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Associate managing editor criticizes college newspaper one more time, knows it won’t be the last

Associate managing editor criticizes college newspaper one more time, knows it won’t be the last

Emily Hernandez May 4, 2021

This paper has made me cry a lot. Mostly stress tears, but that’s a staple of most jobs under capitalism. Somehow, this paper also continues to attract many talented, kind people who I have had the privilege...


UT-Austin reports 3 clusters with about 100 total positive COVID-19 cases in West Campus

Amanda Figueroa-Nieves and Emily Hernandez September 10, 2020

UT reported three coronavirus case clusters in West Campus with collectively about 100 positive cases on Thursday morning. The University declined to communicate the addresses of the clusters, citing...


Students find ways to celebrate Juneteenth at home during COVID-19 pandemic

Emily Hernandez and Meara Isenberg June 19, 2020

Acting junior Sydnie Brown typically spends the Juneteenth holiday barbecuing at her family’s house in Houston. She’s keeping the gathering smaller than usual this year because of COVID-19...


Getting in the room: Finding gender-affirming health care

Emily Hernandez March 5, 2020

Editor’s note: This is the first installment of The Daily Texan’s semester-long collaborative series, The Waiting Room, which explores stories of how health care coverage is impacted by your identity....


Austin Police investigating report of kidnapping in West Campus

Emily Hernandez December 19, 2019

The Austin Police Department responded to a report of a kidnapping in West Campus at 24th and San Antonio streets, according to a campuswide email.  APD received a report that a man wearing a red...


Student safety organization aims to improve campus safety through door locks, city involvement

Emily Hernandez December 9, 2019

By attending campus safety events and meeting with student safety activists, student safety organization Horns for Safety has been working to increase student interest in their goals. Community outreach...


After a semester, UTPD restructure increases community engagement, improves recruitment

Emily Hernandez December 6, 2019

A semester after the UT Police Department restructured their divisions to improve community engagement through policing practices, UTPD Chief David Carter said the changes are working well.  Carter...


Student organizers planning forum in spring 2020 to discuss University sexual misconduct policies, violations

Emily Hernandez December 3, 2019

UT President Gregory Fenves and Provost Maurie McInnis will attend a student-led forum at the beginning of next semester where students can voice concerns about sexual misconduct policies and violations,...

Bedbugs not found in University Teaching Center after more reports made

Emily Hernandez December 3, 2019

Despite reports of a second bedbug sighting in the University Teaching Center, the University’s pest control team said they have not found any more bedbugs in room 2.102A. Bedbugs were first reported...


UTPD increase community outreach through public active shooter prevention classes

Emily Hernandez November 26, 2019

As the semester draws to a close, the UT Police Department is scheduled to host two more requested active shooter response trainings, which are likely to be the final classes on top of the 21 presented...


UT suspends spring 2020 Hong Kong study abroad programs after evacuating students amid protests

Nathan Han and Emily Hernandez November 20, 2019

When student protests at The Chinese University of Hong Kong became violent on Nov. 11, UT and other universities with exchange programs began to evacuate their study abroad students. “I couldn’t...


Faculty Council committee creates official definition of plagiarism

Emily Hernandez November 19, 2019

Plagiarism: Every professor warns their students to avoid it, but until last week, UT had not officially defined what plagiarism is. Maurie McInnis, the executive vice president and provost, charged...


University Panhellenic Council sororities increase diversity awareness through new initiatives

Emily Hernandez November 15, 2019

University Panhellenic Council sororities have increased initiatives to support minorities during the past year. These initiatives include a new organization for women of color, cultural awareness modules...


Gender and Sexuality Center creates emergency fund for students in crisis

Emily Hernandez November 14, 2019

Students who need help covering medical expenses, electric bills or next week’s groceries will be able to apply for the Gender and Sexuality Center’s new crisis fund. The GSC is raising...


College of Liberal Arts committee launches project to support minority students and faculty

Emily Hernandez November 13, 2019

The College of Liberal Arts’ Diversity and Inclusion Committee created a new initiative to support students and faculty in minority communities and retain faculty of color at the University.  Co-chair...


Man arrested for making terroristic threats toward School of Social Work

Emily Hernandez and Lauren Girgis November 8, 2019

The UT Police Department arrested a man Thursday for making terroristic threats against the Steve Hicks School of Social Work, according to a campuswide email UTPD sent Thursday night. The Austin Police...

FDA Appointment_Stephen Hahn_Courtesy of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Donald Trump to nominate University of Texas cancer center executive for FDA commissioner

Emily Hernandez November 6, 2019

President Donald Trump announced Friday his intent to nominate an executive at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center as the 24th commissioner for the Food and Drug Administration, according...


University Title IX office reviewing plans for Senate Bill 212 enforcement

Emily Hernandez November 4, 2019

Students, staff and faculty are working toward improving the University’s Title IX policies to better inform the University community about Senate Bill 212 and further support survivors.  Adriana...


UT Police Oversight Committee to address homelessness, SB 18

Emily Hernandez November 1, 2019

The UT Police Oversight Committee has not met since February, but University officials are planning for the committee to meet soon and be more “hands-on” in overseeing the UT Police Department...


UT recommends four-year suspension for Pi Kappa Phi fraternity for hazing violations

Emily Hernandez October 31, 2019

UT’s Pi Kappa Phi fraternity chapter hazed pledges by forcing them to eat soup laced with ghost pepper and cat food, according to a recent University investigation. The Office of the Dean...

utpd_football_1025_LaurenIbanez(UTPDFootball) copy

Task force teams, electronic security system introduced for UT home football games

Emily Hernandez October 25, 2019

Students who attended Saturday’s football game against the University of Kansas may have seen new measures designed to increase entrance efficiency and safety at home games. Last week, Texas...


Bedbugs in University Teaching Center treated, room set to re-open

Emily Hernandez October 24, 2019

Starting in mid-September, Brianna Gonzalez said she had a weird, itchy red rash that would come and go that she could not explain, as she had not had any allergies before or switched skin care products. “I...


Texas Supreme Court dismisses negligence case against UT, rules cyclist a trespasser

Emily Hernandez October 21, 2019

Non-University affiliates can be considered trespassers if they engage in recreational activities on University property, according to a Texas Supreme Court opinion issued Friday.    The highest...


Campus drug violation arrests increase, alcohol violation arrests decrease since 2016, according to Clery report

Emily Hernandez October 18, 2019

Arrests for drug abuse violations on campus have increased over the past three years while arrests for liquor law violations have decreased over that time, according to the 2019 Annual Security and Fire...


UTPD to participate in transgender awareness training

Emily Hernandez October 17, 2019

The UT Police Department will participate in transgender awareness training to educate officers on proper LGBTQIA+ vocabulary, hate crime and gender marker laws and how to respect gender identities.  The...


International students targeted by scam calls

Emily Hernandez October 11, 2019

An international student paid a scam caller a substantial sum of money after they were threatened with arrest and deportation, according to the UT Police Department Sept. 30 Campus Watch report. The student...

anonymous tips_ella

UTPD encourages students, staff to use anonymous tip reporting

Emily Hernandez October 10, 2019

Anyone on campus can send anonymous tips to the UT Police Department. It is up to UTPD detectives to decide what to do next.  Anonymous tip reporting is available to students, staff and faculty...

employee english2019-10-08-Employee_English_tutoring_SPELLChavez_Chloe

Students working to bring English tutoring program for employees to UT

Emily Hernandez October 9, 2019

After seeing a tweet calling for UCLA students to apply to become an English as a Second Language tutor for university employees, economics sophomore Madelin Chavez became inspired to start a similar program...


Austin City Council appoints national police forum to perform external audit of Austin Police’s sexual assault cases

Emily Hernandez October 3, 2019

The Austin Police Department will meet this month with an external evaluator to perform an audit of the department’s sexual assault cases over the past seven years. Austin City Council approved...


Safety organizations work to provide free Stop the Bleed, AED training to 10,000 students by 2022

Emily Hernandez October 2, 2019

The Campus Safety office created a goal in 2017 to provide free hemorrhage control and automated external defibrillator (AED) training to 10,000 students by 2022. To reach that goal, the office is working...


New student safety organization, Horns for Safety, hosts first meeting

Emily Hernandez October 1, 2019

A new student safety organization plans to put locks on every door and direct Austin City Council’s 2020 budget toward student safety. Horns for Safety, a student group that officially became...


More details of Texas Cowboys’ 2018 fall retreat released by Dean of Students, third party investigations

Emily Hernandez September 30, 2019

Documents recently released by the Dean of Students and a third party investigator show more details about reports of hazing at a Texas Cowboys’ 2018 fall retreat, including consumption of large...


University Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan safety items still in progress

Emily Hernandez September 26, 2019

A student campus climate survey and improved safety measures at the J.J. Pickle Research Campus are some of the things students should see in the coming semesters as a result of the University’s...


Vice President for Research launches Good Systems Grand Challenge

Emily Hernandez September 24, 2019

Good Systems, the third grand challenge in the Bridging Barriers initiative, was launched in a campus-wide email Friday by Daniel Jaffe, the vice president for research for the Office of the Executive...


Austin Fire responds to fire near 7-Eleven on MLK Boulevard

Emily Hernandez September 24, 2019

The Austin Fire Department responded to a fire near the 7-Eleven gas station at the intersection of Guadalupe Street and MLK Boulevard on Monday evening, according to a tweet by AFD.  The fire...

Student_section_2019-9-9_LSU Gameday_Jamie

Texas Athletics updates football game day safety before OSU game

Emily Hernandez September 20, 2019

Texas Athletics will implement new football game day protocols to make student entry and seating safer for the upcoming Texas vs. Oklahoma State University game Saturday. The new protocol, sent...


UT Police interest-based district representatives created to help campus groups

Emily Hernandez September 18, 2019

The UT Police Department has introduced a LGBTQIA+ liaison, athletic liaisons and a military and veterans liaison to act as points of contact between law enforcement, students and employees in these...

emergency_0917_EllaWilliams copy

Emergency Preparedness promotes UT Ready campaign with new resources this semester

Emily Hernandez September 17, 2019

Emergency kit giveaways and emergency preparedness pocket guides are a few of the resources Emergency Preparedness is distributing this semester as part of their new UT Ready campaign. UT Ready is a...


Former UT law facilities director defrauded UT out of roughly $1.56 million, memo says

Emily Hernandez September 16, 2019

The former Texas Law facilities director defrauded the law school of rougly $1.56 million, according to a memorandum sent Friday to UT President Gregory Fenves.  The memo, which was provided...


UT School of Social Work develops community guide for engaging sexual assault survivors

Emily Hernandez September 12, 2019

A new community guide published last week aims to improve the way survivors are reengaged in their cases after their sexual assault kits have been tested.  “Notification for Victims of Assault,”...


UTPD hosts first active shooter response class of semester

Emily Hernandez September 10, 2019

The UT Police Department hosted its first open-to-all Civilian Response to Active Shooter class Monday afternoon in the Avaya Auditorium in the Peter O’Donnell Jr. Building.  The presentation...


Woman sues University for negligence after breaking ankle on campus

Emily Hernandez September 9, 2019

A woman is suing the University after breaking her ankle on a step concealed by a mat at the Flawn Academic Center in 2017. She is claiming UT knowingly allowed the step to present danger to students,...


Austin Police District representatives help protect students off-campus

Emily Hernandez September 6, 2019

The Austin Police Department works to help off-campus students with nonemergency issues and safety concerns through its district representatives and events like Coffee with a Cop.  Students...


UT Police Department partners with School of Social Work to research campus policing

Emily Hernandez September 6, 2019

The UT Police Department and Steve Hicks School of Social Work are partnering to examine the challenges of policing campus, protecting UT students and improving the utilization of UTPD’s resources.  Social...


UT police chief diagnosed with lung cancer, continues to reform campus policing

Emily Hernandez September 5, 2019

A diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer unrelated to smoking has not stopped UT Police Chief David Carter from continuing to push for campus policing reform.  Carter, 61, who also serves as assistant...


Students concerned about new Title IX policy effective January 2020

Emily Hernandez September 5, 2019

Beginning Jan. 1, state law will require public and private colleges to enforce mandatory employee reporting of Title IX violations to the Title IX Office or employees will face criminal offenses and employment...


UT Police Chief asks City of Austin to prohibit camping around campus

Emily Hernandez August 30, 2019

UT Police Department Chief David Carter asked Mayor Steve Adler and the Austin City Council to consider prohibiting camping along the perimeter of UT’s main campus and into West Campus in a press...


Austin Police investigating robbery at Dobie Target

Emily Hernandez August 29, 2019

The Austin Police Department and the UT Police Department responded to a report of a robbery at the Target near Dobie Center on Guadalupe Street, according to a campus-wide text alert.  The alert...


UT offers new programs, resources to first-gen students

Emily Hernandez August 28, 2019

For incoming first-generation students, UT’s campus may seem daunting, but offices, organizations and current first-generation students across campus are collaborating with a hope to make the college...


UTPD makes safety changes before fall semester

Emily Hernandez August 26, 2019

To help ensure the safety of more than 50,000 students and staff coming to campus this fall, the UT Police Department is providing several new resources to increase safety efforts. In the wake of mass...


DNA analyst in Haruka Weiser’s murder case resigns over inaccurate testimony

Emily Hernandez August 24, 2019

A forensic scientist who analyzed DNA in UT dance freshman Haruka Weiser’s case has resigned after an investigation by the Texas Forensics Science Commission found she gave incorrect testimony during...


Free speech nonprofit appeals dismissal of lawsuit against University

Emily Hernandez August 21, 2019

Free speech advocacy nonprofit Speech First Inc. is appealing a federal judge’s decision to dismiss a lawsuit the group filed against the University which claimed it violated students’ rights...


Sophomore receives Caitlyn Jenner Foundation scholarship after losing military scholarship

Emily Hernandez July 2, 2019

Days before Pride Month ended, television personality and former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner surprised Map Pesqueira, a student who identifies as a transgender man, with a $25,000 scholarship on national television. Pesqueira,...


University of Texas freshman pronounced dead, medical examiner confirms

Emily Hernandez May 17, 2019

Jason Beall, a petroleum engineering freshman, died Thursday, UT spokesperson J.B. Bird confirmed in an email. The University received confirmation of Beall’s death from the Travis County Medical...


UTPD to host active shooter response training for students, staff

Emily Hernandez May 9, 2019

School shootings have dominated the headlines, with two in the United States since April 30. The UT Police Department announced in early April they will host two information sessions in the fall to train...


Harrison Brown’s mother sues Kendrex White, his family, doctors, claiming negligence

Emily Hernandez May 8, 2019

Harrison Brown was fatally stabbed two years ago in broad daylight outside of Gregory Gym by former biology junior Kendrex White, who was found not guilty of the murder by reason of insanity.  Now,...


UT arguing in Texas Supreme Court to make cyclists trespassers on all government-owned land

Emily Hernandez May 7, 2019

Non-University affiliated hikers and bikers injured on UT property would be considered trespassers and unable to sue for damages if UT wins a Texas Supreme Court case. The issue stems from a lawsuit...


First generation student reflects on college experience in wake of admissions scandal

Emily Hernandez May 6, 2019

Editor’s note: These stories are a part of a “First-Gen UT” callout for student responses following the admissions scandal earlier this year. Two more stories from this callout will be...


First generation student talks financial aid, college admission scandal

Emily Hernandez May 6, 2019

Editor’s note: These stories are a part of a “First-Gen UT” callout for student responses following the admissions scandal earlier this year. Two more stories from this callout will be...


University of Texas police investigating indecent exposure at Pickle Research Campus

Emily Hernandez May 3, 2019

The UT Police Department responded to a report of an indecent exposure at the West J.J. Pickle Research Campus in Northwest Austin at 5:00 p.m. Thursday, according to a campus-wide email sent Friday morning. The...


UT Police investigating criminal mischief after smoke device set off outside a YCT event Monday evening

Emily Hernandez May 1, 2019

The UT Police Department is currently investigating criminal mischief regarding a smoke device set off at 6:46 p.m. outside of a speaker event hosted by the Young Conservatives of Texas in Gearing Hall...


New resources for first generation college students launching this summer

Emily Hernandez May 1, 2019

An optional welcome session for first-generation students will be offered beginning this summer, at freshman and transfer orientation sessions, to help incoming first-generation students adjust to UT.  Launched...


UTPD safety survey shows students generally feel safe on campus

Emily Hernandez April 30, 2019

The results are in — 78% of UT’s population feel “safe and secure” on campus, according to results released last week from a routine safety survey conducted in March by the UT Police...


First-generation siblings help each other attend UT

Emily Hernandez April 25, 2019

For first-generation college students Titus Rucker and Camille Proffer being accepted to UT helped them realize they could do more with their lives than they once thought, the siblings said. Rucker,...


Four UT-Austin students sue university, claiming Title IX, constitutional rights violations

Emily Hernandez April 22, 2019

Four undergraduate male students are suing the University, saying they were unfairly disciplined for actions they committed as pledges in an unnamed fraternity last fall, according to a lawsuit filed in...


UT Police Department arrests suspect in Guadalupe Street robbery

Emily Hernandez April 19, 2019

The UT Police Department responded to a report of an armed robbery at 2354 Guadalupe Street — the address of Shoe Palace, an athletic footwear and apparel retail chain — at 10:11 a.m. Friday,...


UT freshman loses military scholarship because he is transgender

Emily Hernandez April 16, 2019

Map Pesqueira said he came to UT to pursue his dream of becoming a filmmaker and serving in the army. He was awarded a national three-year Reserve Officers’ Training Corps scholarship to help fund...


Differences in undergraduate tuition leave some students wanting more bang for their buck

Emily Hernandez April 11, 2019

Undergraduate students enrolled in McCombs School of Business, which has the highest tuition rate of the UT undergraduate colleges, pay about $750 and $2,600 more per semester for in-state and out-of-state...


Friends, campus advocates upset that UT’s annual 40 for Forty campaign landed on anniversary of on-campus death of Haruka Weiser

Emily Hernandez April 8, 2019

For Emma Huff, fundraising with UT’s annual 40 Hours for the Forty Acres campaign Wednesday was not the priority. Instead, Huff, a theatre-dance performance and business senior, was remembering her...


UTPD has not hosted one self defense class for men in more than five years

Emily Hernandez April 5, 2019

While the UT Police Department has offered scheduled Rape Aggression Defense classes for women twice a semester since 2001, RAD classes for men are only available upon request. There have only been two...


Reports of students drugged at UT’s Roundup surface in open letter

Emily Hernandez April 4, 2019

An open letter released Wednesday by a sexual assault prevention organization addressed reports of students being drugged without their consent at Roundup parties last weekend.  The Not On My Campus...


Family of cyclist killed in Capital Metro bus collision sues driver, driver’s employers

Emily Hernandez April 1, 2019

The family of the cyclist killed in January on San Jacinto Boulevard is suing the Capital Metro bus driver charged with the man’s death and her employers.  Cyclist Anthony John Diaz,...


Student athletes find balance between sport and school

Emily Hernandez March 29, 2019

Dropping an entire semester of classes for an organization may seem unthinkable, but corporate communication sophomore Savannah Madden was forced to do exactly that her freshman year. She said her professors...


You can now order 115-page yearbooks full of friendly squirrels that roam the University of Texas campus

Emily Hernandez March 27, 2019

It’s official — over 115 glossy pages filled with friendly campus squirrels will now be available in a yearbook, brought to students by the creator of the “Squirrels of UT” Instagram...


UT aims to improve employee health through new initiatives

Emily Hernandez March 15, 2019

Several new health initiatives targeting University employees are becoming available this academic year, including the first mini-gym and a pilot program for colon cancer screenings.  The...


CapMetro bus driver arrested, charged with manslaughter in fatal crash with cyclist on campus

Emily Hernandez March 14, 2019

UT Police Department detectives arrested the Capital Metro bus driver who fatally struck a cyclist in January on a charge of manslaughter, said UTPD Chief David Carter at a press conference Wednesday afternoon. Carter...


On-campus University Methodist Church dissents to larger denomination’s restriction on LGBTQ clergy, same-sex marriage

Emily Hernandez and Laura Morales March 4, 2019

The on-campus University United Methodist Church said they will not go along with the national denomination’s recent vote to uphold the ban on LGBTQ clergy and same-sex marriage within the church.  The...


UTPD looks to increase sexual assault reporting through survivor feedback in collaboration with Travis County agencies

Emily Hernandez March 1, 2019

The UT Police Department is updating its sexual assault investigation practices through the Interagency Sexual Assault Team. UTPD Chief David Carter, an executive board member of the team, helped present...


Judge rules for UT graduate in legal battle against University about revoking Ph.D.

Emily Hernandez February 28, 2019

After many legal proceedings over a span of five years, District Judge Karin Crump ruled Feb. 11 the University does not have the authority to revoke a UT graduate’s degree. Suvi Orr graduated...


University of Texas’ plan for campus transportation still in the works

Emily Hernandez February 20, 2019

After tearing ligaments in both of her legs while in club team gymnastics her freshman year, journalism junior Bailey Abramowitz has been in and out of using medical walking boots, crutches and wheelchairs...


West Campus lighting to improve, according to city of Austin memo

Emily Hernandez February 15, 2019

Residents of West Campus will see several lighting improvements throughout the area as soon as this summer, according to a memo released last month by the Austin Transportation Department. The...


UT senior, sexual assault survivor opens up about rape, lawsuit against Austin police

Emily Hernandez February 14, 2019

Content warning: This article has a source that goes into intimate detail of a sexual assault  she encountered.   Marina Conner said she was raped by a stranger two weeks before her sophomore...


UTPD responds to disturbance at Texas Union Building

Emily Hernandez February 12, 2019

The UT Police Department arrested a man at the corner of 24th and Guadalupe streets after responding to a report of a man yelling threats in the Texas Union Building at 11:15 p.m. Monday night, according...


SafeHorns wins $20,000, plans to invest in safety

Emily Hernandez February 11, 2019

After winning $20,000 from Tiff’s Treats’ charity contest, safety advocacy non-profit SafeHorns plans to use the money to implement a safety patrol in West Campus. Tiff’s Treats,...

accessibility2_2019-02-07_Disability_Meeting_ Samantha_Dorisca21512

New training aims to aid student organizations in becoming more disability friendly

Emily Hernandez February 8, 2019

Kate Strickland’s life changed in an instant six weeks into her freshman year at UT in the fall of 2013, when she was hit by a car while riding her bike. “I became a quadriplegic (because)...


UT-Austin student Mark Sands dies after car and scooter crash

Emily Hernandez February 5, 2019

UT student Mark Sands died Saturday afternoon after the Lime scooter he was riding collided with an Uber vehicle early Friday morning, according to the Austin Police Department. University spokesperson...


Survivors, advocates voice support for sexual assault legislation

Emily Hernandez February 5, 2019

Sexual assault survivors and advocates gathered with state legislators Monday morning at the Texas State Capitol to share their experiences with sexual assault and express support for sexual assault legislation being...


UT Police review own sexual assault cases in light of DPS audit regarding APD

Emily Hernandez January 31, 2019

The UT Police Department initiated their own internal review of University sexual assault cases after learning of a Texas Department of Public Safety audit reviewing Austin Police Department’s sexual...


Cyclist killed in collision with CapMetro near University of Texas’ Royal-Memorial Stadium

Emily Hernandez January 30, 2019

A man was pronounced dead on the scene after he collided with a Capital Metro bus near Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium on Monday night. The man was pronounced dead by Austin-Travis County Emergency...


University creates Victims Advocate Network, a new safety program by employees, for employees

Emily Hernandez January 30, 2019

University employees now have an additional campus resource provided by their coworkers that is solely for them — the Victims Advocate Network.  The Victims Advocate Network is a group...


Longhorn EMS submits second proposal to University, aims to save lives on campus

Emily Hernandez January 29, 2019

Students may see the establishment of Longhorn Emergency Medical Services as a campus first response organization. Student Body President Colton Becker said in a campus-wide email that a new proposal had...


University of Texas police pronounce man dead on scene after being hit by CapMetro bus near DKR

Emily Hernandez January 29, 2019

Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services pronounced a man dead on the scene after responding to a report of a person trapped under a Capitol Metro bus at the corner of San Jacinto Boulevard and...


Austin Police respond to report of an armed robbery at Dobie Target

Emily Hernandez January 25, 2019

Update 9:31 a.m.:  The suspect was arrested by UTPD in the University Christian Church and turned over to the custody of APD, Newton said. Original Story: The Austin Police Department responded...


SURE Ride gets a makeover: Students hope to see expansion of renamed UT Night Rides program

Emily Hernandez January 23, 2019

The free ride-hailing service formerly known as SURE Ride has been renamed UT Night Rides this semester.  While the program now goes by a new name, nothing about its operation has changed....


University of Texas McCombs graduate one of 14 killed in terrorist attack in Kenya

Emily Hernandez January 16, 2019

A University of Texas graduate was among 14 people killed in a terrorist attack in Nairobi, Kenya on Tuesday afternoon, according to the U.S. Department of State. Jason Spindler was at the luxury hotel...


Austin police investigating reported robbery in West Campus

Emily Hernandez January 16, 2019

Tuesday at 8:45 p.m., Austin Police Department responded to a non-UT affiliated person who reported a robbery in the 2300 block of Rio Grande Street, according to a campus-wide alert. The person reported...


Students petition Whole Foods and McDonald’s for meat sourcing

Emily Hernandez December 6, 2018

While many Austin residents recognize Whole Foods Market as an environmentally friendly grocery chain, a group of UT students is asking the store to stop what they call environmentally destructive...


Students affected by sleep deprivation culture

Emily Hernandez December 4, 2018

Fatigue, memory loss and irritability are symptoms experienced by many college students while they suffer from what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have declared a “public health crisis”...


New student-run bicycle coffee company to open next semester

Emily Hernandez November 26, 2018

Students can be on the lookout for a mobile coffee shop mounted on a bicycle selling cold brew coffee next semester. BrewBike is a student-run coffee company founded in 2015 at Northwestern University...


Dr. Sonia Feigenbaum appointed to new global engagement position

Emily Hernandez November 14, 2018

A new senior vice provost for global engagement and chief international officer has been appointed to oversee the International Office and strengthen UT’s global presence on and off campus.  Sonia...

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