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Austin Public Health announces first measles case in Travis County since 1999

Graysen Golter December 23, 2019

A Travis County resident has been diagnosed with measles for the first time since 1999, according to a press release sent Sunday from Austin Public Health. Austin Public Health will be coordinating...


P. Terry’s Burger Stand will open first location near UT in spring 2020

Graysen Golter December 21, 2019

P. Terry’s Burger Stand will be opening its first location near UT next semester, the company announced Friday in a press release. The burger stand will replace a former Taco Ranch at 517 W. MLK...


US Department of Education releases College Scorecard to compare debt, earnings by

Graysen Golter December 6, 2019

The United States Department of Education released data on student debt and first-year graduate salary ranges for the first time last month to help students make more informed decisions when it comes to...

higherEd_CourtesyOfHarrison Keller

Texas higher education commissioner promises statewide improvements

Graysen Golter November 25, 2019

Higher education commissioner Harrison Keller used his first State of Higher Education Address Thursday to highlight higher education shortcomings and how institutions can improve. “Today, the...


Trudy’s on West 30th Street to remain closed for several weeks following fire

Graysen Golter November 22, 2019

Trudy’s Texas Star on West 30th Street is closed for several weeks due to a fire earlier this month. An accidental kitchen fire caused the restaurant to close two weeks ago. It will remain closed...


University to form working group for Title IX, misconduct issues

Graysen Golter November 19, 2019

The University is forming a new working group to address the University’s sexual misconduct policies, UT President Gregory Fenves said in an email Tuesday. In a follow-up to the message Fenves...


Increased traffic congestion delays fire department and emergency medical services response time

Graysen Golter November 19, 2019

Austin fire stations and emergency medical services are struggling to respond in time to emergencies due to traffic. Increases in population, traffic congestion and irresponsible driving are some of...


Austin Public Health reports increased flu activity in Travis County

Graysen Golter November 18, 2019

Austin Public Health reported a slight increase in Travis County flu activity in a memo Wednesday, and is directing residents to available resources for getting flu shots. “It is not just about...


Employee Advisory Council highlights areas where University can improve

Graysen Golter November 14, 2019

UT System employees have several employment benefits, but they may not be aware of them. The UT System Employee Advisory Council met with the Board of Regents on Wednesday to discuss four areas of improvement...


Students gather again at Tower to protest professors found guilty of sexual misconduct by University

Graysen Golter and Lauren Grobe November 11, 2019

Students gathered in the Tower Friday and chanted phrases such as “Abusive professors deserve to die!” and “Kick out abusive creeps!” during the second Sit-In for Student Safety.  Around...


Students gather again at Tower to protest professors found guilty of sexual misconduct by University

Graysen Golter and Lauren Grobe November 9, 2019

Students gathered in the Tower Friday and chanted phrases such as “Abusive professors deserve to die!” and “Kick out abusive creeps!” during the second Sit-In for Student Safety.  Around...


Austin Chamber of Commerce announces new homelessness coalition

Graysen Golter and Sara Johnson November 8, 2019

The Austin Chamber of Commerce announced a new coalition Thursday to provide temporary shelter and resources for people who are homeless. The coalition, known as ATX Helps, is attempting to raise $2...


Austin launches webpage to track electronic cigarette lung injuries

Graysen Golter November 5, 2019

The Austin Public Health department launched a webpage on the Austin government website last Wednesday to track the current trend of lung injuries related to electronic cigarettes. According to the...


Moped rental company brings 1,000 mopeds to Austin

Graysen Golter November 4, 2019

A moped rental service activated 1,000 mopeds in Austin Friday as part of a partnership with the Austin Transportation Department. Frank Reig, the CEO and co-founder of the New York-based transportation...


One year after boil water notice, Austin releases corrective action reports

Graysen Golter October 30, 2019

One year after the Austin Water Utility issued a boil water notice due to flooding from the Colorado River, Austin partnered with Travis County to evaluate how the city can improve its response to similar...


Environmentalists protest pro-fossil fuel industry lecturer

Graysen Golter October 29, 2019

Protesters stood outside the Mulva Auditorium Monday holding signs reading “People and Planet Before Profit” and “100% Renewable” in protest of a fossil fuel industry supporter’s...


Austin parking app charges users for months of missed fees

Graysen Golter October 23, 2019

An Austin parking app began charging customers last week for months of delayed transactions. Park ATX could not properly charge all customers for their parking fees because the app was in a testing...


Early voting begins in Austin for amendments, city propositions

Tori May and Graysen Golter October 21, 2019

With 498 amendments passed since 1876, Texas voters can approve up to 10 more Texas Constitutional amendments starting Monday. These amendments, which were proposed during last year’s legislative...


Austin City Council revises homelessness ordinances to limit public camping

Graysen Golter October 18, 2019

The Austin City Council approved an ordinance Thursday evening that will reinstate some limits on where people who are homeless can camp. In June, the council lifted a ban on homeless camping,...


Austin raises on-street parking meter rates to $2

Graysen Golter October 11, 2019

City parking meter rates will rise to $2 per hour starting Oct. 14, Austin Transportation announced Monday.  Austin City Council approved raising the rates from $1.20 an hour downtown and...


Travis County records highest number of registered voters

Graysen Golter October 7, 2019

Travis County broke its own record last week after recording the highest number of registered voters for the upcoming election cycle. As of Oct. 2, the number of registered voters in Travis...


Austin Public Health announces several cases of lung injuries related to e-cigarettes in Travis County

Graysen Golter October 4, 2019

Austin Public Health announced last week that it would be investigating several cases of lung injuries related to electronic cigarettes in Travis County.  The announcement follows a statement...


Austin City Council approves hotel tax funding for live music

Graysen Golter October 4, 2019

The Austin City Council approved a new ordinance last month that will give a financial boost to Austin’s live music industry. “We will not remain the live music capital of the world if we...

The Latinx Wave2019-09-28_Latinx_wave_Blaine

Panelists discuss Latino voter mobilization, immigration at Texas Tribune Festival

Graysen Golter and Areeba Amer September 29, 2019

The Latinx community is becoming more politically involved during Donald Trump’s presidency, said Ana Maria Archila, co-executive director of the Center for Popular Democracy. Reflecting on the...


Austin, San Antonio mayors discuss the politics of fighting homelessness

Graysen Golter September 28, 2019

Considering citizen reactions to Austin City Council’s recent moves to amend policies on homeless camping, Austin Mayor Steve Adler said he has “never felt more encouraged” to end homelessness...


Austin City Council approves vacating Red River Street for new University arena

Graysen Golter September 26, 2019

The Austin City Council approved an ordinance last Thursday to vacate a portion of Red River Street for its realignment and the construction of a new University arena. The University and the city...


Austin City Council delays vote on changes to homelessness ordinances

Graysen Golter September 21, 2019

After three days of discussion and testimonies from dozens of citizen speakers, Austin City Council motioned Friday to delay voting on updates to the homelessness ordinances. Since Wednesday, the council...


Trump administration plans to ban flavored e-cigarettes

Graysen Golter September 17, 2019

The Trump administration announced Sept. 11 that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is readying to ban flavored electronic cigarettes from the market in light of cases of sickness and death related...


2020 Democratic presidential candidates debate health care, gun violence in Houston

Graysen Golter and Victoria May September 13, 2019

Ten Democratic presidential candidates took the debate stage Thursday evening to discuss issues such as gun control, immigration and health care. The debate at the historically black Texas Southern...


Former CIA director, US Special Operations commander host panel to discuss counterterrorism

Graysen Golter September 11, 2019

United States foreign policy needs to include a greater focus on partnering with countries known to have issues with terrorist groups and stopping young people from joining them in the first place, former...

get here atx_2018-04-02_Buses_Joshua

Austin Transportation launches new website to provide resources

Graysen Golter September 10, 2019

The Austin Transportation Department launched a new website last week to help people easily access sustainable transportation resources. The new website,, compiles information about...


Monthly energy bills for Austin Energy customers may increase

Graysen Golter September 6, 2019

Austin Energy customers may see their monthly energy bills increase starting in November. After increased temperatures in Texas and the elimination of a previous large over-recovery, Austin Energy proposed...


Texas cancer institute awards UT researchers roughly $5 million in funding

Graysen Golter September 6, 2019

The Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas awarded roughly $5 million in grants to several UT researchers to advance scientific understanding of cancer and aid in its prevention. The institution...

weed city council_2019-09-04-THC_City_Council_Eddie

Austin Judicial Committee meets to discuss THC testing and enforcement

Graysen Golter September 4, 2019

The Austin Judicial Committee met with public testifiers Tuesday to discuss improving THC testing after the Texas Legislature legalized hemp in June with House Bill 1325. HB 1325 differentiates between...


Mayor Adler hosts press conference to discuss new memo on homelessness

Graysen Golter August 30, 2019

Mayor Steve Adler met with reporters at a press conference Friday afternoon to discuss a new memo addressing Austin City Council’s recent resolution on homelesness, which restricts camping times...


More than 800 new Texas laws will go into effect in September

Graysen Golter August 30, 2019

Texas citizens will soon have to abide by 820 new laws, including some which will impact sexual misconduct, alcohol delivery and driver’s licenses.  The bills, which were passed during the...


Mayor Adler, APD Chief Manley discuss homelessness solutions with panelists

Graysen Golter August 30, 2019

Mayor Steve Adler, Austin Police Chief Brian Manley and several experts and advocates met on-campus Thursday evening to discuss solutions for homelessness in Austin. During the panel at the Lyndon B....


LBJ School of Public Affairs opens lab to solve urban challenges

Graysen Golter August 26, 2019

The LBJ School of Public Affairs has established a “do-tank” lab to develop solutions for issues affecting urban communities in Texas and the rest of the world.  At the LBJ Urban Lab,...


Higher education board commissioner steps down, talks challenges, achievements

Graysen Golter August 22, 2019

College preparation and financial aid for middle class students need to improve statewide, a Texas higher education official said Wednesday while discussing the organization’s challenges. Raymund...


UT-Austin alumnus Alan Stern talks about NASA Kuiper Belt mission

Graysen Golter April 29, 2019

The Kuiper Belt lies at the edge of our solar system and contains celestial bodies such as comets, asteroids and ice rocks. Alan Stern, lead principal investigator of the National Aeronautics and Space...

Lorraine_Branham_courtesy of Colin Davy | The Daily Orange

UT-Austin school of journalism remembers former director Lorraine Branham

Graysen Golter April 22, 2019

Lorraine Branham, former director of UT’s School of Journalism, died April 2 at age 66, prompting current faculty to reflect on her achievements and work at UT. Branham’s career in reporting...


Dell Medical School hosts health conference to improve local health

Graysen Golter April 15, 2019

Dell Medical School hosted the “Global to Local” conference Saturday to discuss applying health care solutions from around the world to Travis County. “Dell Medical School …...


UT game development students express concern amidst industry working conditions

Graysen Golter April 8, 2019

UT students studying in the Game Development and Design Program have expressed concern for working conditions in the video game industry. Recent reports about the video game industry have brought several...


UT’s Alternative Breaks presents immigration findings from McAllen trip

Graysen Golter April 1, 2019

Alternative Breaks, a student organization dedicated to social issues, hosted a presentation Sunday to explain their findings regarding immigration after a student trip to McAllen, Texas. The trip consisted...


Ron Stallworth, author behind ‘BlacKkKlansman,’ gives talk at UT

Graysen Golter March 27, 2019

Ron Stallworth, the best-selling author whose story is the basis for Spike Lee’s film “BlacKkKlansman,” spoke Tuesday at the Student Activity Center. Hosted by the Texas Politics Project,...


Black Studies hosts conference as part of 50th anniversary

Graysen Golter March 14, 2019

The Black Studies @ 50 Conference: 1968/1969 will take place today and Friday to explore the legacy of the African-American experience at UT. The conference celebrates the 50th anniversary of the establishment...


Award-winning writer Lawrence Wright gives talk on the future of Texas and America

Graysen Golter March 8, 2019

Lawrence Wright, a writer for The New Yorker and a Pulitzer Prize winning author, made a visit to UT on Thursday evening to talk about Texas, its culture and its role in the future of America. A Texas...


Former First Lady Michelle Obama talks family, life in spotlight during Austin stop of ‘Becoming’ book tour

Graysen Golter and Nicole Stuessy March 1, 2019

While growing up in the south side of Chicago, Michelle Obama said she didn’t realize her family was poor. “When you live in a house full of love, music and laughter, you feel like you’re...


UT hosts screening of award-winning documentary, discussion with defense lawyer

Graysen Golter February 14, 2019

UT treated attendees to popcorn, a special screening of award-winning film “War Don Don” and a discussion with a human rights lawyer on Wednesday.  Marking Rebecca Richman Cohen’s...

UT, A&M sports clubs compete for most food donations, A&M leads ahead

Graysen Golter December 6, 2018

Beyond the football field and the basketball court, UT is lagging behind Texas A&M University in at least one regard this holiday season: food donations.  Throughout November, the UT and...


‘You don’t have to be in this one little box’: Austin Drag queen reads picture books for children, students

Graysen Golter November 28, 2018

Drag queen Tatiana Cholula visited the Perry-Castañeda Library on Tuesday for an atypical performance: reading picture books to children and their parents. To celebrate National Picture...


Award-winning playwright shows off documentary, archive

Graysen Golter November 12, 2018

Tony and Emmy Award-winning playwright and LGBTQ activist Terrence McNally visited UT Sunday to screen a documentary about his life and to display selections from his career archive. Some of McNally’s...


Conservative and liberal speakers discussion attempts to bridge political divide

Graysen Golter October 31, 2018

Media personalities Guy Benson and Dylan Marron visited UT Tuesday to discuss bridging the divide in American politics and fostering civil engagement. At the event “People First Politics:...

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