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Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

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Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

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Students deserve option of hardship tuition credit

Matthew Hanzelka April 15, 2020

I expect we’ll all have interesting stories to tell one another one day about how we adapted and overcame the challenges of the 2020 pandemic.  My story will include navigating competing...


Fine Arts students deserve partial tuition refunds

Stephanie Zeller April 13, 2020

“While you may have left materials and in-progress assignments in the building, your faculty know this and will take that into account,” read the first communication from the art department...


A man without a country

Lucas Tapia San Martin April 9, 2020

I came to Texas in January 2020 to study at the University of Texas School of Law. The long planning and concentrated desire of finally getting here is hard to put into words. I guess I wanted what everyone...


Educate yourself this Sexual Violence Prevention Month

Voices Against Violence April 8, 2020

Editor’s Note: In the wake of nationwide stay-at-home orders and social distancing, several major United States cities are receiving increased reports of domestic violence. Increased time in the...


The Cabo 211 should be held responsible for their actions

Carolyn Plein April 7, 2020

In the midst of COVID-19, our routines have been disrupted; we have new financial and personal stressors and many families are faced with mourning the loss of their loved ones. We have all been forced...

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Fill out the census, make sure you are are counted

Angela Kang April 3, 2020

In recent days, the coronavirus has been dominating all our thoughts, social media and bandwidth. Students’ lives have been upturned as universities across the nation close down, move classes online...


UT should put its money where its mouth is

Evelyn Garcia April 3, 2020

Universities across the nation are responding to Covid-19 in various ways, ranging from abruptly closing all facilities to even kicking students out of dorms with little to no time to process what is going...


Working from home when your work is your home

Anonymous April 2, 2020

“Campus looks like a scene from a zombie apocalypse movie.” My friend and remained on campus from March 13 to March 30 as resident assistants, and the once-bustling campus is now a ghost...

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UT must take care of its students, refund part of tuition

Luis Quintanilla April 1, 2020

Why should students get refunded a portion of their tuition for not being able to access the amenities they're paying for? That question alone raises a red flag. Would you pay for a subscription like...

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UT students deserve partial tuition refund

Gautham Metta March 31, 2020

I’ve spent the last week in quarantine at home, and it’s been a blast. The highlight of my day is my evening walk with my dog and my daily argument with my brother over who gets the Xbox. But all this...

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UT profits off of environmental destruction, exploitation

Kaya Epstein March 9, 2020

Climate change has been a hot issue lately, especially among those who were born after Tom Cruise became a scientologist — probably because we have to live with the imminent threat of the sixth mass...

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UTIMCO investments no longer serve UT Austin students

Heather Worth March 9, 2020

The University of Texas/Texas A&M Investment Company (UTIMCO), is a part of the greater University of Texas System, one of the largest systems of higher education in the nation with just under a quarter...