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COVID-19 pods provide opportunity for social interaction with some risks

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves January 26, 2021

Some students have created pods, closed groups of people who interact with one another but not with those outside of the group, to maintain social interaction during the COVID-19 pandemic. Terrance...


COVID-19 vaccines will go to health care workers first, not mandatory to return to campus, UT-Austin officials say

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves December 8, 2020

The University is preparing to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine to health care workers, following guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the state of Texas.  Amy Young,...


Fall 2020: Looking Forward

Campus UT will offer almost 60% of spring classes online with a similar number of courses having online, hybrid and in-person modality as in the fall semester. Students living in residence halls may...


Fall 2020: Looking Back

University The UT System Board of Regents unanimously approved Jay Hartzell as permanent president of the University on Sept. 21 after he served as interim president since June 1.  Campus Due...


UT-Austin Dell Medical School adapts to COVID-19, goes virtual

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves December 4, 2020

Dell Medical School adapted safety protocols and teaching methods due to COVID-19 this year, leading to a different learning process for medical students.  Beth Nelson, associate dean of undergraduate...


UT-Austin prepares for COVID-19 vaccine distribution, has no plans to make it a requirement

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves and Skye Seipp December 3, 2020

As COVID-19 vaccinations enter the final stages of approval by the federal government, UT is preparing for distribution.  Jonathan Robb, director of the Office of Emergency Preparedness, said the...


4 of 5 leading COVID-19 vaccine candidates use UT research

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves November 23, 2020

The Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccine candidates, both of which were over 90% effective in trials, incorporated research from UT scientists.  The UT research team designed two mutations...

5000 cases_pct_participation_SierraWiggers

PCT participation increases at UT-Austin, walk-ups no longer guaranteed

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves November 20, 2020

Proactive Community Testing participation is now approaching the program’s 5,000 tests per week capacity after increased participation. Program director Michael Godwin said in an email that several...

Adler_Courtesy of UT COVID-19 Conference Committee

Austin Mayor Steve Adler, UT-Austin President Jay Hartzell speak at UT COVID-19 Conference

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves November 12, 2020

Austin Mayor Steve Adler commended UT’s COVID-19 research Wednesday at the UT COVID-19 Conference. The two-day conference showcased UT researchers’ COVID-19 findings and featured Adler as...


UT-Austin COVID-19 Conference begins with keynote speaker Lauren Ancel Meyers

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves November 11, 2020

The University hosted the first day of the UT COVID-19 Conference on Tuesday, showcasing UT researchers’ COVID-19 projects.  Tuesday’s keynote speaker was Lauren Ancel Meyers, the executive...


Prevalent mutation may cause COVID-19 to be more contagious, likely won’t hinder vaccine efficacy

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves November 9, 2020

A study of over 5,000 virus samples from the Houston area discovered a mutation to the COVID-19 virus that potentially makes it more contagious. In the first phase of testing, 71% of the virus samples...

Permafrost_Courtesy of Micaela Pedrazas

UT-Austin researchers discover absence of permafrost in arctic lagoon

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves November 6, 2020

New research from the Jackson School of Geosciences found an absence of permafrost under the seafloor along the coast of northeastern Alaska, according to a press release.  The finding countered...


Incumbent Democrat Sally Hernandez wins Travis County Sheriff with 71% of vote

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves November 4, 2020

Incumbent Democrat Sally Hernandez has been reelected the Travis County Sheriff as of 8 p.m. on election night, defeating Republican candidate Raul Vargas with 71.3% of the vote, according to KXAN news.  The...


UT-Austin Butler School of Music adapts to COVID-19 risks

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves October 28, 2020

The Butler School of Music has allowed minimal in-person instruction and instituted strict scheduling policies due to new research about aerosols produced by wind instruments.  Aerosols are small...


Dell Seton therapy dog missing since Oct. 19

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves October 26, 2020

A therapy dog at Dell Seton Medical Center went missing Oct. 19 while on a walk at the Turkey Creek Trail of Emma Long Metropolitan Park.  Jack, a small poodle, worked as a part of the trauma services...


UT-Austin to create a new center for stuttering education, research with $20 million grant

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves October 19, 2020

The Moody College of Communication is creating a stuttering center funded by a 10-year $20 million grant from the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation.  The Arthur M. Blank Center for Stuttering Education...


UT-Austin researchers receive grant to further audiovisual annotation technology

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves October 15, 2020

A team in the College of Liberal Arts has received a $450,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to support a project dedicated to developing software to annotate audiovisual humanities collections.  Tanya...


UT-Austin receives $16.5M in Department of Energy funding for predictive science research

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves October 14, 2020

A UT interdisciplinary research unit and graduate program is developing advanced computer models with the support of a $16.5 million Department of Energy agreement. Robert Moser, deputy director of...


New insecticides harm beneficial insects, UT-Austin research says

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves October 13, 2020

UT researchers found two insecticides approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency that have harmful and lethal effects on bees and other beneficial insects.  The new insecticides...


UT-Austin undergraduate researchers allowed back on campus

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves October 9, 2020

Undergraduates may return to campus labs and research spaces if approved by a principal investigator starting Oct. 14, according to a Thursday email from Alison Preston, interim vice president for research.  Jennifer...


UT-Austin researchers develop potential treatment for COVID-19

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves October 7, 2020

A team of UT researchers is developing an inhalable therapy for COVID-19, but the research needs further funding to go to clinical trials.   Pharmacy professor Hugh Smyth said the treatment uses...


UT-Austin meets qualifications to be Hispanic-Serving Institution

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves October 6, 2020

UT-Austin surpassed 25% Hispanic undergraduate enrollment for the first time, according to a Sept. 22 press release, qualifying UT to apply to become a Hispanic-Serving Institution.  Hispanic-Serving...


UT-Austin faculty study water quality in Alaska, part of four-year project

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves October 5, 2020

Faculty from the Cockrell School of Engineering are leading a four-year project in Alaska to study how climate change is affecting water quality and endangering Alaskan communities.   According...


UT-Austin community can amplify COVID-19 transmission in Austin, UT report says

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves October 2, 2020

UT students returning to campus this fall could still amplify COVID-19 transmission in Austin, but there may be a delay in detecting the spread, according to a report by the UT COVID-19 Modeling Consortium.  “Chains...


UT-Austin will seek federal guidance to offer Indigenous remains requested by Miakan-Garza Band for reburial

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves September 26, 2020

UT will seek guidance from the National Park Service to offer Indigenous remains requested by the Miakan-Garza Band for reburial, according to a letter from University President Jay Hartzell.  The...


Experts say there is ‘little transmission’ of coronavirus between UT students, other Austin residents

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves September 23, 2020

While the UT community accounts for about 25% of COVID-19 cases in Travis County since Aug. 26, the first day of classes, Dell Medical School experts said there seems to be little transmission between...


UT-Austin to resume human subject research, increase workforce density

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves September 21, 2020

UT will increase research workforce density to 50%, resume some in-person interactions with human subjects starting Sept. 23 and allow undergraduates to return to labs in early October, according to the...


UT-Austin surpasses 1,000 reported COVID-19 cases since March

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves September 17, 2020

UT has reported a total of 1,117 COVID-19 cases since March 1, including over 600 cases since classes started Aug. 26, according to the UT COVID-19 dashboard as of Thursday afternoon.  The University...


UT-Austin students create website to support locally owned, Black-owned restaurants

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves September 17, 2020

Three UT students created a website for users to find and support locally owned and Black-owned restaurants.  LocoEats aggregates locally owned restaurants based on the location of the user. It...


Fall McCombs Career Expo faced with technical challenges, postpones second day

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves September 16, 2020

Technical difficulties during the first day of the fall McCombs Career Expo caused some students to miss opportunities with recruiters and led to the postponement of the second day. The career expo...


About 100 COVID-19 cases reported Thursday in West Campus, UT-Austin says

Neha Madhira and Amanda Figueroa-Nieves September 15, 2020

Editor’s note: This is an update to a story that was originally published on Sept. 10. UT reported three coronavirus case clusters in West Campus with collectively about 100 positive cases on...


UT-Austin pursues clinical test status for proactive community testing saliva test

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves September 15, 2020

University Health Services offers free COVID-19 testing for asymptomatic students, faculty and staff through the Proactive Community Testing Program, but individuals who test positive must get a second...


Miakan-Garza Band hosts teach-in, ceremony urging UT-Austin to return Indigenous remains

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves September 11, 2020

The Miakan-Garza Band of Texas hosted a teach-in and ceremony Monday evening to continue to urge the University to return the remains of three of their ancestors.  Speakers recounted the history...


UT-Austin reports 3 clusters with about 100 total positive COVID-19 cases in West Campus

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves and Emily Hernandez September 10, 2020

UT reported three coronavirus case clusters in West Campus with collectively about 100 positive cases on Thursday morning. The University declined to communicate the addresses of the clusters, citing...


UT-Austin accounts for 23% of Travis County COVID-19 cases in the past 7 days

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves September 4, 2020

UT accounts for 23% of Travis County coronavirus cases in the past seven days, Austin Public Health officials said during a Friday news conference.  According to the UT COVID-19 dashboard, 112...


Contact tracers track spread of COVID-19 in UT-Austin community

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves September 2, 2020

The University will continue to contact trace students, faculty and staff through an agreement between Dell Medical School and Austin Public Health, according to a message sent by UT Interim President...

machine_courtesy of_Alex Dimakis

UT-Austin researchers win $20 million grant from National Science Foundation

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves September 1, 2020

The National Science Foundation selected UT on Aug. 26 to host the AI Institute for Foundations of Machine Learning, which will help improve the basic technology behind artificial intelligence. The...


UT-Austin denies request for Indigenous remains from Miakan-Garza Band

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves August 31, 2020

The University denied a request this June from the Miakan-Garza Band, a Coahuiltecan tribe, for the remains of three Native Americans after the tribe initially requested them four years ago. The Miakan-Garza...


UT-Austin researchers adapt practices for COVID-19 protocol, continue research

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves August 31, 2020

Researchers around campus have reworked their schedules and forged new relationships with students to follow COVID-19 safety precautions while continuing research. The Fall 2020 Planning Research Working...


Counseling and Mental Health Center to continue all services online

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves August 27, 2020

The Counseling and Mental Health Center will continue to offer students the entirety of its services via telehealth this fall. Ginny Maril, associate director for clinical services at CMHC, said individual...


‘It’s like you’re teaching in molasses:’ Lab instructors modify courses to follow coronavirus safety precautions

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves August 27, 2020

While some lab instructors around campus have chosen to keep their courses in-person, many have transitioned to hybrid and web-based courses to better abide by COVID-19 safety precautions. Of 1007 lab...


University Health Services to continue telehealth services, provide some appointments in person

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves August 25, 2020

University Health Services will continue offering telehealth services this fall but will also use in-person services to distribute flu vaccinations and hold necessary visits.  Terrance Hines, chief...


How can students, staff and faculty get tested for COVID-19 at UT-Austin?

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves August 24, 2020

Editor's note: This story has been updated to reflect that asymptomatic members of the UT community can sign up for Proactive Community Testing. University Health Services and UT Health Austin will...

0313coronavirus_website_Stephanie Sonik

UT-Austin model projects between 82 to 183 students will arrive on-campus infected with COVID-19

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves August 24, 2020

Between 82 and 183 UT students may arrive infected with COVID-19 during the first week of classes, according to a report published Friday by a group of University researchers.  The COVID-19 Modeling...

0313coronavirus_website_Stephanie Sonik

UT researchers continue public health, pharmaceutical COVID-19 research

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves August 5, 2020

Researchers at the University have continued work on multiple projects related to COVID-19, all attempting to eventually reduce the virus’s harmful effects as the number of cases in Texas increases.  The...


Student leaders collaborate on Texas Cafeteria for fall organization planning

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves July 21, 2020

Texas Cafeteria, an informal collaboration between student organizations, has allowed student leaders to share resources and unite behind social movements amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  The group...


Fall housing plans create uncertainty for students

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves July 18, 2020

Some students are still deciding whether to live in on-campus residence halls as the University plans to have in-person classes during the fall semester while COVID-19 cases continue to increase in Texas.  Over...


Students take action for Black Lives Matter in their hometowns

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves June 22, 2020

Students have started fundraising and organizing protests to support the Black Lives Matter movement from across the state. After classes transitioned online due to COVID-19 concerns, some students moved...


‘You miss that in-person touch’: UT students, doctors embrace telehealth during coronavirus pandemic

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves June 19, 2020

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit Texas, nutrition junior Dalia Nouraldeen would regularly visit her doctor to manage Crohn’s disease, a chronic illness that causes inflammation in her intestines....

alamo drafthouse_2020-03-10_AlamoDrafthouseQ&A_Joel

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema co-founder, CEO talks entrepreneurship successes, failures

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves March 11, 2020

The co-founder of Alamo Drafthouse discussed his career Tuesday as part of the Entrepreneurship Live! series hosted by the Herb Kelleher Center for Entrepreneurship. Tim League, the co-founder and CEO...


CNS Career Services hosts health care career panel

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves February 26, 2020

The College of Natural Sciences Career Services hosted a panel Tuesday of current UT students and alumni on health care career opportunities that only require a bachelor’s degree. The event, “How...


University Housing and Dining hosts Mediterranean Dinner for heart-healthy eating

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves February 21, 2020

In an effort to promote heart-healthy eating habits, University Housing and Dining hosted a Mediterranean Dinner event at Jester Second Floor Dining and Kinsolving Dining on Thursday evening.   University...

cmas 2020-02-14_CMAS_at_50_Kirsten

Exhibit highlights 50 years of Center for Mexican American Studies

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves February 14, 2020

The Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection displayed the origins of the UT Center for Mexican American Studies on Thursday at the exhibit “CMAS at 50: A Legacy of Scholarship, Teaching, and...

disney 2020-02-07_Disney_Latinidad_Jacob

Latino Media Arts & Studies hosts Illinois professor to discuss Latino representation in Disney

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves February 7, 2020

A Latina/Latino studies professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign discussed the ethnically ambiguous representation of Latinidad in Disney films and shows in a Thursday lecture at the...

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