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UT System grads earn more than those who attend UT System but do not graduate

Caleb Wong January 25, 2016

Graduates from UT System schools earn about $150,000 more throughout their lifetime than students who attend a UT System institution but do not graduate, according to data collected by the UT System. The...


Anti-abortion protesters gather on south mall of Capitol

Caleb Wong January 25, 2016

Thousands gathered on the south steps of the Texas Capitol to express support for tightened abortion restrictions one day after the 43rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade at an anti-abortion rally Saturday. Among...


McRaven apologizes for lack of communication about UT System expansion in Houston, says plan is in best interest of Texas

Caleb Wong January 22, 2016

Chancellor William McRaven conceded to being “guilty as charged” of not collaborating with lawmakers on a plan to expand the UT System in Houston during a higher education board meeting...


Hall files appeal against McRaven over student records

Caleb Wong January 22, 2016

UT System Regent Wallace Hall filed an appeal Thursday afternoon against Chancellor William McRaven in an attempt to access to confidential student records in the Texas 3rd Court of Appeals. The appeal...


Campus carry rules to be finalized in early spring

Caleb Wong January 20, 2016

All UT System institutions must submit draft rules regarding campus carry by mid-February for review by the UT System Board of Regents, according to a UT System press release. The announcement came...


UT System’s expansion into Houston sparks discussion

Caleb Wong January 20, 2016

The UT System made its first land purchase in southwest Houston on Friday in an effort to expand the System’s higher education presence in Texas’s largest city, according to a press release. The...


Mixed reactions, uncertainty surrounds tuition increase

Caleb Wong January 19, 2016

A proposed 3 percent tuition increase has been met with both support and pushback from UT students as the University strives to rein in rising costs while remaining affordable. President Gregory Fenves...


UT to require redesigned essay portion of new SAT test

Caleb Wong November 12, 2015

Prospective students still have to take the essay portion of the new SAT tests — despite changes to its format by College Board — when submitting test scores to UT, according to the Office...


Professor emeritus says campus carry law will discourage other professors from coming to UT

Nashwa Bawab and Caleb Wong October 9, 2015

In a recent resignation letter to President Gregory Fenves, a UT professor emeritus said the new campus carry law would diminish the university’s ability to attract new faculty. The new campus...

Researchers develop GPS technology accurate to the centimeter

Caleb Wong May 8, 2015

Smartphones may soon be able to precisely track users’ position and orientation to the centimeter using GPS technology, according to researchers in the Cockrell School of Engineering.  Engineering...


Bike to UT Day promotes bicycle safety and use on campus

Caleb Wong May 4, 2015

Campus organizations and students filled Speedway Plaza on Friday for Bike to UT Day, an event for promoting bicycle safety and appreciation on campus.  Parking and Transportation Services (PTS)...


Longhorn Band director retires after 13 years of service

Caleb Wong April 29, 2015

After 13 years directing the Longhorn Band, Robert M. Carnochan will leave the University this summer to become the University of Miami’s wind ensembles director. Carnochan said he chose to move...


Students, members of local Armenian community commemorate 100th anniversary of Armenian genocide

Caleb Wong April 27, 2015

Students and members of the local Armenian community lit candles inside a replica of an Armenian monument in memory of a historical tragedy.  Volunteers from the Armenian Cultural Association built...


Administrators reduce number of mandatory activities for students during orientation

Caleb Wong April 25, 2015

Incoming freshmen and transfer students will be required to attend fewer activities at orientation this upcoming summer than in previous years.  Alex Kappus, New Student Services coordinator, said...


New student portal MyUT will replace UTDirect next fall

Caleb Wong April 22, 2015

This fall, students will log in to a new, customizable portal called MyUT to access common functions, such as registration and class schedules, instead of the current UTDirect system. Administrators...


UT Libraries to expand study spaces, move writing center to PCL

Caleb Wong April 20, 2015

One-third of the floor space on the first floor of the Perry-Castañeda Library will be renovated into the Learning Commons before the fall semester, according to UT Libraries employees. The Learning...


After nearly three years of planning, UT launches redesigned website

Caleb Wong April 18, 2015

After nearly three years of planning, University administrators launched a newly redesigned Thursday.    Mike Horn, director of digital strategy for University Communications, said...


Former CIA agent: US intervention in Afghanistan undermined infrastructure-building efforts

Caleb Wong April 17, 2015

The United States undermined Afghanistan’s independence by taking the leading role in the fight against the Taliban, according to former CIA agent Robert Grenier. “After 2005, we as a government...


UT raises more than double its fundraising goal during annual ’40 for Forty’ campaign

Caleb Wong April 10, 2015

UT raised more than double its fundraising goal during the “40 for Forty” campaign, which ended Thursday night.  The campaign, which ran for 40 hours from 4 a.m. Wednesday to 8 p.m....


Accessibility issues lead to settlement between edX and Department of Justice

Caleb Wong April 9, 2015

EdX and the United States Department of Justice reached a settlement to make edX’s online courseware more accessible to students with disabilities after the company allegedly violated the Americans...


Yik Yak tests out new photo-sharing feature

Caleb Wong April 6, 2015

Yik Yak is piloting a photo-sharing feature on select campuses after receiving a number of requests from users, according to Yik Yak CEO Tyler Droll. “Yakkers have told us that they’d love...


Sen. Kelly Ayotte: Nuclear facility inspections are critical for U.S.-Iran relationship

Caleb Wong April 3, 2015

Iran’s agreement to limit its nuclear program is crucial to American foreign policy, according to U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-New Hampshire). At an on-campus event Thursday, Ayotte said nuclear inspectors...


Forty Acres Fest draws thousands for live music, student performances

Caleb Wong March 30, 2015

Thousands of UT community members enjoyed live music, student talent acts and a variety of activities, including tie-dying and carnival games, at the annual Forty Acres Fest Saturday. The event also...


Austin Pizzeria accepts job applications exclusively through Snapchat

Caleb Wong March 28, 2015

Pizzabelli, a new East Austin pizzeria,  is accepting employment applications exclusively through Snapchat. Earlier this month, Pizzabelli posted an ad on Craigslist, encouraging people to send...


Former civil rights lawyer says public education is key in push for immigration reform

Caleb Wong March 27, 2015

To improve immigration policy, lawyers should focus on increasing public awareness of the issues U.S. immigrants face, a lecturer from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security told students Thursday. Lucas...


National Geographic CEO speaks about importance of keeping up with technological advances

Caleb Wong March 12, 2015

A legacy media company, such as National Geographic, has to reach people across different media platforms to stay relevant, according to Gary Knell, president and CEO of National Geographic.  Knell...

Creative writing professor wins $20,000 Story Prize for short story collection

Caleb Wong March 9, 2015

Creative writing professor Elizabeth McCracken received the $20,000 Story Prize for her short story collection, “Thunderstruck and Other Stories,” in New York City on Wednesday.  The...


Artist describes creative process behind campus canoe statue “Monochrome for Austin”

Caleb Wong March 6, 2015

The inspiration for “Monochrome for Austin” — the canoe-based sculpture that’s generated significant buzz on campus since its installation earlier this year — came from the...


Poor weather puts a damper on UT’s ‘largest day of service’

Caleb Wong March 2, 2015

Despite dealing with multiple delays and cancellations because of inclement weather, more than 800 UT student volunteers met and performed service work for Austin’s Holly and East Cesar Chavez neighborhoods...


Professors at Royal Ethics Conference discuss philosophy and philanthropy

Caleb Wong March 2, 2015

Professors discussed philosophical concepts of right and wrong at the Royal Ethics Conference, which the Department of Philosophy hosted Friday. Professors from New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the...


Government professor: Former national security advisor’s childhood influenced leadership

Caleb Wong March 2, 2015

Former U.S. national security advisor Brent Scowcroft positively influenced foreign policy because of his tranquil childhood, government professor Bartholomew Sparrow said Thursday. Scowcroft, who served...


Bob Ross inspired millions through accessible art, according to lecture

Caleb Wong February 26, 2015

The late Bob Ross, artist and host of the TV show “The Joy of Painting,” made painting accessible to millions of viewers, according to two visiting lecturers. Doug Blandy, art education...


Professor says Latin-American youth not engaged in culture

Caleb Wong February 21, 2015

Many Latin-American youth are not adequately engaged in Latin-American civic culture, according to several panelists at the Benson Latin American Collection’s Lozano Long Conference on Friday. In...


UT researcher finds pregnant teens significantly more likely to use illegal substances than non-pregnant peers

Caleb Wong February 20, 2015

Pregnant teenagers are twice as likely to use illegal substances as non-pregnant teenagers, according to research conducted by Christopher Salas-Wright, an assistant professor in the School of Social Work.  Salas-Wright...


Lecturer explores similarities between conspiracy theorists and historical archivists

Caleb Wong February 16, 2015

Modern-day conspiracy theories materialize from vast amounts of hyper-specific information gathered on the Internet, Jenny Rice, writing, rhetoric, and digital media professor at the University of Kentucky,...


Campus organization aims to help eradicate neglected diseases

Caleb Wong February 13, 2015

Seven neglected tropical diseases, or NTDs, threaten to kill billions of people in developing countries, according to public health senior Grace Gannon, campus chapter president of END7, a national organization...


History professor lectures on LBJ’s Great Society

Caleb Wong February 6, 2015

Former President Lyndon B. Johnson increased opportunities for Americans of all social classes by passing legislation focused on civil rights, voting rights and health care, according to Julian Zelizer,...


Women under more stress in marriages, according to sociology professor

Caleb Wong February 2, 2015

Marriage is linked to health through sociological, behavioral, psychological and physiological “pathways,” according to sociology professor Debra Umberson.  Women performed more “emotional...


Party on the Plaza ends two weeks of new student events

Caleb Wong September 4, 2014

The Gregory Gym plaza was filled with students Wednesday attending the annual Party on the Plaza event.  The event, hosted by the Division of Recreational Sports, provides student organizations...


Director Stephen Enniss discusses the future of the Harry Ransom Center

Caleb Wong September 2, 2014

Stephen Enniss, director of the Harry Ransom Center, discussed the future of the on-campus museum and archive center Friday. Enniss, who previously worked as the head librarian of the Folger Shakespeare...

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