Occupy Austin Bank Transfer Day


  • Brithe Thompson prepares for Occupy Austin’s third march against banks Saturday morning to the Wells Fargo branch on South Congress Avenue and East Riverside Drive. Thompson, who has a daughter and works two jobs, has been a part of the movement since day one. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • In support of National Bank Transfer Day, Occupy protestors march along Congress Avenue Bridge. For-profit commercial banks, which are different than credit unions, are owned by shareholders rather than members who have more control of policies. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • Robert Stephenson, who holds the American flag, is a member of MoveOn.org and joined Occupy Austin protestors. Eleven protestors closed their accounts. The protest also targeted Bank of America and Chase Bank. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • Dave Cortez, Occupy’s bank action leader, talks to an officer as he nears East Riverside Drive. Because many people walked in the street without a permit, Cortez said that police informed him their actions were illegal. Police agreed to escort protestors in one lane back to City Hall. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • A Wells Fargo employee watches protestors as they gather around the bank where approximately $15,000 was removed from the branch after people closed their accounts, adding to the $465,000 total that has been withdrawn from commercial banks in Austin. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • Austin Police Department officers watch demonstrators as they protest along South Congress Avenue in front of Wells Fargo.(Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • August Navarro, a musician, yells during the march, which included people of all ages from nurses and veterans to students and authors. The march did not result in any arrests and according to Sgt. Lee Syga of the Austin Police Department it was “peaceful.”(Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)