LBJ photographer Slideshow


  • Bogel outlines the floor plan of his home with an insurance auditor as they file a comprehensive claim for his losses. The fire was so destructive, the ceiling caved in and not a single interior wall was left standing. (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • Bogel buys necessary items for his new apartment with Furgeson, a friend of 40 years. “I lean on her and she lets me,” Bogel said. “She’s been a big help.” (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • Charles Newton Bogel, the LBJ Library staff photographer and audio video specialist, stands in what is left of his 11-year-old Bastrop home after it was destroyed by the Central Texas wildfires. Bogel’s resilience as well as support from friends and co-workers have helped alleviate the struggle of starting over. (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • Charles Bogel surveys his destroyed home to file a comprehensive insurance claim while his friend Karen Furgeson stands by for support. Furgeson was visiting Bogel over memorial day weekend when they were forced to evacuate, leaving her car to be consumed by the fire while in his garage. (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • Bogel stands in the atrium of the LBJ Library with the massive Presidential Archives behind him. After losing most of his possessions in addition to his home, Bogel started work as early as 6 a.m. to deal with the aftermath of the fire later in the day.  (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • Bogel stares out the window of his hotel on HWY 71 facing east toward Bastrop. He remembers looking at the flames shortly after being evacuated and thinking “man that’s that fire, that’s that fire, still burning, still burning down houses.” (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • Bogel examines what is left of his home. (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)