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Abbott denounces student petitions for ‘sanctuary campuses’

Jasleen Shokar December 2, 2016

Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted a statement Thursday denouncing colleges and cities who seek to declare sanctuary status and said he would suspend state funding to institutions that do.  The tweet came...


Students march in protest of election results

Jasleen Shokar November 10, 2016

More than 300 students spent over seven hours Wednesday protesting the election of Republican Donald Trump on campus and throughout downtown Austin.  The protest, one of many organized by college...


The Daily Texan conducts exit polls at FAC, University Co-op

Jasleen Shokar November 9, 2016

The Daily Texan conducted an exit poll of 300 voters at the FAC and University Co-op polling stations on Tuesday. According to our poll, 74.6 percent of respondents said they voted for Hillary...


The Daily Texan verifies claims from first presidential debate

Jasleen Shokar September 27, 2016

Jobs Clinton: “[If] his tax plan, which would blow up the debt by over $5 trillion, and would, in some instances, disadvantage middle-class families compared to the wealthy, were to go into effect,...

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Dallas police chief announced as commencement speaker

Jasleen Shokar September 17, 2016

Dallas Police Chief David Brown will serve as the commencement speaker for UT-Austin’s May 2017 graduating class, the University announced Friday. Brown, who is set to retire in October, accepted...


Study links government subsidized food to adverse health risks

Jasleen Shokar September 9, 2016

Increased consumption of calories from food subsidized by the federal government may increase the chances of diabetes, heart diseases or stroke, according to a study by the American Medical Association.  The...


Texas Wranglers’ new class runs 200 miles for charity

Jasleen Shokar and Paul Cobler August 29, 2016

The new class of Texas Wranglers for the Spring 2016 semester have dedicated their inaugural service project to the brother of one of their class members who passed away from cancer this past spring. The...

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Supreme Court rules in favor of race as admissions factor

Jasleen Shokar August 22, 2016

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of UT-Austin’s use of race as a factor in the admissions process in June. The ruling in Fisher v. University of Texas allows UT and other universities across...


Civilian Allen Crum assisted in ending Tower shooting

Jasleen Shokar August 1, 2016

A group of students crowded around a boy being dragged across the ground, as more joined to watch. Across the street at the University Co-op, Allen Crum, the first floor supervisor, took notice and assumed...


Officer who shot sniper remembered by daughter as a family man

Jasleen Shokar August 1, 2016

Houston McCoy, one of the Austin police officers who shot the sniper atop the University of Texas Tower 50 years ago, is remembered by his daughter as a humble man. Monika McCoy, now an APD officer...


APD to fully implement first wave of body cameras

Jasleen Shokar July 20, 2016

The Austin Police Department will be outfitting 500 police officers with body cameras over the next three months.Austin City Council approved a contract with Taser International, the company that will...


UT Baptist Student Ministry holds prayer vigil for victims

Jasleen Shokar July 12, 2016

The Longhorn Baptist Student Ministry held a prayer vigil in honor of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and the Dallas Police on Monday night. Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were both fatally shot...


Attorney comments on professors’ campus carry lawsuit

Jasleen Shokar July 11, 2016

Professors Mia Carter, Jennifer Lynn Glass and Lisa Moore said the campus carry law, passed in 2015 and set to go into effect Aug. 1, would restrict the freedom of their classroom discussions and...


Texans react to Supreme Court ruling against abortion restrictions in HB 2

Jasleen Shokar June 28, 2016

The U.S. Supreme Court struck down key provisions in the Texas Omnibus Abortion Bill, known as HB 2, on Monday. In a 5-3 decision for the case Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, Justice Stephen...


Supreme Court strikes down HB 2 requirements in victory for abortion rights activists

Jasleen Shokar and Lillian Michel June 27, 2016

In a 5-3 decision in the case Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that certain requirements in the Texas Omnibus Abortion Bill, known as HB 2, place “undue...

abortion clinics

SCOTUS to rule on Texas abortion clinic law

Jasleen Shokar June 27, 2016

The Supreme Court of the United States is expected to rule on a Texas abortion law known as HB 2 on June 27. In the case, Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, the plaintiff is arguing the key...

Britain leaves the EU, UT students gain hands-on experience during Maymester

Jasleen Shokar June 24, 2016

The citizens of United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union in a highly contested referendum Thursday.   The nation was split over the potential of a British Exit from the EU, or Brexit,...


Marriage equality anniversary marked as LGBT community looks forward

Jasleen Shokar June 20, 2016

On June 26, 2015, across the nation, rainbow flags were waved and couples wed, after the 5-4 decision in Obergefell v. Hodges was announced. Justice Kennedy wrote for the majority decision stating,...


Flash floods prompt safety advice from city officials

Jasleen Shokar June 20, 2016

Heavy rainfall and flooding in the past month have led to several incidents of drowning in Austin-area waterways.   As a result, a watercraft ban was instituted on Lake Austin, Lady Bird...

News- Hazourdous Counties

Obama approves federal disaster grants for 12 Texas counties

Jasleen Shokar June 19, 2016

President Obama accepted Governor Abbott's request for Individual Assistance for 12 Texas counties because of heavy rainfall and flooding in the past month. The counties included in this declaration...


Vigil held for Orlando victims attended by mayor, APD, gay activist groups

Jasleen Shokar June 13, 2016

At the intersection of 4th and Colorado streets, in front of Rain, a gay nightclub, a community vigil was held Sunday night to honor the victims of the Orlando, Florida shooting, which happened early Sunday...


New dean prioritizes issues of diversity and equity in medical school

Jasleen Shokar May 3, 2016

René Salazar, the new assistant dean for diversity at Dell Medical School, plans to open an office for diversity and make it an important aspect of the school’s mission.  The...


Chancellor’s letter pleads for release of sick prisoner

Jasleen Shokar April 29, 2016

A statement from Chancellor McRaven and President Fenves pleading for the release of former UT graduate student was announced Monday. Omid Kokabee has been imprisoned in his home country of Iran since...


Co-op CEO George H. Mitchell retires

Jasleen Shokar April 26, 2016

Students, faculty and alumni raised their glasses to toast the departing president and CEO of the University Co-op, George H. Mitchell, on Monday night at an awards ceremony for academic excellence at...


Competition showcases Asian culture, raises money for charity

Jasleen Shokar April 22, 2016

UT students jumped and slid across the stage in unison before a deep red backdrop as Drake’s “Big Rings” blasted around the auditorium, and the crowd roared deafeningly. The Eta chapter...


Study highlights correlation between motherhood, lifetime income

Jasleen Shokar April 20, 2016

Women who wait to have children until after their 30th birthday are more likely to earn a higher lifetime income, according to a recent study.  The Washington University in St. Louis study, which...


Archaeologists unearth rare Etruscan text at Italy site

Jasleen Shokar April 13, 2016

Archaeologists uncovered a slab of stone containing rare text in the ancient language of Etruscan north of Florence, Italy, on the Poggio Colla site.   Michael Thomas, professor and director of...


Party control, enforcement structure have waned, according to New York Times reporter

Jasleen Shokar April 8, 2016

The UT Center for Politics and Governance hosted national political correspondent Jonathan Martin of The New York Times on Thursday to speak about the presidential election. “This campaign is...


Students host former Nike worker to raise awareness for inhumane sweatshops

Jasleen Shokar April 5, 2016

The UT chapter of United Students Against Sweatshops hosted a event yesterday featuring former Nike worker and workers’ rights advocate Noi Supalai.   Supalai worked in a Nike facility in...


Students seek more affordable housing

Jasleen Shokar March 30, 2016

A new housing complex funded through a partnership with the city of Austin aims to provide more affordable housing options.  The Mueller Affordable Homes Program is a project that strives to give...


Joke petition garners thousands of signatures

Jasleen Shokar March 25, 2016

A petition to President Barack Obama to replace the Church of Scientology on Guadalupe with a HEB has gone viral on social media. Electrical and computer engineering freshman Abhishek Deb started the...


Stress levels rise as debts do for law students

Jasleen Shokar March 22, 2016

A report issued by the Indiana University Center for Postsecondary Research revealed there has been an increase in debt-related stress in the past decade among graduate law students in the United States...


Candidates should be more realistic in economic proposals, professor says

Jasleen Shokar March 8, 2016

During the election season, many candidates promise economic prosperity in their budget proposals­ — but voters don’t usually think about whether a plan is feasible, one UT professor argues.  In...


Rescued roosters put up for adoption

Jasleen Shokar March 4, 2016

The Austin Animal Center will put 26 roosters rescued from a cockfighting ring up for adoption starting March 8.  The birds were discovered after a call was made to the Travis County Sheriff's...


Center for Transportation Research partners with City to solve transportation problems

Jasleen Shokar March 1, 2016

The City of Austin announced a five-year partnership with UT’s Center for Transportation Research on Thursday that will aim to solve Austin’s transportation problems. The center will assist...


Center for Arts and Entertainment Technology hosts launch event

Jasleen Shokar February 26, 2016

Live sound mixing, video game displays and a whizzing 3-D printer accompanies finger food and a dark room illuminated by streaks of fuchsia stage lights.  Students from the Center for Arts and...


Moody college Dean to focus on students and college experience

Jasleen Shokar February 23, 2016

The University announced Monday that Jay Bernhardt has been appointed the new dean of the Moody College of Communication. Bernhardt has served as the interim dean to the college since Sept. 1 and...


UT faculty, students use Beyonce video to explore race, feminism

Jasleen Shokar February 16, 2016

When Beyoncé released her new song “Formation” with an accompanying video and performed it at the Super Bowl last week, she danced her way straight into classrooms, too. University...


UT partners with online education platform Kadenze to facilitate classes

Jasleen Shokar February 15, 2016

UT-Austin will be offering courses that focus on art and technology on an online platform developed to make these classes more available to students.  Kadenze is an online platform for arts and...


UTeach Institute focuses on new AP course and Computer Science education for teachers

Jasleen Shokar February 9, 2016

High schools across the country will soon introduce a new computer science course to their curriculums, thanks to an initiative by the University’s UTeach program. UTeach, a program that encourages...


UT students to teach, film dance inspired by Bernie Sanders

Jasleen Shokar February 2, 2016

On Feb. 2, a group of students will premiere their choreographed dance moves inspired by presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and film a music video called “Do the Bernie Sanders.”  UT...


UT students aim to educate, sell fresh vegetables in first farm stand of the year

Jasleen Shokar January 26, 2016

Students from the UT Microfarm will sell produce on a weekly basis for the first time this year. The microfarm, a student-run project focused on producing locally grown food using sustainable farming...


UT students head to College Station to showcase SpaceX pod design

Jasleen Shokar January 22, 2016

A group of UT undergraduates known as the 512 Hyperloop Team has created a design of a Hyperloop pod, or high-speed transportation system, and will present it in College Station next weekend. “The...

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