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RTF alumnus and professor assist in creating short film for SCALEAfrica

Joan Vinson November 15, 2012

Professors and an alumna from the radio-television-film department teamed up with a nonprofit to help create a short film that showcases a remodeled and expanded school in Mfuwe, Zambia. Erinn McGurn...

Local temperatures drop, forecasts predict freeze

Joan Vinson November 13, 2012

A cold front blew into Austin on Monday and will leave lows approaching freezing until Thursday. In Austin the high temperatures will be in the 60s and lows in the 30s and 40s through Thursday, with wind...


Celebrity Culture class spurs YouTube video garnering millions of views

Joan Vinson November 6, 2012

When the role of a UT student’s dog in her video “Ruff Dog Day” helped attract more than 1.4 million viewers, a communications professor found the perfect example of entertainment circulation...

Austin Police Department laws enforced, alternative transportation provided for Halloween

Joan Vinson October 31, 2012

Austin police, Capital Metro and University officials will be working to ensure students have a safe Halloween this year by strictly enforcing driving laws and providing alternative transportation. The...

UT partners with iTunes U, offers free educational resources

Joan Vinson October 30, 2012

UT will make lectures and course materials available for free in its new partnership with Apple’s iTunes U, which already offers more than 500,000 educational resources. The iTunes U platform allows...

Professors use technology to engage students

Joan Vinson October 29, 2012

Some UT professors are integrating technology and online tools like social media with traditional teaching methods to encourage participation and performance in class. Psychology professors Sam Gosling...

Butlers contribute to Ballet Austin

Joan Vinson October 23, 2012

To help remove boundaries that prevent aspiring dancers from continuing their training, patrons of UT’s Sarah & Ernest Butler School of Music donated $250,000 to Ballet Austin’s Trainee...


Fair use is a tool that should be used with caution

Joan Vinson October 18, 2012

The concept of fair use often allows students to include copyrighted material in their academic work despite laws that might otherwise prohibit its use. Georgia Harper, scholarly communications advisor...


Landmarks program promotes interaction with art

Joan Vinson October 17, 2012

Much of UT’s public art takes on abstract forms, and a tour Tuesday offered insight into the artists and histories of the pieces. Zack Smith, docent and studio art junior, gave a tour Tuesday,...

Film paints artwork’s legal battle

Joan Vinson October 15, 2012

A film by a UT professor reframing the journey of a stolen painting could motivate museums to confirm the art hanging on their walls does not belong to anyone else. More than 10 years ago, Egon Schiele’s...

Pflugerville to provide benefits for same-sex partnerships

Joan Vinson October 10, 2012

The Pflugerville Independent School District will offer insurance benefits to same-sex and heterosexual domestic partners, benefits which UT-Austin employees are not eligible for. A staff insurance...

Visiting lecturer presents research on negative advertising’s effect on memory

Joan Vinson October 5, 2012

The unintended messages portrayed by the media play a larger role in an audience member’s memory than the intended ones, according to a Cornell University assistant professor. The Department of...


BikeUT to install new bike racks to relieve overcrowding

Joan Vinson October 1, 2012

Bike racks at UT have become overcrowded, forcing the University to install new racks across campus in the coming weeks. The influx of a larger freshman class this semester has created a larger demand...

UT is caught up in the sweeping entrepreneurship program frenzy, ranking in fifth place for their graduate entrepreneurship program

Joan Vinson September 27, 2012

Groups designed to help young companies get their feet off the ground are on the rise in Austin, and UT is in the mix. The Princeton Review and Entrepreneur magazine ranked a UT graduate entrepreneurship...


Annual festival brings together quilt artists

Joan Vinson September 17, 2012

Quilts hung from every corner at the Capital of Texas QuiltFest depicted different types of Texas wildflowers this past weekend, but a closer inspection also revealed stories of the artists who created...

Announcement of UT medical school ignites health care reflections

Joan Vinson August 29, 2012

UT President William Powers Jr. has shared his health care story to add a personal voice to discussions about a planned medical school in Austin. As a 35-year Austin resident, Powers stresses the importance...


Austin City Council approves ACL extension

Joan Vinson August 27, 2012

Austin City Council approved the extension of ACL Aug. 16 after C3 Presents, the entertainment planning company that produces ACL, and the City of Austin finalized negotiations. The expansion will bring...


Some UT services evade common knowledge; take advantage of scholarship!

Joan Vinson August 6, 2012

With 40 acres and more than 50,000 enrolled, UT students seem to fall into a routine and allow many services to fly under the radar. Take advantage of what UT has to offer by using and attending some of...


Chemistry and physics students to save money on textbooks

Joan Vinson August 6, 2012

This fall, some chemistry and physics students won’t have to wait in line at the University Co-op for their intro-level textbooks, as professors are opting for online teaching materials instead of...

ACL producers, city council to vote on possible festival extension [UPDATED]

Joan Vinson July 30, 2012

Update at 7:45 p.m., Aug. 2 - The Austin City Council postponed voting  Aug. 2 on the agreement to extend ACL Music Festival. This agreement with ACL producer C3 Presents will instead be voted on...

New online degree offered by engineering school

Joan Vinson July 27, 2012

Individuals no longer have to be physically present in the classroom to acquire a UT master’s degree in engineering management. Beginning next month, students will be able to obtain this degree entirely...

St. David’s Foundation donates $2 million to UT School of Social Work

Joan Vinson July 24, 2012

An increased need for bilingual health care workers in Central Texas prompted a Texas organization to donate more than $2 million to the UT School of Social Work to attract bilingual students into the...

UT almnus’ photography exhibition explores perception

Joan Vinson July 20, 2012

With the click of a button and a desire to unravel his personal intricacies, UT alumnus Colin Doyle contrived a series of five photographs titled “An Inquiry Concerning.” The AT&T Executive...

AP_APTOPIX Obama 2012_admi (1)

Obama to attend fundraiser at Austin Music Hall to gain further support for reelection campaign

Joan Vinson July 17, 2012

President Barack Obama is traveling to the Republican stronghold of Texas Tuesday to promote his policies, raise funds and experience a country music performance. Obama is coming to Austin to raise money...

Grant awarded to UT Electromechanics may result in gasoline-free future

Joan Vinson July 15, 2012

The UT Center for Electromechanics, a center which specializes in energy storage and power-generating machines, is expected to receive $4.3 million from the U.S. Department of Energy to further research...


Regents’ meeting to decide radio station’s purchase

Joan Vinson July 10, 2012

The UT community and the city of Austin may encounter a different tune the next time they switch their radio to KUT’s 90.5 station if the UT System Board of Regents approves the buyout of a new station. The...

UT selects interim dean for School of Undergraduate Studies

Joan Vinson July 4, 2012

Although the hunt for a permanent dean for the School of Undergraduate Studies continues, Associate Dean Lawrence Abraham will take over as interim dean beginning Sept. 1. Abraham was appointed by President...

UT mourns the death of student studying abroad

Joan Vinson July 3, 2012

A UT student died while studying abroad in the Czech Republic this past June. The cause of death is currently unknown. Rising philosophy freshman Bradford Lanier Killen, 18, died June 23 while studying...


Tournament showcases UT’s robot coding

Joan Vinson June 29, 2012

A series of UT robots faced off against robots from around the world in a tournament evaluating their vision, movement and soccer skills. Called UT Austin Villa, the robots and their creators scored a...

Weather spawns cricket infestation

Joan Vinson June 25, 2012

If Austinites don’t watch their steps this summer, they may end up crushing a cricket. However, chances are another one will quickly take its place. High rainfall earlier this year and hot temperatures...


APD requests multi-million-dollar helicopter to aid in public safety missions

Joan Vinson June 23, 2012

Austin Police Department has requested a brand new helicopter to help fight crime and lend a hand to Austin Fire Department. APD officials asked City Council for a new helicopter June 21 to use in land...

Public forum discusses changes in Texas energy production, consumption

Joan Vinson June 16, 2012

Key changes to energy consumption and production could transform energy processes in Texas, energy experts said Thursday. The Texas Observer held a public forum June 14 at the Lyndon B. Johnson School...


Texans attempt to reduce light pollution, see stars

Joan Vinson June 12, 2012

Austinites may see their sky darken over the next two years due to a new policy enacted by Austin City Council which will replace traditional bulbs around the city with new ones to save energy. To minimize...


Arpeggio’s Grill closes Drag location

Joan Vinson June 8, 2012

Family owned and operated Arpeggio Grill closed the doors to its Guadalupe Street location on June 1 after opening in the summer of 2010. Struggling against the fierce competition of other restaurants...

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