Student Government moving forward with new Executive Branch


  • Nash Horne | New external financial director (Photo Credit: Shannon Kintner)

  • Louis Armendariz | Outgoing administrative director (Photo Credit: Thomas Allison)

  • Taylor Ragsdale | New administrative director (Photo Credit: Shannon Kintner)

  • Natalie Butler | Outgoing Student Government president (Photo Credit: Thomas Allison)

  • Thor Lund | New Student Government president (Photo Credit: Shannon Kintner)

  • Ashley Baker | Outgoing vice president (Photo Credit: Thomas Allison)

  • Wills Brown | New vice president (Photo Credit: Shannon Kintner)

  • Andrew Townsell | Outgoing chief of staff (Photo Credit: Thomas Allison)

  • Jordan Metoyer | New chief of staff (Photo Credit: Shannon Kintner)

  • Sydney Fazende | Outgoing communications director (Photo Credit: Thomas Allison)

  • Laurel Pugliese | New communications director (Photo Credit: Shannon Kintner)

  • Ilse Quijano | Outgoing internal finance director (Photo Credit: Thomas Allison)

  • Nirali Shah | New internal finance director (Photo Credit: Shannon Kintner)

  • Madison Gardner | Outgoing external financial director (Photo Credit: Thomas Allison)