30 Columns: Life and Arts


Erika Rich

The Life&Arts staff of The Daily Texan from left to ri

Everything we need to say can be summed up in 30 words. Our time here ranges from six months to five years, with work ranging from music reviews to feature writing. Although our experiences could amount to a novel of inch counts, we believe what needs to be said can be done in less. Every word matters.

By Amber Genuske

I started as a reporter. Two-and-a-half years later, I am leaving as a storyteller. Thank you for the lessons. Damn you for the under-eye circles. Every word matters. Texas forever.

Amber Genuske started working at the Texan in spring 2009 as a Life and Arts Issue Staff Reporter. She has since been Associate DT Weekend Editor, Associate Life and Arts Editor and is currently the Life and Arts Editor.

Francisco Marin

Working at the Texan the last few years has had an impact on my life that I’ll forever cherish, never forget. To everybody I met, interviewed, worked with: thank you.

Francisco Marin started working for The Daily Texan in fall 2006 as a copy editor. Other positions included associate copy desk chief, DT Weekend editor, associate news editor, associate managing editor and Life and Arts writer.

William James
Having worked for The Daily Texan has given me experience to venture out as a journalist and write on diverse range of topics. I cannot wait to begin my career!

William James worked at the Texan for spring 2011 as a Life and Arts Issue Staff Writer and General Reporter.

Julie Rene Tran

A thrill it is to chase stories and live in snippets of others’ lives.
Sometimes, I’ve forgotten to live mine.

But a dog-eared chapter to remember, one happy, lively time.

Julie Rene Tran started working for The Daily Texan fall 2008 as a page designer. Other positions included Life and Arts writer and senior features writer.

Priscilla Totiyapungprasert

Thank you, those who accompanied the journey and bequeathed their stories.
The world is thrilling and elusive. To all you explorers, champions and storytellers — Let’s go. Pase lo que pase.

Priscilla Totiyapungprasert started working at The Daily Texan in fall 2008 as a General Reporter.  She has been Associate Life and Arts Editor, Senior Features Writer, Senior Reporter and Life and Arts Writer.