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Vaccine-weakened video editor rambles nonsensically about his basement family

Vaccine-weakened video editor rambles nonsensically about his basement family

Jackson Barton May 4, 2021

My left arm hurts. Miguel, a nurse at vaccine station #27 in Gregory Gym, gave me my second COVID-19 vaccine shot a couple of days ago. The soreness I’m feeling is a constant reminder that this awful,...


‘It’s not a risk I want to take’: 30% of University Extension students face testing uncertainty

Jackson Barton April 3, 2020

Editor’s note: This story is part of The Daily Texan’s coverage of how coronavirus concerns are affecting UT-Austin. Read the rest of our coverage here. While all enrolled undergraduate...


Students adjust to campus scooter rules during fall semester

Jackson Barton August 26, 2019

Besides being fun to zoom around on, dockless electric scooters help students like Cassidy Pena get to class on time. Unable to bike because of her asthma, Pena said she criss-crosses the Forty Acres several...


Looking back on first full year with scooters on campus, how the money will be spent

Jackson Barton May 9, 2019

More scooters on campus means more money for the Department of Parking and Transportation Services. The department has made more than $329,500 from issuing permits to five scooter companies since April...


New buildings in West Campus to double in height, add more affordable housing

Jackson Barton May 8, 2019

New housing units in West Campus could soon rival the UT Tower and the State Capitol in terms of height, as long as developers add more affordable housing. Allie Runas, electrical and computer...


Rape kit backlog forcing city to look outward, victims notified years later

Jackson Barton May 3, 2019

Austin Police Department’s thousands of backlogged rape kits have been tested, but still need to be reviewed and entered into the Combined DNA Index Systems, the FBI’s national DNA database....


Students displaced for months after Avon @22nd hit construction delays

Nicole Stuessy and Jackson Barton April 25, 2019

Expecting to live in a new apartment building, mathematics sophomore Nanor Asadourian and her roommate signed a lease with Avon @22nd last May for the 2018-2019 term. They never moved in. Asadourian...


Overlapping plans delay improvement along Guadalupe and North Lamar streets

Jackson Barton April 19, 2019

Parts of the City’s Corridor Mobility Project have hit a stand still due to Capital Metro’s Project Connect. While the Drag is currently ready for construction, mobility and safety...


State senate passes anti-hazing bill following deaths of three Texas students in past two years

Jackson Barton April 15, 2019

Texas’ laws defining hazing have not been changed in over a decade, but now, state lawmakers say they are facing pressure following deaths of three Texas college students — including former...


UT swimmer receives deferred adjudication for trespassing charge

Jackson Barton April 11, 2019

Finishing fifth in the 100-yard backstroke, economics senior Ryan Harty helped his team take second place at the 2019 NCAA Division 1 Men’s Swimming and Diving Championship. Less than one week later,...


President Greg Fenves approves changes to athletics council that critics said would damage student representation

Jackson Barton and Chase Karacostas April 10, 2019

UT President Gregory Fenves recently approved a policy some students have said would hurt their voice and influence on the Intercollegiate Athletics Council. Current and former members of the Council...

HOMELESS_ReneeKoite_Homeless-01 copy

Homeless population in Austin reaches largest since 2011

Jackson Barton April 4, 2019

Three months ago, more than 500 volunteers scoured the city before dawn to count every single individual experiencing homelessness.  The number of people experiencing homelessness in Austin increased...


Center for Sustainable Development presents year-long Austin Convention Center report

Jackson Barton April 3, 2019

The original Austin Convention Center was considered the edge of the city when it was built in 1992 on the corner of Cesar Chavez and Red River, according to a recently released UT report. “The...


West Campus dorms enhance security ahead of Roundup

Jackson Barton March 28, 2019

Architecture freshman Jacob Levy had never heard about Roundup until his dormitory in West Campus asked him to wear a wristband for four days to enter his dorm. Roundup is an annual social event hosted...


UT announces 8 mph speed limit for dockless e-scooters in campus areas with heavy pedestrian traffic

Jackson Barton March 25, 2019

Dockless electric scooters from companies such as Lime, Bird, Jump and Lyft will be limited to 8 mph in campus areas with heavy pedestrian traffic starting Tuesday, according to a campus-wide email sent...


Educators and families rally for increased pay for all school staff

Jackson Barton March 12, 2019

During her time teaching in San Antonio, Gabrielle Garcia said she often supported her students struggling with financial hardship.  “We just had to go and buy shoes for two of my students...


‘This home … has built who I am as a person today:’ North Campus Avalon Co-op to close after 24 years

Jackson Barton March 7, 2019

The Avalon Co-op was the first place where Anna DePenning felt at home since leaving her childhood home. “This home has changed me so much and has built who I am as a person today, and there’s...


Texas court eliminates portion of Texas Open Meetings Act

Jackson Barton March 5, 2019

In a 7-2 ruling Wednesday, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals erased a significant provision in the Texas Open Meetings Act. The provision, which made it a crime for public officials to deliberately avoid...


Austin ISD approves revision to sexual education curriculum

Jackson Barton February 26, 2019

Luke, an electrical engineering sophomore, realized he was gay his freshman year of high school. When it came to topics such as sexually transmitted diseases, the only health resource he had was the internet....


Bicycle Advisory Council recommends University make immediate changes to San Jac corridor, establish timeline

Jackson Barton February 21, 2019

Reading off the eight names of the cyclists killed on Austin roads since their last meeting, James Lentz said the mood at the Bicycle Advisory Council meeting felt noticeably more frustrated than...


West, North campus, downtown receive fewer affordable housing units

Jackson Barton February 20, 2019

Tess Finnerty and her roommates signed a lease at a large apartment complex in West Campus earlier this year. She wasn’t surprised the cost came out to over a thousand dollars each month. “It...


College Student Commission struggling to retain members, hold meetings

Jackson Barton February 11, 2019

International relations junior Pablo Pratt used to commute 40 minutes to campus each day for class. Now, with his license suspended, Pratt is enrolled in all online classes because he has no reliable means...

hate_EmmaOverholt_Hatecrimes-01 copy

Almost half of Austin hate crimes last year were anti-black

Jackson Barton February 8, 2019

Recalling an event from his freshman year, when champagne bottles were hurled from a balcony at a black student while white students shouted racial slurs, Joshua Ellis described a hate crime data set released...


Austin City Council unanimously approves independent evaluation of APD’s handling of rape cases

Jackson Barton February 4, 2019

The bright yellow bandannas from the #WeBelieve campaign that were wrapped around Austin City Council members’ mic stands stood out as an uncommon gesture of support Thursday as the Council listened...


Facing decreased B-Cycle ridership, Bike Share of Austin deploys sit-down electric scooters

Jackson Barton January 29, 2019

Alap Davé was waiting for a green light while on a Lime scooter at the intersection of Guadalupe and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. when he swapped his scooter with another rider to try out an OjO...


Lower speed limits, impoundings in the future for dockless scooters on campus

Jackson Barton January 24, 2019

Getting to class on a dockless electric scooter could soon take almost twice as long due to new policies outlined in a campus-wide email. Based on recommendations made by a campus work group, an email...


Austin B-Cycle ends free student membership after University refuses funding operating costs

Jackson Barton January 23, 2019

Students who signed up for the formerly free Austin B-Cycle student membership will be out $1 when they wake up Wednesday. Elliott McFadden, Austin B-Cycle executive director, said the nonprofit will...


Student company ‘Clean ‘Em’ advances to semifinal of national competition

Jackson Barton January 22, 2019

A year ago, finance senior Juan C. Merlo and his roommate, finance senior Alan Aziz, were living in a trashed apartment after a back-to-school party. Out of this grew the inspiration for their contract...


A ‘Transformative Gift’: business honors alumnus gives back with 20 million donation to program

Jackson Barton December 3, 2018

More than 400 people attended a ceremony at the McCombs School of Business on Friday afternoon to recognize a $20 million donation from Philip Canfield, Business Honors Program alumnus, and his wife Mary...


Total scooter injuries likely underreported by city healthcare providers

Jackson Barton November 27, 2018

Sam Landingham remembers the Monday afternoon when he rode home from a friend’s house on a Lime scooter. Cruising at 15 miles per hour without a helmet past the San Antonio parking garage, Landingham...


UT community celebrates coming home during Diwali

Jackson Barton November 15, 2018

For Hindus, Diwali is an annual celebration of good conquering evil in the epic “Ramayana.” In the epic’s climax, Rama defeats the demon king Ravana and returns home. The story can be interpreted...


‘We can see your racist side’: Students protest self-proclaimed British nationalist Katie Hopkins

Jackson Barton and Savana Dunning November 14, 2018

Update (Wednesday 2:24 p.m.): Four people were removed from the area by police before and after Hopkins’ speech Tuesday night, said UTPD spokesperson Noelle Newton. Prior to the event, one...

Guad Changes court Parking and Transportation Services

Delays, lane closures on the Drag due to surveying

Jackson Barton November 6, 2018

University Parking and Transportation Services sent out a notification Friday warning of potential traffic congestions and lane closures along Guadalupe due to roadwork during daytime hours this week....


Student cleaning service ‘Clean ‘Em’ aims to provide affordable rates, transparency while empowering cleaners

Jackson Barton November 5, 2018

After a pregame in his apartment, finance senior Juan C Merlo’s place was trashed, but the most affordable cleaning service he and his roommate could find was between $110 and $115. “We...


Jewish UT students organize candlelit vigil, mourn those killed in Saturday synagogue shooting

Jackson Barton October 31, 2018

As the UT tower bell tolled Monday night, students and faculty gathered at the banks of the Turtle Pond to read the names of the 11 Jewish lives lost on Saturday and light a corresponding candle for each. A...


2-year-old Sustainability Master Plan makes strides in athletics, energy

Jackson Barton October 23, 2018

The University successfully reduced energy use per square foot by 20 percent two years ahead of schedule.  This was just one of the goals of the Sustainability Master Plan, said Jim Walker, UT’s...


UT Union’s vendor voluntarily complies with food waste goals

Jackson Barton October 19, 2018

Austin’s Universal Recycling Ordinance, implemented Oct. 1, requires businesses to divert organic waste from landfills to places such as food banks, farms and compost centers. The ordinance impacts...

Tower_Falcon1018_RachelTyler(Tower Falcon)

Resident peregrine falcon “Tower Girl” hosts two other falcons sparking speculation in future of local population

Jackson Barton October 18, 2018

Perched atop the 307-foot UT Tower, “Tower Girl,” the University’s resident peregrine falcon, captivated bird enthusiasts with her first appearance in two weeks on Oct. 3, notably with...


Parking and Transportation Services impounds 39 scooters, fines companies

Jackson Barton October 12, 2018

While football fans cheer on the No. 9 ranked Longhorn football team this Saturday, Bird and Lime riders who park their scooters past Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium will have their scooters impounded....

Restaurants1008_JebMilling(RestaurantsDonateorCompostFood) copy

Food vendors required to keep food out of trash in new city ordinance

Jackson Barton October 8, 2018

As part of their plan to reduce waste sent to landfills by 90 percent by 2040, Austin Resource Recovery wants every food serving establishment to eliminate food waste from the trash. The latest phase...

Nobel_allison_james_Courtesy of_MD Anderson Cancer Center

Alumnus receives Nobel Prize for revolutionary cancer treatment

Jackson Barton October 2, 2018

Over 50 years ago, now-retired biochemistry professor Barrie Kitto nearly fired a 17-year-old James Allison from his dishwashing job after he caused an explosion while cleaning test tubes with a combustible...

Tenth Annual Suicide Prevention Week kicks off with meditation, resource fairs

Jackson Barton September 26, 2018

Meditating students were serenaded by the beat of Naya Jones’ drum as she told stories of her journey to Mexico on Tuesday evening at the Student Activity Center. Jones, a meditation guide, also...


Parking and Transportation Services to impound, charge fines for Bird, Lime scooters past gameday checkpoints

Jackson Barton September 21, 2018

Walking past Garrison Hall on her way to class, philosophy senior Daniela Caso stopped to take a picture of a dockless Lime scooter hung in a tree. “(The Lime app makes) you take a photo to make...

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