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Triple Crown Tattoo graces Austin with the presence of tattoo royalty

Albert Zhao December 5, 2017

When a mid-20s  woman asked for a patterned tattoo on her face, artist Michael Williams told her of the possible repercussions: having ink permanently etched across your temples may shorten a job...


Fans reflect on drug substance abuse and depression after SoundCloud rapper’s death

Albert Zhao December 4, 2017

Found unresponsive in his tour bus after a drug overdose, emo rapper Lil Peep died three weeks ago, shocking his fans and the music community. But to some, his death was not a surprise. Lil Peep’s...

Obituary_1130_ Richard Lee Clinton

After battling cancer, Richard ‘Tiny’ Clinton leaves campus legacy for fraternities

Albert Zhao November 30, 2017

As a security guard working for decades near UT, Richard “Tiny” Clinton oversaw fraternity parties and kicked out the unruly. Despite the tough face he kept for the job, he received the...


On Their Own

Albert Zhao November 19, 2017

As she watched the news of Hurricane Maria sweeping through Puerto Rico, Beth Colon-Pizzini kept her phone close, waiting to hear from her family. She described it as the longest 48 hours of her life. When...


Student showcases black culture through hip-hop choreography

Albert Zhao November 8, 2017

Many people can twirl en pointe or do pirouettes, but Jordyn Marsh is one of the few who can do them in stilettos. The dance senior leads a group called Black Fine Artist, BFA, which performs its...


Daniel Handler’s new book delves into racy young adult fiction

Albert Zhao November 2, 2017

Cupping her mouth with her hands, Gabriela Sugiaman tried hiding her gasp when she read a crude metaphor regarding a woman’s pearl necklace written by a beloved children’s author. “Obviously,...


West Campus barbershop remains UT staple for fraternity students

Albert Zhao October 25, 2017

For decades, Cyndi Abell’s trimmers have glided through the sideburns of fraternity boys galore. “I have many cuts with names,” Abell said. “I have the ‘Frat Swoop,’...

Chinese dissident Ai Weiwei releases ambitious film about refugees

Albert Zhao October 23, 2017

Ai Weiwei is a man known for his massive art projects, such as the 32-foot “Forever Bicycles” exhibit downtown, but he has taken on something massive, even for him: filming the world’s...


UT professor’s research dispels archaic notions of skin color

Albert Zhao October 20, 2017

Americans relish their individualism, but from college applications to research surveys, they often find themselves having to fit neatly into one of only a few racial categories.   At UT, the options...


Rupi Kaur’s new book resonates with second-generation UT students

Albert Zhao October 17, 2017

Growing up in Canada, 25-year-old poet Rupi Kaur said she felt embarrassed by her mother’s Punjabi accent. As she ages, she said she feels increasingly guilty for that sentiment.  Kaur...

ACL Late Show guide

Albert Zhao October 12, 2017

Thanks to ACL, Zilker Park is currently the most fun — and least pristine — park in the country, strewn with cans of Texas Honey Cider and so much kicked up pollen in the air that allergists...


UT professor’s new book examines burden of US presidency

Albert Zhao October 11, 2017

In front of dozens of American flags last year, Donald Trump told the Republican National Committee he planned to make America rich again, then boasted about the billions of dollars he had made in business...


Zombies come to campus — but not for Halloween

Albert Zhao October 5, 2017

Nistha Kapuria, a marketing and Plan II senior, averages about three hours of sleep during midterm season. She says everyone seems to feel the same whenever she surveys the Union or the Perry Castaneda...


Pollen levels will reach inordinate heights at ACL

Albert Zhao October 3, 2017

With ACL just days away, attendees are busy ordering CamelBaks and fanny packs on their computers. But this year, local allergists say they should be running to their nearest pharmacies instead.  Since...

Book_928__Courtesy of Liveright Publishing Corporation

‘Cuz’ gives first person perspective on losing family to the War on Drugs

Albert Zhao September 28, 2017

When Sen. Joe Biden authored a 1994 tough-on-crime bill that would ramp up prison sentences for repeated felonies, Texas and California were already ahead of the curve. Both states had “Three-Strikes”...


First gay College Republican president takes a stand for other LGBTQ conservatives

Albert Zhao September 26, 2017

It was an unlikely journey becoming UT’s first openly gay College Republican president for chemistry senior Alec Lucas. Growing up in the conservative town of Flower Mound, Lucas identified as...


After Harvey, dogs find temporary homes in Austin

Albert Zhao September 22, 2017

Austin Pets Alive (APA) facilities grew overwhelmed when Hurricane Harvey not only brought floods of rain to Texas, but also floods of vagrant pets to Austin in late August.  Laura Nagy, linguistics...


College Republicans aim for increased membership with shooting range social

Albert Zhao September 19, 2017

Tinsai Worke had never shot a gun before — she feared her small frame wouldn’t handle the recoil ­— yet she gleefully joined nearly two dozen UT students to unload bullets into targets...


Littlefield descendent says Fenves rightfully removed Confederate statues

Albert Zhao September 15, 2017

When UT professor emeritus David B. Gracy II saw the events that unraveled in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August, he said he felt demoralized. Gracy is a descendant of Confederate Major George Washington...

2016-02-15_National_Sports_and Rec_Day_Juan

Four principles of etiquette to follow at Gregory Gym

Albert Zhao September 13, 2017

The 40 Acres can feel cramped at times, but few places rival the congestion of Gregory Gym. Between the gym’s peak hours of 5–8 p.m., a combination of inadequate space, sweaty stench and competing...


UT alumnus reflects on time as intermediary between cultures

Albert Zhao September 5, 2017

China generally stifles foreign views in the press, but to his surprise, David Firestein, lead of the new UT China Policy Center, became the country’s first foreign citizen to write a column in a...


CapMetro implements student-friendly changes

Albert Zhao July 10, 2017

Capital Metro is working to attract more UT students to ride buses in the upcoming fall and spring semesters by expanding its advertising and scheduling buses to run later and more frequently. CapMetro...


UTPD walks through a day in the life of new recruits

Albert Zhao July 3, 2017

For a new UT Police Department officer, the most unnerving task is stopping someone at a traffic stop, because the officer can never be certain how the driver will react. “When I first started,...


UT sued again for affirmative action policy by architect of Fisher case

Albert Zhao June 28, 2017

Edward Blum, president of Students for Fair Admissions and the self-described “architect” of the Fisher v. University of Texas case, filed a lawsuit Tuesday against UT for the University’s...


Adler reaffirms goals to lower greenhouse gases

Albert Zhao June 21, 2017

After President Donald Trump announced U.S. withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, Austin Mayor Steve Adler was among eight mayors across the country who pledged to adopt climate policies without the...


Capital Metro shifts to increase ridership near UT

Albert Zhao June 16, 2017

Capital Metro is working to increase ridership on their network for UT students and the greater Austin community through Connections 2025, an ambitious plan to improve the city’s transportation network. Connections...


“March Against Sharia” meets fierce counter-protest at Capitol

Albert Zhao June 12, 2017

An anti-Islam activist group hosted a march against Sharia law and faced dozens of counter-protesters at the Texas Capitol on Saturday. ACT for America’s March Against Sharia took place in cities...


After years of helping students, UT attorney runs for judgeship

Albert Zhao June 10, 2017

Sylvia Holmes, associate director at Legal Services for Students, has helped UT students in legal trouble for the past seven years, acting like a compass in the courtroom. “It’s unique working...


McRaven, other university chancellors praise bills that target sexual assault

Albert Zhao May 31, 2017

UT Chancellor William McRaven signed a letter with five other university chancellors Tuesday in support of bills that fight sexual assault on college campuses as the Texas Legislature concluded its final...


UTPD: bomb evacuation was self-induced and not official

Albert Zhao May 5, 2017

UT Police Department said the banner displaying the words “Tuition Pays For Bombs” that caused Monday afternoon’s evacuation of the Belo Center for New Media was not a credible bomb threat. After...


Mayor pro tem discusses solutions to homelessness around UT

Albert Zhao April 28, 2017

Concerns with Austin’s homeless population and student safety quickly reached Austin Mayor Pro Tem Kathie Tovo after the on-campus death of dance freshman Haruka Weiser last year. “In the...

House Bill amends provisions for minors with alcohol offenses

Albert Zhao April 28, 2017

During his first semester at UT, Jason Taylor woke up in a holding cell with no idea how he got there. Charged with public intoxication, the psychology alumnus said he only remembered dropping off his...

Law enforcement agencies fight civil forfeiture in state legislature

Albert Zhao April 20, 2017

Texas law enforcement agencies are fighting bills with bipartisan support in the state Legislature that could limit law enforcement’s powers to seize and withhold property from a person suspected...

Seeking Arrangements site sweeps UT campus

Albert Zhao April 13, 2017

Public health senior Alexis watched a 42 year old man leave her apartment after a date where he not only footed the bill, but he paid her, too. Last year, UT ranked 11th in the nation among universities...

Federal judge strikes down voter ID law

Albert Zhao and Lisa Dreher April 12, 2017

A federal judge struck down a Texas voter identification law Monday for the second time, saying it intentionally discriminated against minority voters. U.S. District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos repeated...


Reproductive rights activists rally, lobby for Planned Parenthood

Rajya Atluri and Albert Zhao April 6, 2017

A congregation of pink shirts, posters and “pussy hats” swarmed the state Capitol Wednesday in support of Planned Parenthood, protesting more than 40 anti-abortion bills in the Texas Legislature. In...


At refugee fundraiser, Syrian girl shares scars from the war

Albert Zhao April 3, 2017

Basima Hawasli, an 18-year-old Syrian refugee, spoke to students and guests Friday about her journey escaping her country’s civil war. Syria’s war recently entered its sixth year and has...

Adler speaks on ride-hailing, taco rivalry at Tejas Club

Albert Zhao March 31, 2017

A tradition of frank disclosures at Tejas Club, such as when Coach Tom Herman revealed his admiration for Justin Bieber’s singing, continued Thursday to include Austin Mayor Steve Adler’s disdain...


Professor highlights Native American mental health issues

Albert Zhao March 23, 2017

The loss of cultural identity in Native American communities has greatly contributed to mental health issues, such as substance abuse and suicide, said Joseph Gone, psychology and American cultures professor...

2017-03-22_Hinojosa discussion_Mary

Hinojosa says Texas lege should improve priorities

Albert Zhao March 22, 2017

State Rep. Gina Hinojosa, D-Austin, said as a Catholic, she is aware how powerful shame can be in affecting change, and the Texas Legislature deserves some for failing to prioritize issues such as education...

Coffeeshop meeting fosters discourse about Islam, builds friendships with Muslims

Albert Zhao March 20, 2017

A woman wearing a hijab, a traditional head covering worn by some Muslim women, in the Texas heat may automatically be viewed as oppressed, when in fact it was the individual’s decision, said Arif...

Texas GOP discuss minority, youth outreach at Capitol

Albert Zhao March 10, 2017

Democrats have made better use of the term “diversity” in persuading votes from racial minorities than Republicans, Tarrant County Commissioner Andy Nguyen said Wednesday. Nguyen spoke at...


New book traces and unravels Trump’s worldview

Albert Zhao March 10, 2017

After reviewing decades of President Donald Trump’s interviews, articles, books and tweets, King’s College professor Charlie Laderman has co-written a new book, “Donald Trump: The Making...


Longest-serving African-American, woman discusses history serving in Legislature

Albert Zhao February 23, 2017

State Rep. Senfronia Thompson, D-Houston, the longest-serving African-American and the longest-serving woman in Texas legislative history, discussed her experience Wednesday in government during the Barbara...

Study shows Texans enjoy yet barely interact in their communities

Albert Zhao February 20, 2017

More than 82 percent of Texans like living in their communities, yet only 43 percent of Texans interact with neighbors at least once a week, according to a report by the Annette Strauss Institute for Civic...


Littlefield Lecture Series hosts keynote on post-Civil War Reconstruction Era, voter suppression

Albert Zhao February 17, 2017

Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Steven Hahn analyzed America’s Reconstruction period and touched upon voter suppression Thursday in the second annual Littlefield Lectures. George Littlefield,...


Panel at School of Law discusses strategies to target fake news

Albert Zhao February 10, 2017

Ross Ramsey, co-founder of The Texas Tribune, emphasized the importance of fact-checking in journalism in a lecture at the UT School of Law Thursday.  “We have a saying in the journalism...

Two professors host a discussion on MLK’s anti-Vietnam War speech

Albert Zhao January 26, 2017

Two professors discussed Martin Luther King Jr.’s 1967 speech, which focused on his argument for a “true revolution of values,” against the Vietnam War on Wednesday at a lecture hosted...

UT Games provide new avenues for classroom learning

Albert Zhao January 23, 2017

UT researchers in the Simulations and Game Applications Lab, a division under the College of Fine Arts, have been exploring the educational use of video games for the past several years. SAGA specializes...


Texans must advocate for water protection bills

Albert Zhao December 1, 2016

Texas lawmakers have filed approximately a dozen gun bills for the 2017 legislative session, most concerned with protecting a Texan’s right to carry, yet zero bills have been filed protecting Texans...

1117_AlbertLee_illo 2

Ken Paxton’s lawsuits intrude on city autonomy

Albert Zhao November 17, 2016

Attorney General Ken Paxton cherishes liberty, which is apparent when he sues the federal government for intruding into Texas’ affairs. His lawsuits against his favorite target, the EPA, have cost...


Censoring the YCT would restrict free speech

Albert Zhao November 4, 2016

During the anti-Affirmative Action bake sale last week, the Young Conservatives of Texas eagerly — but later regrettably — bared their pompous, red rears to the West Mall crowd’s judicious...


Corporate executives must be held accountable

Albert Zhao October 27, 2016

Federal authorities began investigating Wells Fargo this September for its unauthorized opening of two million accounts for customers. During a Senate hearing, CEO John Stumpf was revealed to have urged...


Rep. Lamar Smith obstructs climate action, scientific progress

Albert Zhao October 13, 2016

Humanity suffered gravely in 1613 when the obtuse Father Lorini attacked Galileo’s “Letters on the Solar Spots” for observing our orbit around the sun. Lorini summoned the wrath of the...

Other new tower Rachel Zein

Google Home turns us into lazy royalty but helps medical field

Albert Zhao October 6, 2016

Picture, if you will, sitting in the Oval Office on a Friday by the phone. For an easy evening, you press the button and order your personal aide to fetch the car for dinner, the film reel of “Air...


Texas lawsuit against federal overtime rules is unwarranted

Albert Zhao September 30, 2016

Recently, our state joined 20 other states — primarily Republican ones — in suing the U.S. Department of Labor for overtime laws that are set to be enforced Dec. 1. The new laws would enforce...


Students should have freedom to use e-cigarettes

Albert Zhao September 22, 2016

As many of us have labored our way into UT to escape our parents — whom we may grow more or less fond of later — the presumption here is we can finally engage in certain liberties that were...


Abbott’s STEM grants fail to raise school funding

Albert Zhao September 15, 2016

Gov. Greg Abbott’s recent $7.2 million educational proposal attempts to form “Innovative Academies,” a grant program for STEM subjects to be emphasized in Texas high schools. Abbott’s...


Ken Paxton’s lawsuit targets transgender Americans

Albert Zhao September 1, 2016

Last Tuesday, shortly after applauding Judge Reed O’Connor’s ruling against the Obama administration directive for transgender bathroom access, Attorney General Ken Paxton helped file...

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