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30: Life&Arts editor trades headphones for a suit and tie

Chris Duncan May 4, 2018

After spending three hours in a dingy basement office, listening to feedback about my tryout piece, Kat pulled me aside, looked me dead in the eye and delivered something along the line of these two sentences. “You’re...

CzarfaceDoom court of Get On Down

MF Doom and Czarface team up for collaborative hip-hop

Chris Duncan April 1, 2018

With the modern popularity of superhero films and stories, super-friend crossovers, such as the Avengers and Justice League, are colloquial to anyone who doesn’t live under a rock. On Friday, the...

isle of dogs court of 20th century fox

‘Isle of Dogs’ charms its way into viewers’ hearts with simplistic story and stunning sights

Chris Duncan March 21, 2018

Contrary to what others might say, “Isle of Dogs” is Wes Anderson at his best — featuring quirky humor, an engaging story, fantastic characters and so much more. This isn’t Anderson’s...

q_a_Isle-Of-Dogs court of 20th Century Fox

‘Isle of Dogs’ director Wes Anderson discusses studies at UT, writing process

Chris Duncan March 20, 2018

Known for his original stories and distinct art style, UT alum Wes Anderson is one of the most creative directors in Hollywood today. Anderson’s latest film, “Isle of Dogs,” is a return...


Keith Urban sits down and discusses prolific career in SXSW talk

Chris Duncan March 17, 2018

Hosted by Scott Goldman, Vice President of the GRAMMY Museum, SXSW kicked off day 8 with a discussion with country music legend Keith Urban. Urban started with his childhood, telling the audience how...


5 things learned at the Luck Reunion

Chris Duncan March 17, 2018

Taking place every year at Willie Nelson’s ranch in Spicewood, Texas, the Luck Reunion is an exclusive gathering of hard-core Nelson fans. Capped at 2,000 general admission tickets, the event is...


Nick Offerman and Brett Haley discuss the themes and emotion of “Hearts Beat Loud”

Chris Duncan March 16, 2018

Showing at SXSW, “Hearts Beat Loud” is a warm and comforting tale about human emotion. Reflecting real life’s hardships and small victories, the film as directed by Brett Haley stars...


Shakey Graves goes beyond the band in SXSW discussion

Chris Duncan March 16, 2018

In a music industry panel, Shakey Graves aka Alejandro Rose-Garcia joined his manager Bodie Johnson and booking agent Keith Levy to discuss managing a smaller music act and growing it into something to...


Lyor Cohen recounts storied time in the music business in SXSW keynote

Chris Duncan March 14, 2018

Recounting his entry and success in the music business, Lyor Cohen delivered the long story of his career at the music keynote of South by Southwest. Beginning with his arrival in New York City, Cohen...


Reddit co-founder Steve Huffman sheds light on decisions in SXSW interview

Chris Duncan March 13, 2018

In an interview at South by Southwest conducted by senior writer Christine Lagorio-Chafkin, reddit co-founder Steve Huffman, aka u/spez, addressed controversies across reddit’s history and...


Rian Johnson discusses career accomplishments and what’s next at SXSW panel

Chris Duncan March 13, 2018

In a career-encompassing panel hosted by Vanity Fair writer Joanna Robinson, Rian Johnson discussed his entire career leading up to the release of Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi and what’s going to...

Web_lilly hiatt court of Alysse Gafkjen and New West Records

Q&A: Lilly Hiatt discusses recording process and upcoming show at the Luck Reunion

Chris Duncan March 12, 2018

Lilly Hiatt is a Nashville singer-songwriter whose most recent work Trinity Lane, released in 2017, is a pure expression of love and loss. Performing at the Luck Reunion at Willie Nelson’s ranch...


Ira Glass spills the beans on what makes an engaging podcast

Chris Duncan March 12, 2018

After creating three of the most successful podcasts of all time — This American Life, Serial and S-Town — Ira Glass finally came clean on how exactly he did it with a talk at South by Southwest. Before...


Melinda Gates leads an empowering discussion on equality in the workplace at this year’s SXSW interactive keynote

Chris Duncan March 12, 2018

Starting off with a lecture and later transitioning into a panel of female business leaders, Melinda Gates delivered South by Southwest’s interactive keynote to a focused audience. Gates started...

WEB_sam lewis court of Ryan Musick

Americana up-and-comer Sam Lewis discusses political tendencies and the importance of Willie Nelson

Chris Duncan March 11, 2018

Hailing from Nashville, Sam Lewis defies traditional genre facets — his music is best described as a winding road, along the way picking up country, blues and soul influences to create an eclectic...


Walter Isaacson discusses latest biography in SXSW talk

Chris Duncan March 10, 2018

Starting his lecture off with a thank you to Austin for housing his family after Hurricane Katrina, Walter Isaacson delivered a stoic talk about Leonardo da Vinci’s connection of art and technology,...

Ethereum _WEB2018-03-09_Joseph Lubin_Ethereum_Juan

Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin explains exactly why blockchain is the future of business

Chris Duncan March 10, 2018

During his Q&A with Forbes Senior Editor Laura Shin, Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin discussed the power of blockchain technology,   Lubin, wearing a typical tech-guru casual t-shirt and...

Ready_Player2018-03-09_Ready_Player_One _Juan

Ready Player One VR experience teases fans with 80’s nostalgia and interactive exhibits

Chris Duncan March 10, 2018

Of all the events at this year’s SXSW festival, the Ready Player One VR experience might have the longest wait, but those with patience will be rewarded with a tease for the highly-anticipated film. Based...


Lynyrd Skynyrd founder and guitarist Gary Rossington discusses upcoming SXSW documentary

Chris Duncan March 10, 2018

In their heyday, Lynyrd Skynyrd was a 70s Southern rock powerhouse, but after a tragic 1977 plane crash, the surviving members of the band were left without their brothers. The band has since reunited...

Music listeners prepare for these notable albums this year

Chris Duncan January 29, 2018

Although 2017 was a fantastic year for music, some hardcore fans couldn’t help but feel left out from the fun when their favorites didn’t join the party. With a new year comes new hope —...


The best albums of 2017 you didn’t hear

Chris Duncan January 24, 2018

Given how easy it is to release an album in the digital age of art, it’s easy to miss some gems. Don’t fret — The Daily Texan is here to help you figure out what you missed from the past...


Q&A: UT alum creates new Comedy Central show “Corporate”

Chris Duncan January 17, 2018

Matt Ingebretson pursued marketing and English while studying at UT, but his passion was in comedy. After joining the Texas Travesty and finding his writing style, he graduated from school, developed a...


Austin music scene sees growth in strong DIY community

Chris Duncan December 8, 2017

After falling in love with student-run house shows as a design freshman, Chris Dock knew he wanted to get involved in Austin’s independent music scene. Several months later, he and his friends released...

Bjork_1127_Courtesy of One Little Indian

Bjork releases an oddly familiar tenth album

Chris Duncan November 27, 2017

There’s no denying Bjork is Iceland’s undisputed queen of music. She’s difficult to define but frequently comforting and familiar, shining like an incandescent light bulb in the back...

Tove Lo releases the second part of her two-piece concept album

Chris Duncan November 20, 2017

Sweden is known for many things, but the Scandinavian nation’s musical tradition centers around two tropes: electronic pop and in-your-face sexuality. Standing at the helm of this is Ebba Nilsson. Known...


Yung Lean finds new direction with ‘Stranger’

Chris Duncan November 13, 2017

From his name alone, Yung Lean sounds like a parody artist — a young, white European kid taking stabs at hip-hop’s varied tropes. Initial impressions aside, Lean is certainly serious about...


Cannibal Corpse reiterates their love for classical brutal death metal on newest album

Chris Duncan November 6, 2017

Whether it’s through onstage appearances, personalities or anything in between, bands such as Kiss and Slipknot find fame not just for their music. For Cannibal Corpse, this means grossing people...

weezer_court of weezer

Weezer’s return to form ceases with newest album

Chris Duncan October 30, 2017

Weezer is your horrible ex-boyfriend, someone you loathe sober but miss drunk. Their newest album proves it — after two impressive projects, the band turned around with Pacific Daydream, a pop rock...

Margo Price continues with her broad appealing country sound on her newest record

Chris Duncan October 23, 2017

As punk’s meaning shifted from an aggressive form of rock music to a vague reference to DIY attitudes and counter-culture, many movements adopted the punk mindset. Although she might stretch the...


In King Krule’s The Ooz, imperfection builds meaning

Chris Duncan October 17, 2017

Distinct singing voices are a rare musical trait nowadays. Whereas many pop artists appeal with buttery-smooth and melodic singing, it’s often weaker-voiced songwriters such as (Sandy) Alex G and...


300: Father and son share ACL experience

Chris Duncan October 16, 2017

Although he was born and raised in Austin, Griff Martin never considered coming to ACL until he had a son. A pastor at the First Baptist Church of Austin and father of two, Martin said that his parish...


How this year’s ACL was different — for better or for worse

Chris Duncan October 16, 2017

With every new iteration of the annual Austin City Limits Music Festival comes a slightly different approach, and this year’s two weekends were no different. But these changes beg the question of...


Kelela shines with her fresh contemporary R&B sound on debut album

Chris Duncan October 9, 2017

Led by the likes of Frank Ocean, FKA twigs and Anderson .Paak, alternative R&B is arguably the trendiest and most experimental genre in music today. With her newest work, Kelela makes a strong argument...


ACL Face-off 2017: Who to smash or pass at this year’s festival

Chris Duncan October 3, 2017

This year’s Austin City Limits Festival lineup poses some difficult debates for its attendees, but fret not. The Daily Texan did the heavy work, researching bands’ live acts and discography...

Miley_102_Courtesy of RCA

Miley Cyrus grasps for fleeting fame and “returns to form” on her newest album

Chris Duncan October 2, 2017

Although many pop artists change their image from project to project, few make as massive leaps and bounds as Miley Cyrus, and on her newest album, Cyrus has tried and failed once again. Whether it’s...

*Koenig_court of netflix

Neo Yokio has lofty aspirations, but falls short in a disappointing fashion.

Chris Duncan September 25, 2017

Based off of its creator’s dystopian dream of New York City, “Neo Yokio” fails miserably in a half-baked attempt to analyze bourgeois urban society. Neo Yokio is the brainchild...

courtesy of_dj frooot copy

UT student produces sweet DJ tracks as Frooot

Chris Duncan September 20, 2017

Sitting in the corner of her freshman dorm, aspiring DJ Paty Gomez-Palacio toyed with her Pioneer controller, producing impromptu mixes for her pregame. When her friends jokingly urged her to pick a DJ...

Rostam_918_courtesy of nonesuch records

Rostam takes listeners on a journey through his past with solo debut

Chris Duncan September 18, 2017

Rostam had a heavy hand in determining indie trends since his professional debut, but he’s evolved into an important hero in modern music. He’s one of the most prolific producers of the era,...


Five of the biggest political acts in Austin

Chris Duncan September 12, 2017

With today’s divisive political climate, it’s impossible to ignore the effect music has on an individual’s beliefs. Add Austin’s thriving music scene, a variety of local issues...


Five of the biggest political acts in Austin

Chris Duncan September 12, 2017

With today’s divisive political climate, it’s impossible to ignore the effect music has on an individual’s beliefs. Add Austin’s thriving music scene, a variety of local issues...

DoubleTruckAlvvays_CourtesyofGavin Keen

Alvvays continues down the beaten path with second album

Chris Duncan September 11, 2017

After the oversaturation of indie music in the early 2000s, it takes an artist or group that’s truly up to the challenge to makes waves, leaving most to pale in comparison. Alvvays is a perfect example...


Four albums fans never had the chance to hear and maybe never will

Chris Duncan September 6, 2017

With the announcement of his new archival website, Neil Young is doing what few artists are willing to do — release everything they have ever recorded. Although the lost and unreleased album is...


LCD Soundsystem returns to music with their signature dance-punk vibes

Chris Duncan September 5, 2017

Mid-2000s indie music was a genre caught up in its own obsessive clout, and at the center of the storm was LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy. After fighting against pretension in music for most of...


Brockhampton follows up on their explosive debut with an introspective sequel

Chris Duncan August 30, 2017

A few decades ago, cutting-edge media was dictated by companies in sweeping and calculated moves, but the widespread use of the internet by artists such as Arctic Monkeys and Odd Future rebuked traditional...

The definitive albums of summer 2017

Chris Duncan August 28, 2017

Summer is a time to relax, unwind and check out for a while. If you’ve been traveling, caught up in work or just plain not paying attention, here were the five premier releases of the season. Rocket...

Mac DeMarco releases a soothing, acoustic-based album

Chris Duncan May 4, 2017

Mac DeMarco has built an empire for himself on dirty overalls and gapped teeth. Now, with his newest record, he is abandoning some of what made him so popular and bringing in a new group to join the party. DeMarco’s...

gorillaz by jamie hewlett

Gorillaz fail to deliver on hype with newest LP

Chris Duncan May 2, 2017

On their newest album, Gorillaz take yet another unexpected turn, moving toward electro and art pop while relying heavily on features to create a lackluster listen. After seven years of silence, teasers...

andy craig court of therese stigen

UT student takes on music industry with catchy tunes and spectacular live shows

Chris Duncan April 25, 2017

When Andy Craig imagines his live performances, he doesn’t picture a typical concert; he dreams of immersive and grand spectacles that inspire memories of adolescence in his audience. “If...

The Black Angels make major renovations on newest record

Chris Duncan April 24, 2017

One of the largest pitfalls musicians can fall into is the conumdrum of debut albums — the shock factor and value of a brand-new group often makes debuts extremely popular amongst fans but can often...


Austin music venues continue to make local history

Chris Duncan April 18, 2017

“Live Music Capital of the World” might seem like just a gimmick to attract music-loving tourists, but just as the saying goes, it’s not bragging if it’s true.  From names...

Kendrick Lamar triumphs over hip-hop in newest release

Chris Duncan April 17, 2017

With the release of his instant classic To Pimp a Butterfly, Kendrick Lamar usurped the throne of hip-hop, but questions emerged concerning would come next. DAMN., released Friday, takes his music to a...


Austin luthier works on guitars for music legends

Chris Duncan April 14, 2017

From helping build guitars for Jerry Garcia and Albert King, to meeting Willie Nelson in a dark, backroom private bar, Mark Erlewine’s career as a guitar builder and repairman certainly isn’t...


Father John Misty releases a new record, turning his back on friendly pop tunes

Chris Duncan April 10, 2017

After the release of his solo breakout I Love You, Honeybear, Josh Tillman faced a difficult decision — create another record with the same sound and risk repetition, or go out on a limb and risk...

Freddie Gibbs releases his impressive fourth studio LP

Chris Duncan April 3, 2017

Last year was Freddie Gibbs’ first without a mixtape or album release due to legal issues overseas. Although the rape accusations brought against him proved to be false, Gibbs still lost nearly a...

Mount Eerie releases the most personal album of the year

Chris Duncan March 27, 2017

Fantastic songs and albums revolving around relationships have been a staple of music since legends such as Buddy Holly picked up the guitar, giving listeners something they can relate and vibe with. In...


Live Blog: SXSW 2017 | Saturday, March 18

South by Southwest is drawing to a close, but we're not done yet. Here's what we're checking out today! Follow the blog for updates.  (Update, 2 p.m.): Snoop Dogg, Weldon Angelos,...

SXSW: “Give Me Future” gives young Cubans a voice

Chris Duncan and Charles Liu March 18, 2017

On March 6, 2016, electronic music band Major Lazer played a historic concert in Havana, Cuba, before half a million fans. Their performance came at a time in which the United States began seeking to repair...

SXSW: Zane Lowe details love of music

Chris Duncan March 17, 2017

At his panel on Thursday, Zane Lowe told the story of his love affair with music, detailing his childhood and progress toward his current position with Apple Music’s Beats 1 Radio. Growing up...


Live Blog: SXSW 2017 | Friday, March 17

Update (12 a.m.): Debuting songs from their new LP Feels Like Summer, Weezer performed at Brazos Hall to a packed crowd. Update (11 a.m.): If even Pharrell Williams was brought to tears by Maggie...


SXSW: Mick Fleetwood talks new book

Chris Duncan March 16, 2017

During his discussion of his new book Love that Burns, Mick Fleetwood told tales of early Fleetwood Mac, his admiration and respect for former band member Peter Green, and how the band evolved over...


SXSW: Krist Novoselic talks politics and music

Chris Duncan March 15, 2017

During his panel, musician Krist Novoselic discussed his political action with FairVote, entertained some Nirvana-related questions at the end and even took on a surprise Nardwuar interview. The main...


Live Blog: SXSW 2017 | Tuesday, March 14

(Update: 3:30 p.m.): Apollo 11 astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, and Editor at Large, Jeff Kluger, sat down today for a conversation about everything from the future of human space exploration to holographs. –Mae...


SXSW: John Cena explores life and career

Chris Duncan March 13, 2017

Early on a cold and wet Monday morning, John Cena took a break out his busy schedule to speak at SXSW, taking on the role of a multi-faceted motivational speaker rather than just a simple WWE superstar. Hosted...


Live Blog: SXSW 2017 | Sunday, March 12

(Update 4:40 p.m.): Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss were joined on their panel by cast Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner. The panel discussed the show’s writing process, what’s...


Neistat discusses filmmaking career during SXSW day two

Chris Duncan March 12, 2017

On a stormy second day of South by Southwest, indoor events were quite popular, but none seemed to draw the buzz of Casey Neistat's talk. During the hour-long event, Neistat told the story of his...


Live Blog: SXSW 2017 | Saturday, March 11

Update (3:30 p.m.): Rainn Wilson and Justin Baldoni discussed the importance and power of empathy in entertainment media and their respective side projects, the SoulPancake and the Wayfarer. -Mae Hamilton Update...

Top Austin artists coming to SXSW 2017

Chris Duncan March 10, 2017

By providing Austin artists an avenue to share their music, South By Southwest maintains its reputation as the premier way to discover the best and brightest the city has to offer. This year is no different,...

kendrick lamar court joshua guerra

Protest music illustrates strife, discontent throughout history

Chris Duncan March 7, 2017

Like the relationship between warm cookies and milk, American political strife feels incomplete without protest music. Since the founding of this nation, music has played a crucial role in expressing...

Ed Sheeran completes a change of face on newest album

Chris Duncan March 6, 2017

Ed Sheeran garnered well-deserved attention with his 2011 single “A-Team,” but ever since he’s been proving his critics correct with droning, and often mindless, pop songs. With his newest...

Xiu Xiu releases one of their most anxious, dark and inconsistent albums yet

Chris Duncan February 28, 2017

Since the turn of the millennium, few bands have matched the versatility and inconsistency of Xiu Xiu. On their newest record, Xiu Xiu brings much of the same to the table, hitting home runs on several...

Thundercat emerges from the background on newest album

Chris Duncan February 27, 2017

If it weren’t for his performances on To Pimp a Butterfly, Thundercat might be releasing his newest album to the same cult acclaim as before. But with his recent boost in collaboration, Thundercat...

Jens Lekman may have just released his best album yet

Chris Duncan February 21, 2017

Expectations are high every time Jens Lekman releases a project. As one of the most prolific artists in indie pop today, he has divulged in nearly everything the genre has to offer while designing and...

Ryan Adams continues to carry the torch of heartland rock on his newest album

Chris Duncan February 20, 2017

Ryan Adams is one of the few musicians left that seems to shrug off trends, allowing him to stand firmly as a staple of modern rock by making the music he wants whenever he wants to. On his latest record,...


Top seven love songs for Valentine’s Day 2017

Chris Duncan February 14, 2017

It’s that time of the year again — and it’s okay that you forgot, significant others. If you’re looking for just the right addition to your Valentine’s playlist, the Texan...

Lupe Fiasco drops the ball with latest album

Chris Duncan February 13, 2017

In a strange way, this album review is completely unnecessary. Lupe Fiasco himself already penned a review of his latest album DROGAS Light and posted it to his Twitter.  As a result of his enthusiastic...

Syd releases enjoyable but forgettable debut record

Chris Duncan February 7, 2017

As a key member of the alternative R&B revival, Syd creates some of the most interesting and empowering music of her genre. However, with her highly anticipated debut, she may have left some fans wondering...

Sampha’s debut album explores pain and grief

Chris Duncan February 6, 2017

After spending much of his time in the shadows of other artists to craft his sound, Sampha Sisay has finally broken out into his own with a fantastic debut album. Sampha entered mainstream rap...

Migos releases frat party album of the year, and it’s surprisingly decent

Chris Duncan January 31, 2017

Trap has overstayed its welcome in hip-hop. Too many artists are jumping on the bandwagon, saturating the subgenre far beyond its limit. Yet Migos, who may have written the trap bible and brought the genre...

Ty Segall’s new album maintains the consistency he’s known for

Chris Duncan January 30, 2017

Although he already has one self-titled album to his name, Ty Segall has reworked his sound yet again. With so many albums behind him, he’s due for a restatement, something he aims for with his latest...

Foxygen finds its groove on newest album

Chris Duncan January 24, 2017

Thriving as a music duo is traditionally quite difficult, with many groups often expanding with unofficial members to find a more welcoming sound. On their newest album, Foxygen have done just that. Amongst...

AFI disappoints once again on newest LP

Chris Duncan January 23, 2017

With a motivational political climate and a fatigue of several popular genres, rock music is primed to make a comeback in 2017. Unfortunately, AFI won’t be the band to bring it back. After their...

The Music of Donald Trump’s Inauguration

Chris Duncan January 20, 2017

On Friday, Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, and like every other before him, Trump will hold a post-inaugural celebration with musicians spanning many genres. Here’s...

The Flaming Lips chase their own tails on latest release

Chris Duncan January 19, 2017

Drawing from acid-infused hits of the 1960s and ’70s, the Flaming Lips found their way into limelight fame during the late 1990s with The Soft Bulletin. However, on their latest album Oczy Mlody,...


The 10 best albums of 2016

Chris Duncan January 9, 2017

No matter what your opinion of 2016 is, it was certainly an impressive time for music. Here are some of the Texan’s top picks for the year. Honorable mentions (in no particular order): The Impossible...

Donald Glover’s new record brings biggest surprise of year

Chris Duncan December 5, 2016

Donald Glover is a jack of all trades, and in many cases, a master as well. He’s found different personas and success in a multiple media, including standup, film and television, but the most interesting...

Metallica attempts to reconcile with fans on new album

Chris Duncan November 22, 2016

After the disappointment of Metallica’s 2008 effort Death Magnetic, James Hetfield and company needed something to bring the Metallica name back to its glory days. Eight long years later, they delivered...

New Bruno Mars album feels familiar, forgettable

Chris Duncan November 21, 2016

Coming off of his extremely successful collaboration with Mark Ronson, Uptown Funk, it was obvious Bruno Mars would continue his career in a funk-oriented direction. But on his latest effort, 24K Magic,...

Two albums to listen to: a pair of rock’s polar opposites

Chris Duncan November 15, 2016

(Untitled) Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin was a monumental band in the evolution of rock. Built as a supergroup, each member of the quartet excelled individually, but when making music together, they crafted...

A Tribe Called Quest delivers on promises with final album

Chris Duncan November 14, 2016

After the death of Phife Dawg earlier this year, fans of A Tribe Called Quest feared the worst — that they would never hear new material from the group again. Little did they know Tribe’s final...

Two albums to listen to: A couple of politically-charged albums to listen to post-election

Chris Duncan November 9, 2016

What’s Going On – Marvin Gaye Marvin Gaye’s impact on music was immense, with his name standing as a symbol for true artistry. He encouraged label artists to experiment, record...


Common delivers impressive, politically charged album

Chris Duncan November 8, 2016

After 11 albums, listeners thought they had pretty much heard everything Common has to offer, but with his newest project, the rap legend ascends to new heights, delivering a fresh experience during a tumultuous...

New Oasis documentary delivers on its promises to fans

Chris Duncan November 3, 2016

Oasis symbolizes everything starting a band is about: A bunch of average people getting together, playing some tunes and running into a little trouble along the way. However, unlike most bands, Oasis...

Empire of the Sun sticks to same sound in latest release

Chris Duncan November 2, 2016

Empire of the Sun made a name for themselves off of their strange and experimental visual appearance. But instead of taking similar risks in their new music, their third album is more of the same. Although...


Five songs sure to (pumpkin) spice up your Halloween party

Chris Duncan October 31, 2016

Looking for a few tunes to spook up your upcoming Halloween party? Here’s a list of five sure-fire hits. “Thriller” – Michael Jackson (1982) Starting his career off with...

Lady Gaga strikes out with her newest LP

Chris Duncan October 24, 2016

Ever since her musical debut in 2008 with The Fame, Lady Gaga has wanted to soar as a legitimate art pop musician, but with her latest release, Joanne, she’s fallen flat on her face.   As...


Five groundbreaking LGBT musicians pave way for future artists

Chris Duncan October 21, 2016

From groundbreaking albums to boundary-pushing discussions of sexuality, LGBT musicians have played a major role in popular music. In honor of LGBT history month, here’s a list of five musicians...

Nick_Offerman book court of Dutton

Nick Offerman returns to familiar territory in newest book

Chris Duncan October 18, 2016

Two kinds of people will read Nick Offerman’s new book — those who understand woodworking jargon and those who don’t. Fortunately, there are fun times to be had no matter your talent...

Norah Jones eases listeners to sleep with newest release

Chris Duncan October 11, 2016

Norah Jones knows how to sell an album – more specifically, 50 million of them. But with her newest record Day Breaks, it’s difficult to compare her to the titan she once was. Fresh...


New local Austin band NӒM experiments with their sound to grow as a group

Chris Duncan October 6, 2016

For anthropology senior Nora Lueders, forming a band meant collaborating online with a stranger over 5,000 miles away. While in Germany, Lueders created an account on Bandmix, a website where artists...

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