Joe Reynolds has opened M Two, a restaurant, bar and lounge in the space formerly known as Saba Blue Water Cafe. Reynolds is a native Texan and studied acting at UT. He...

Military-inspired fashion marches through town

Kiersten Marian and Gerald Rich June 13, 2010

Whether it’s cruising with your aviators on and listening to The Doors like you’re in “Apocalypse Now” or throwing on some combat boots with a pair of jeans, aspects of military...

Greenbelt shines for summer fun

Addie Anderson June 12, 2010

The oppressive summertime heat makes hiking a sweaty adventure most years, and without water, the plant life of the Barton Creek Greenbelt’s banks are not quite as scenic. This year, however,...

Exhibit portrays shifting landscape of ethnic heritage

Neha Aziz June 12, 2010

DiverseArts Culture Works’ New East Gallery is tucked away in the Saltillo Lofts on East Fifth Street. DiverseArts is a nonprofit organization that focuses on promoting multicultural art in Austin....

Author examines immigrant history by looking at food

Kate Ergenbright June 12, 2010

In “97 Orchard: An Edible History of Five Immigrant Families in One New York Tenement,” author Jane Ziegelman examines the history of early immigrants to America who were unable to find...

Indigenous music sings a siren song to roving student

Mary Lingwall June 9, 2010

  This afternoon, UT graduate student Eliot Stone will leave for Russia, where he will spend the rest of the summer continuing his research on the indigenous music and cultures of inner...

Bear-homicide based Naughty Bear suffers from redundant play

Zach Miller June 9, 2010

The video game “Naughty Bear,” released last week for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles, may sound enticing, but the only detail most buyers will find appealing is how much they can...

Music exposes heart of science

Jordan Bodkin June 9, 2010

As Mr. and Mrs. P prepare to leave the neuropsychologist’s office, Mr. P reaches toward the coat rack to take his hat, but instead places a firm hand on his wife’s head, yanking it toward...

Frosty margaritas soothe in sweltering summer heat

Mary Lingwall June 8, 2010

I love margaritas. I could dedicate, and have dedicated, entire afternoons to appreciating well-crafted goblets of tequila, triple sec and lime. But there’s nothing worse than craving a margarita...

Austin Kleon ‘blacks out’ for poetic effect

Kate Ergenbright June 8, 2010

Austin Kleon, a writer, cartoonist and web designer for the UT School of Law, is best known for his poetry collection “Newspaper Blackout,” which was released in April to much critical acclaim.To...

Rock out with stylish ear candy

Jordan Bodkin June 8, 2010

Today’s music is all about the deepest bass and the most killer beat, and these types of sounds can only come from something a little more substantial than a couple of strips of white dental floss...

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