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Folk band Caamp discusses changing industry, new music

Christa McWhirter November 1, 2018

Evan Westfall and Taylor Meier first met during a summer camp in middle school. The two remained friends into highschool when they started what is now known as Caamp. From an attic in Athens, Ohio,...


Sit down with Yoke Lore: Solo endeavors and musical direction

Christa McWhirter October 18, 2018

If you were to ask Adrian Galvin of the solo act Yoke Lore about his music style, he’d tell you it’s strictly pop. However, Yoke Lore manages to stand out from the mainstream pop crowd with...


Get pumped for these 5 summer album releases

Christa McWhirter May 3, 2018

As the semester draws to a close and summer fast approaches, students will soon decide what music to blast while sitting poolside or taking road trips with friends. To help Longhorns make the most of their...

Long-term effects make eating disorder recovery difficult for students

Christa McWhirter May 1, 2018

Seeking treatment for an eating disorder is not easy, but recovery can be even more difficult for some due to the lasting physical and emotional damages it can cause. According to a study conducted...


Mental Wealth: Registering with Services for Students with Disabilities isn’t as lonely as you may think

Christa McWhirter April 18, 2018

Of the 13,750 students at UT who suffer from mental illnesses, only 2,334 registered with Services for Students with Disabilities under ADHD and psychological disabilities last spring. SSD is a student...


Mental Wealth: What to do when depression’s got you feeling blue

Christa McWhirter April 12, 2018

The exhaustion is overwhelming, and it feels like 20-pound weights have been attached to all of your limbs after an 18-hour workday and you still have a mountain of stuff to do. Major depressive disorder...


Q&A: Jake Bugg talks songwriting and the influence Nashville had on recent album

Christa McWhirter April 10, 2018

Jake Bugg, now 24, released his UK double-platinum, self-titled debut in 2012. The singer-songwriter, who has been dubbed the Bob Dylan of his generation, sat down with The Daily Texan to talk about his...


Mental Wealth: What panic attacks really feel like

Christa McWhirter April 3, 2018

Panic attacks are no joke. My last panic attack was over three years ago, and in spite of the time that has elapsed, I still feel a chill down my spine when remembering what they were like. When the...


Mental Wealth: What to say to your friends struggling with their mental health

Christa McWhirter March 29, 2018

Mental illnesses make people uncomfortable, but it’s not because of the actual illness  — it’s that people simply don’t know what to say. It isn’t their fault, though....


Mental Wealth: Can social anxiety prevent you from enjoying life?

Christa McWhirter March 22, 2018

Social anxiety has been a pain in my ass for the last five years of my life. It has prevented me from doing things I enjoy and even from making friends. Over the years, I found ways of coping with my social...

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Non-traditional students carve their own place at UT

Christa McWhirter March 1, 2018

With over 1,300 student organizations across the 40 Acres, the possibilities can seem endless in the journey to find your place on campus. While they may have the same access as everyone else, the options...


Knowing the difference between eating disorders and disordered eating can save lives

Christa McWhirter February 27, 2018

As spring break approaches, college students are beginning their pursuit of the mythical “beach body” but not everyone is doing it in healthy way. There are two primary kinds of unhealthy...


Students use unique sense of fashion to develop personal identity

Christa McWhirter February 15, 2018

As students roll out of bed and get ready for class, comfort is usually the only thought that goes into choosing an outfit. But for some, developing a distinct personal style is their way of establishing...


Students don’t need to be anxious about anxiety

Christa McWhirter February 6, 2018

While many students consider this time of year the easiest part of the semester, those who struggle with anxiety are already consumed by all of the semester’s challenges — even those that haven’t...

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