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Associate science editor departs beloved basement for real world

Freya Preimesberger December 10, 2018

As a freshman, I wandered into an info session for The Daily Texan and ended up joining the inaugural Science & Technology section. I didn’t exactly intend to stay for three years, but I had...

Apptronik Team (3)

UT alumni lead humanoid robotics company Apptronik

Freya Preimesberger September 14, 2018

Iron Man suits, robot firefighters and robots on Mars — these are just a few of the projects associated with UT-led robotics company Apptronik Systems. In 2016, UT-Austin alumni and one faculty...

cancer_Drgus_0828_andrewchoi copy

New drug combination overcomes drug resistance

Freya Preimesberger August 30, 2018

A new drug combination discovered by researchers at UT-Austin and Korea University could prevent drug resistance during cancer treatment. Jonathan Sessler, a UT chemistry professor and cancer survivor,...


Discovery of salty, subglacial lakes may aid search for extraterrestrial life

Freya Preimesberger April 30, 2018

The discovery of two very salty lakes underneath an ice cap in the Canadian Arctic may assist scientists in the search for extraterrestrial life, according to a study published this month in Science Advances....


Researchers develop first DNA-only chemical oscillator

Freya Preimesberger January 29, 2018

Scientists are trying to imitate nature by applying electrical engineering principles to biological systems. A multi-institutional team of researchers has developed a method of programming DNA molecules...


Researchers study champagne bubbles and drink experience

Freya Preimesberger January 19, 2018

The acoustics of champagne bubbles may provide important information on the beverage’s quality, according to a study published November in The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. The findings...


Scientists devise technique for safer gene editing with CRISPR

Freya Preimesberger September 6, 2017

A recent study details a new technique that facilitates safer gene-editing therapies. A multidisciplinary team of researchers developed a new technique, CHAMP, for catching mistakes made by the genome-editing...

Microbes offer insight on DNA folding

Freya Preimesberger August 30, 2017

Scientists’ findings on how ancient microbes store their genomes may shed light on how more complex organisms came to pack their DNA. According to new research from several institutions, microbes...

​Duke neuroscientist delivers talk on brain-machine interfaces

Aditya Singh and Freya Preimesberger May 2, 2017

Miguel Nicolelis discussed the brains behind smart prosthetics in a Dean’s Scholars Distinguished Lecture Series talk Thursday. Titled “Brain-Machine Interfaces: From Basic Science to Neurological...


Researchers lay out literary relationships through intertextuality

Freya Preimesberger April 24, 2017

Computers can read between the lines of classical literature in a way humans cannot.  Humanities researchers, computer scientists and biologists from UT Austin and collaborating institutions have...


Imitation primary predictor of intentional communication in children with autism

Freya Preimesberger April 21, 2017

Forget flattery. Imitation is the biggest predictor of one’s communication skills.  Researchers from UT and collaborating institutions have found that for children with autism spectrum disorder,...


Texas introduces new earthquake-monitoring system

Freya Preimesberger April 17, 2017

Texas is shaking things up with its new earthquake-monitoring system.   As part of the TexNet Seismic Monitoring Program, scientists and engineers at UT’s Bureau of Economic Geology are installing...

stephen martin

Chemistry professor wins Ernest Guenther Award

Freya Preimesberger April 14, 2017

When UT chemistry professor Stephen Martin encounters chemical compounds in nature, he can envision their synthetic twins. On April 4, Martin was awarded the Ernest Guenther Award in the Chemistry of...

UT engineers work with NASA to put spacecraft in the hot seat

Freya Preimesberger April 6, 2017

Things are heating up as UT engineers find new ways to test spacecraft heat shields.  Philip Varghese, aerospace engineering professor, and Noel Clemens, aerospace engineering department chair,...


Ecologist visits Austin to speak about tropical birds

Freya Preimesberger April 5, 2017

According to Bette Loiselle, evolutionary changes in the tropical rainforest planted the seed for creative bird mating rituals. Loiselle, a professor of wildlife ecology and conservation at the University...

Program aims to multiply math graduate students

Freya Preimesberger March 31, 2017

Despite its name, undergraduates participating in UT’s Directed Reading Program can get a taste of the life of a mathematics graduate student. For the program, around 100 undergraduate students...


UT-Arlington students design smart bandage

Freya Preimesberger March 31, 2017

A team of engineering undergraduate students at UT-Arlington are rolling in praise after patenting a smart bandage that can ease the pain of recovery. The team created the bandage, which is capable...

SXSW: NASA to explore dark energy, exoplanets with new telescope

Freya Preimesberger March 14, 2017

Speakers from NASA, the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI) and the Space Telescope Science Institute talked at South by Southwest on Tuesday about the new WFIRST telescope. Specifically,...


Live Blog: SXSW 2017 | Tuesday, March 14

(Update: 3:30 p.m.): Apollo 11 astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, and Editor at Large, Jeff Kluger, sat down today for a conversation about everything from the future of human space exploration to holographs. –Mae...


SXSW: Biden details Moonshot program to battle cancer

Freya Preimesberger March 13, 2017

Former Vice President Joe Biden spoke Sunday at SXSW about the White House Cancer Moonshot program’s progress in the fight against cancer, and called for innovators in the audience to use their ingenuity...

Berkeley professor talks gene editing at SXSW

Freya Preimesberger March 12, 2017

As keynote speaker of South by Southwest’s Interactive track, Jennifer Doudna, UC Berkeley professor, spoke Saturday about the gene editing tool, called CRISPRCas9, she helped develop. Scientists...


Live Blog: SXSW 2017 | Saturday, March 11

Update (3:30 p.m.): Rainn Wilson and Justin Baldoni discussed the importance and power of empathy in entertainment media and their respective side projects, the SoulPancake and the Wayfarer. -Mae Hamilton Update...

The economics of environment

Freya Preimesberger March 8, 2017

The cost of food and energy may provide a clue for how economics affects the environment. Carey King, assistant director of the UT Energy Institute and geosciences researcher, gave a talk discussing...

Geologists discover more about earth’s core

Freya Preimesberger March 8, 2017

The atomic makeup of Earth’s iron may shatter previously-held theories about how the planet formed. Geologists from UT and several other institutions discovered that the unusual ratio of Earth’s...

SolarCells_CourtesyOfVikas Reddy Voggu

Artists and scientists collaborate to design new solar cells

Freya Preimesberger March 2, 2017

Researchers are using paper to devise an easier, more environmentally-friendly way of harnessing the power of the sun. UT chemical engineers, biologists and artists recently collaborated to develop...


Researchers link gut microbiota and sociality in monkeys

Freya Preimesberger February 23, 2017

Who someone hangs out with may influence the bacteria found in their gut. Researchers from UT Austin and collaborating institutions recently studied 32 black howler monkeys in the jungles of Mexico...


Astronomers view distant, faint galaxies

Freya Preimesberger February 22, 2017

A new approach to studying space may reveal more about the history of the universe. Astronomers from UT and the Space Telescope Science Institute recently developed a new method for looking at distant...


Researchers design flu virus breathalyzer

Freya Preimesberger February 16, 2017

A new, inexpensive breathalyzer aims to change the way the flu is diagnosed. Researchers at UT Arlington and State University of New York, Stony Brook created a sensor capable of detecting the flu virus...


How flowers bloom in the spring

Freya Preimesberger February 13, 2017

April showers aren’t the only thing that bring May flowers — a new study by UT researchers reveals how flowers know when to bloom. The study, published Feb. 6 in Developmental Cell, discovered...


Eric Schmidt talks tech

Freya Preimesberger February 10, 2017

During his talk on Monday, Eric Schmidt taught UT students to make their dreams a reality sooner rather than later. Schmidt, CEO of Google from 2001 to 2011 and current executive chairman of Alphabet,...

Longhorn Energy Club connects UT to the energy sector

Freya Preimesberger February 9, 2017

Longhorn Energy Club exerts all of its energy planning one of the largest student-run energy conferences. The club was formed three years ago, with the intention of connecting the UT community to energy-related...


Study investigates astronauts’ vision in space

Freya Preimesberger February 2, 2017

Nearly two-thirds of astronauts, after returning from space, have reported having vision problems. UT Southwestern researchers may have found the cause. A team from UT Southwestern recently discovered...


UT research review sheds light on novel ways to train your brain

Freya Preimesberger February 1, 2017

A new UT research review sheds light on novel ways to train your brain.  The multi-institutional review focuses on the concept of neurofeedback, which uses measurements of an individual’s...

s&t info sierra

Study finds that supportive strategies linked to decreased homophobic bullying

Freya Preimesberger January 26, 2017

When dealing with homophobic bullies, a less punishment-based approach may yield better results. In a study published in Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity, researchers at UT and...


Study sheds light on how increased age is linked to disease

Freya Preimesberger January 23, 2017

A study by UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers provides insight into why people are more susceptible to cancer as they age. According to the study, which was published on Dec. 15 in PLOS Biology,...

Psychology professor talks human mating strategies

Freya Preimesberger January 19, 2017

If it seems like men and women want different things out of a relationship, it’s because they do. In psychology professor David Buss’ recently published fourth edition of “The Evolution...


Study: African-Americans have stiffer aortas, causing higher risk for cardiovascular disease

Freya Preimesberger December 2, 2016

A new study published by UT Southwestern researchers may provide insight into ethnic differences in cardiovascular health. According to the study, African-Americans have more rigid aortas than whites...


Researchers analyze gender gaps in STEM employment

Freya Preimesberger November 18, 2016

Less than 25 percent of science, technology, engineering and math — or STEM — jobs are held by women, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. Researchers at UT, Cornell University and...


UT inventors make strides in biotechnology

Freya Preimesberger November 14, 2016

At the 2016 Inventor of the Year ceremony on Nov. 9, chemistry professor Jonathan Sessler and chemical engineering associate professor Hal Alper received awards from the UT Office of Technology Commercialization...

Cancer drug to enter clinical trials at UT MD Anderson

Freya Preimesberger November 14, 2016

A drug that singles out and starves cancer cells is entering clinical trials for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia. Patients with acute myeloid leukemia have bone marrow that creates abnormal...


UT introduces MicroMajors to high school students

Freya Preimesberger November 9, 2016

A new program that offers majors to high school students will allow Austin 9-12th graders to get a taste of UT before they graduate. Next year, UT will partner with Austin Independent School District...


Biomedical engineers make gut-on-a-chip technology

Freya Preimesberger November 4, 2016

A group of researchers has established a protocol for designing a chip that mimics the microenvironment of the human intestine. This protocol, which was developed by researchers at UT and the Wyss Institute...

Adam + Moose Friend_CourtofEphraim Heller

UT professor co-invents bloodless diabetes device

Freya Preimesberger November 4, 2016

The Food and Drug Administration recently approved a glucose-monitoring device called FreeStyle Libre Pro, co-invented by UT chemical engineering professor emeritus Adam Heller, for treating hospitalized...


Scientists solve mystery behind how cells recognize influenza virus

Freya Preimesberger October 28, 2016

After detecting some strains of the flu virus, human body cells keep the disease from spreading by making the ultimate sacrifice: They kill themselves through programmed cell death. Scientists have...


Diatoms can ‘swim’ to collect food, marine biologists discover

Freya Preimesberger October 26, 2016

Scientists believed that diatoms, a type of one-celled plankton, were only able to sink through the water, but new research suggests that they have more control over their movements than previously thought. Marine...


Scientists find opening to treat drug-resistant lung cancer

Freya Preimesberger October 14, 2016

A team of scientists, including researchers from UT Southwestern and UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, have found a vulnerability in a form of lung cancer previously thought to be untreatable.  Selinexor,...

UTEP receives NSF grant to support diversity in computer science

Freya Preimesberger October 12, 2016

Ann Gates, professor and computer science chair at UT El Paso, has received almost $300,000 in funding from the National Science Foundation, or NSF, to increase diversity in computational fields.  The...


Computer scientists explore random numbers, cybersecurity

Freya Preimesberger October 7, 2016

Creating sets of truly random numbers may be harder to accomplish than people think, but that hasn’t stopped UT computer science professor David Zuckerman from trying. Computers can obtain randomness...

Psychologists harness teen rebellion to encourage healthy eating

Freya Preimesberger October 5, 2016

Forget sneaking out and partying. Rebellious teens can fight the system by cutting out processed foods and eating more fruits and vegetables. A team of psychologists found that teenagers’ desires...

0930_AudreyMcNay_Illo002 copy

Raspberry Pi workshop to open at UT’s Texas Advanced Computing Center

Freya Preimesberger September 30, 2016

New workshops at UT will better equip teachers to teach students programming skills. The Raspberry Pi Foundation, a UK-based educational charity, recently opened four Picademies in the U.S., including...


UT startup Orbital Memorials launches your ashes into space

Freya Preimesberger September 28, 2016

A startup launched by two UT students is giving its customers inner peace through outer space. The company, called Orbital Memorials, will launch customers’ loved one’s ashes into low-earth...


Chemists learn more about the origins of Alzheimer’s

Freya Preimesberger September 23, 2016

A team of American chemists, including a UT professor, recently discovered that differences in brain protein structures can contribute to the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s...


Psychologists find that gender-segregation linked to gender bias

Freya Preimesberger September 20, 2016

Last year, Harvard instated a ban on all gender-segregated groups such as fraternities, sororities and single-gender clubs. UT research shows that this ban is well-founded — separation by gender...


Scientists discover that mosquitoes can transmit Zika to their offspring

Freya Preimesberger September 16, 2016

A survival mechanism may keep Zika alive across generations of mosquitoes. Researchers at the UT Medical Branch in Galveston have found that female mosquitoes are capable of passing the Zika virus onto...


Researchers discover Lucy’s cause of death

Freya Preimesberger September 13, 2016

UT researchers have resolved the mystery of how humanity’s most famous ancestor died.  In a study published Aug. 29 in the journal Nature and led by UT anthropology professor John Kappelman,...


Scientists create regenerating bandages for diabetic wounds

Freya Preimesberger September 9, 2016

Imagine a bandage capable of rapidly healing patients’ wounds, then dissolving into their skin.  Guillermo Ameer, UT chemical engineering alumnus and biomedical engineering professor at Northwestern...

Korgel_office aug 2016 (1)

UT and A&M join forces in solar research

Freya Preimesberger September 7, 2016

Aggies and Longhorns are putting aside their differences and teaming up to harness the power of the sun. UT is collaborating with A&M’s main campus, the Central Texas campus and their Engineering...


UT El Paso scientists create virtual Harry Potter clone

Freya Preimesberger September 2, 2016

Fans of J.K. Rowling’s popular book franchise can now talk to Harry about butterbeer, their favorite Bertie Bott’s flavor or how it feels to cast a spell. This new trick isn’t magic —...


UT MD Anderson uses 3D printers in cancer care

Freya Preimesberger September 2, 2016

Surgeons at UT MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston have brought 3-D printing into the operating room.  Cancer patients sometimes have body parts removed as part of treatment, but doctors have...


Audi introduces cars that can communicate with traffic lights

Freya Preimesberger August 25, 2016

New Audi vehicles will use vehicle-to-infrastructure communication similar to technology developed by a group of UT computer science researchers. Starting in 2017, Audi will manufacture cars equipped...

super computer court Texas Advanced Computing Center

UT supercomputer Hikari switches entirely to solar power

Freya Preimesberger August 24, 2016

Texas supercomputer Hikari is going green. Hikari, named after the Japanese word for “light,” switches to solar power this week in an effort to make supercomputing more sustainable. The...


UT offers many science and engineering facilities to students

Freya Preimesberger August 22, 2016

3D printing? Plasma cutters? High-power lasers? UT has your back. “One of the things that’s really special here is that the first day you show up — the first hour you’re here...


Biomedical engineers receive grant for regenerating blood vessels

Freya Preimesberger May 6, 2016

Researchers have made a gel capable of growing new blood vessels. The U. S.  Department of Defense has awarded UT associate biomedical engineering professor Aaron Baker with a $2.7 million grant...


Researchers receive $3.4 million grant from NIH to improve breast reconstruction

Freya Preimesberger April 29, 2016

The long and complicated process of breast reconstruction for breast cancer survivors may soon be a thing of the past. Many women undergo mastectomies and then breast reconstruction after being diagnosed...


Psychologists find that feminine women are perceived as less likely to be scientists

Freya Preimesberger April 22, 2016

Women with long hair and lipstick may receive signals that they don’t belong in STEM. A study has found that research participants are less likely to identify women with feminine features as scientists...


Astronomers discover binary companion for Type Ia supernova, prove decades-old theory

Freya Preimesberger April 5, 2016

UT astronomers and a flash of blue light revealed the story behind some exploding stars. While working at Harvard in 2012, UT research scientist Howie Marion and his team of astronomers found evidence...


UT researchers explore how to create better self-healing biocement

Freya Preimesberger March 30, 2016

Cement technology is not set in stone.  Civil and environmental engineers at UT are researching how to make better living cement. This biocement is capable of healing its own cracks, according...


Austin tech entrepreneur Mellie Price joins Dell Med, to lead technology innovation

Freya Preimesberger March 22, 2016

Mellie Price has founded tech companies, nurtured Austin’s startups and brought music to the masses. Her next project is the Dell Medical School.  Price, a UT alumna and longtime Austinite,...


UT partners with A&M, NASA, launches Bevo-2 into space

Freya Preimesberger March 10, 2016

Collaborative space research shows that Longhorns and Aggies can get along. As part of the LONESTAR project, UT and Texas A&M have launched their own small satellites from the International Space...


UT Chemical engineering grad student co-invents breakthrough hepatitis C drug

Freya Preimesberger March 1, 2016

A UT graduate student has helped reduce hepatitis C treatment from 18 pills a day to just one. Angela Wagner, a chemical engineering Ph.D. candidate and member of UT professor Nicholas Peppas’...


Study shows health hazards of 3-D printers

Freya Preimesberger February 19, 2016

Researchers have found that 3-D printing may be harmful to our health.  In a study published in the journal “Environmental Science & Technology,” Neil Crain, an environmental engineering...

0201_Victoria Smith_illo119

UT scientists find that human memory is exponentially larger than previously thought

Freya Preimesberger February 8, 2016

Rats are not renowned for their smarts. However, rat brains recently helped UT scientists make an important discovery about human memories.  In a study published in the journal “eLife,”...

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