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Grammy U: Summit prepares college students for music industry

Kayla Jonsson April 30, 2012

Sixty students interested in the music business received the opportunity to meet some big names and get advice about the field. Grammy U, an organization created by The Recording Academy to prepare college...


Greek life helps unify minority students

Kayla Jonsson April 26, 2012

Editor's note: This story is the second in a series exploring race, racism and diversity on the UT campus. Biology senior Candrea McMillian came to UT a few years ago without any friends or family,...


Simplified recycling bins hope to reduce downtown waste

Kayla Jonsson April 26, 2012

The city has started a new program for downtown businesses that simplifies recycling with hopes of decreasing waste. City service provider Austin Resource Recovery unveiled a new recycling program last...


Student starts own West Campus real estate business

Kayla Jonsson April 23, 2012

By age 17, Richie Gill, Plan II and economics junior, knew he did not want to work under a boss for the rest of his life. So while still in high school, Gill earned his real estate license and started...


Forty Acres Fest offers break from end-of-semester rush

Kayla Jonsson April 16, 2012

Rather than rushing from class to class with books in hand, students strolled campus from booth to booth with prizes in hand down the South and East Malls. The 20th annual Forty Acres Fest Saturday hosted...

Need for organ donors increases

Kayla Jonsson April 13, 2012

As the list of patients needing organ transplants increases, so does the need for more organ donors. Organ donor numbers are not increasing, though, said Michelle Segovia, Texas Organ Sharing Alliance...


Texans protest burro endangerment

Kayla Jonsson April 9, 2012

With dreams of wild burros roaming safely in West Texas, residents traveled halfway across the state to protest at the Capitol. The Wild Burro Protection League organized the “March for Mercy,”...

SG bill to implement fluoride filters

Kayla Jonsson April 6, 2012

To protect the health needs of more students, Student Government is working on a plan to implement safer drinking water. Student Government passed a bill last week to install fluoride filters on at least...

Downtown grocery will use parking for new patio

Kayla Jonsson April 2, 2012

Hoping to create a more comfortable pedestrian environment downtown, Royal Blue Grocery plans to convert parking space into business space. The city’s one year pilot plan to allow the Royal Blue...


Hertz Foundation awards two UT women with prestigious fellowship

Kayla Jonsson April 2, 2012

After sifting through 600 applicants from across the nation, the Fannie and John Hertz Foundation named two UT students as 2012 Hertz Fellows. Biomedical engineering senior Kelly Moynihan and Plan II...


Town Lake waives dog adoption fees

Kayla Jonsson March 29, 2012

Town Lake Animal Center is waiving dog adoption fees in an attempt to encourage adoption and prevent euthanasia. Thirty dogs were moved from the Austin Animal Center to the Town Lake Animal Center last...

Texas trails close for spring while endangered birds mate

Kayla Jonsson March 23, 2012

Some central Texas trails are closing for the spring to protect an endangered bird species’ mating season. The golden-cheeked warbler is a small endangered songbird found only in central Texas because...

Central Texas trails are closing to protect endangered birds

Kayla Jonsson March 22, 2012

Some Central Texas trails are closing for the spring to protect an endangered bird species during their mating season. The golden-cheeked warbler is a small endangered songbird found only in Central Texas...


Avoid accidents with these bicycle safety tips

Kayla Jonsson March 21, 2012

With around 3,000 students zipping around campus on bicycles every day, crashes are common, but also avoidable with the proper safety precautions. There have been nine reported bike crashes on campus...

South By Southwest aids Austin economy

Kayla Jonsson March 9, 2012

In a time when many cities across the U.S. are struggling financially, South By Southwest brings economic relief to Austin. SXSW’s total operations injected more than $167 million into Austin’s...


Jalah Goette to serve as TSM acting director

Kayla Jonsson March 8, 2012

Texas Student Media assistant director Jalah Goette will serve as interim TSM director until someone is selected to permanently fill the position, the TSM Board of Trustees decided Wednesday. Goette’s...

Austin icon heads to hospice care while friends fundraise

Kayla Jonsson March 6, 2012

After 25 years of strolling around the streets of downtown in women’s clothing and heels, the iconic vagrant Leslie Cochran remains in critical condition. Leslie was found unconscious Feb. 16 on...

Local libraries celebrate Dr. Seuss’ 108th birthday

Kayla Jonsson March 5, 2012

The 108th birthday of the late Dr. Seuss sparked celebrations and excitement for the children’s book author. Bee Cave Public Library held the seventh annual “Seuss on the Loose” Saturday...


Bus-riding population grows, leads to overcrowding

Kayla Jonsson March 2, 2012

Despite limited funds, the Capital Metro transit system is attempting to ease concerns of overcrowding on UT shuttles and city buses. Capital Metro, the system that runs UT’s shuttles and city buses,...


Austin City Council to impose ban on plastic, paper bags

Kayla Jonsson March 2, 2012

After five years of discussion, an ordinance banning disposable bags in Austin passed at about 2 a.m. today. The ordinance will take effect March 1, 2013 and will prohibit plastic bags and paper bags...


Lakes still suffering from drought despite heavy rain

Kayla Jonsson March 1, 2012

Although recent rain in Central Texas is steadily filling drought-stricken waterfronts, the lakes and related businesses are still a long way from stabilizing. Because the Lower Colorado River Authority...

UT vice president calls Borders’ resignation a failure to communicate

Kayla Jonsson February 28, 2012

Kevin Hegarty, University vice president and chief financial officer, admitted a “flat out failure” in communication between the University and Texas Student Media Board of Trustees prior to...


Leffingwell kicks off re-election campaign ‘Ferris Bueller’ parody

Kayla Jonsson February 27, 2012

Mayor Lee Leffingwell launched his re-election campaign with an homage to his favorite movie, “Ferris Bueller's Day Off.” The Leffingwell campaign hosted a kickoff party Saturday night....


Increase in truck thefts linked to border trafficking

Kayla Jonsson February 24, 2012

Austin Police officials are urging large truck owners to take extra safety precautions due to an increase in thefts since Jan. 1. Austin police detective Brent Mullinix said 70 trucks have been stolen...

Proposal to sell Texas Student Media properties cause agitation among UT students and staff

Kayla Jonsson February 22, 2012

Texas Student Television and the KVRX 91.7 staff members are upset by a proposal to sell the stations in an effort to combat the Texas Student Media’s deficit. Former Texas Student Media director...

Fallout from Texas Student Media Director’s resignation to be handled by new spokesperson

Kayla Jonsson February 21, 2012

The University administration has named a new point person to deal with the fallout from the resignation of former Texas Student Media Director Gary Borders. Kevin Hegarty, UT’s vice president...


UT student resources for safe walk home

Kayla Jonsson February 17, 2012

Staying out late studying or spending time with friends is an inevitable way of life for many college students, but when the work is done and the party is over, sometimes the long walk home alone in the...

Student media director asked to resign

Kayla Jonsson February 17, 2012

Former Texas Student Media director Gary Borders said Thursday that his Feb. 8 resignation came under pressure from the office of the Vice President of Student Affairs rather than because of personal reasons...

Austin Energy finances wall art for Seaholm Power Plant

Kayla Jonsson February 15, 2012

Funding combinations and proper budgeting have enabled Austin Energy to finance Austin’s most expensive public art project to date. Despite a three-year deficit forcing a raise in electric rates...


New regulations force Occupy to change its strategy

Kayla Jonsson February 14, 2012

Occupy Austin and City Hall are reassessing tactics and regrouping after the eviction of the protest Feb. 3. A new city policy enacting a curfew at City Hall between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. and banning tents...

Database will track prescription drugs

Kayla Jonsson February 9, 2012

The process of “doctor shopping,” or when patients see multiple doctors to be re-prescribed medication without the previous doctor’s knowledge, will become more difficult for prescription...


Austin nonprofit proposes low-income apartments downtown

Kayla Jonsson February 8, 2012

The first low-income resident apartment complex in the heart of downtown may soon begin construction, which will provide a refuge for Austin’s starving artists and those looking to get back on their...


Ailing animals found hoarded in Austin home

Kayla Jonsson February 7, 2012

Fifty six hoarded animals were found in one Austin house last week, leaving two animal centers to scramble for funds and supplies to rehouse and recuperate the furry companions. Austin Animal Services...


Occupy protestors evicted following policy revision

Kayla Jonsson February 6, 2012

After four months of 24-hour protesting at City Hall, Occupy Austin protesters were forced to leave City Hall Friday night. The eviction is the result of a revised building use policy approved by city...

Occupy Austin Members Forced off City Hall Grounds

Kayla Jonsson February 4, 2012

Members of Occupy Austin were forced to leave City Hall Friday night at 10 p.m. The eviction is the result of a revised building use policy approved Friday by city manager Marc A. Ott. According to the...


With energy efficient neighborhood, students can do real-world research

Kayla Jonsson February 2, 2012

A green energy research company working directly with the University will soon relocate to an energy-efficient neighborhood one-and-a-half miles from campus. Pecan Street Inc., a research and development...


Program installs bike-sharing kiosks throughout Austin

Kayla Jonsson February 1, 2012

Austinites will soon have a new way to travel around downtown through the upcoming Bike Share Program between a local bike shop and a city organization. The program began in December when the Capital...


City council proposal approves increase in greywater systems

Kayla Jonsson February 1, 2012

Single-family residences in Austin will have the opportunity to implement greywater systems to increase conservation and lower costs under a new city council proposal. Properly designed greywater systems...


Former student to run for mayor

Kayla Jonsson January 30, 2012

Inspired by his experiences with courts and the law, 25 year-old Nicholas Lucier said he will run for mayor of Austin this May. Lucier however, has almost always been on the wrong side of the law in court,...

Women’s hospital relocates to St. David’s Medical Center

Kayla Jonsson January 27, 2012

Women seeking gynecological services from Austin Women’s Hospital will be referred to St. David’s Medical Center beginning Feb. 9. The hospital, previously run by the UT Medical Branch on...

Rescheduled primaries to affect student voter turnout

Kayla Jonsson January 25, 2012

If the Texas primaries are rescheduled because new district maps are not agreed upon in time, students who leave town after the semester’s end may be unable to vote. The primaries are at risk of...


Upcoming hostel brings positive feedback

Kayla Jonsson January 24, 2012

By this summer, downtown Austin will have a new place for tourists, musicians and students to stay on the cheap. Firehouse Hostel co-founders Kent Roth and Collin Ballard, both Austin natives, said renovations...

Austinites to suffer higher energy bill

Kayla Jonsson January 19, 2012

If City Council members approve a proposal to increase Austin utility and energy rates, UT students and city residents may face an increase in electricity bills. Austin Energy has presented to City Council...


Occupy Austin plans to expand because of loss of momentum

Kayla Jonsson January 18, 2012

As temperatures decrease, so do the number of Occupy Austin protestors willing to demonstrate outside City Hall, said Caitlin Pigford, 16 year-old protester on the verge of homelessness. In its fourth...

Barbarella manager refutes bar’s homophobia accusations

Kayla Jonsson January 17, 2012

Claims of homophobic bouncers at the downtown Austin bar Barbarella appear to be only a personal vendetta, Barbarella General Manager Harvey Graham said. The claim stems from an incident in the early...


Dublin Dr Pepper legacy comes to an end

Kayla Jonsson January 17, 2012

Austin restaurants and UT students are preparing for the loss of a beloved Central Texas beverage, the iconic Dublin Dr Pepper. When customers order a large Dublin Dr Pepper at P.Terry’s, they will...

Facebook discusses Timeline feature, ‘likes’

Kayla Jonsson December 1, 2011

Although a “dislike” button is not expected to be implemented to the Facebook page, Facebook account manager Brian Wheeler said members can expect great changes in the near future. Austin...

Occupy protesters shift to Capitol grounds

Kayla Jonsson November 28, 2011

Occupy Austin protesters challenged authorities within hours of expanding from City Hall steps to the Capitol grounds Saturday. Many protesters made the move to the Capitol as a result of the Oct. 30...

Kids, parents donate at Christmas parade

Kayla Jonsson November 28, 2011

Despite rain on the parade, families showed up on Congress Avenue on Saturday to kick off the Christmas season and donate toys to less fortunate children. Chuy’s Mexican restaurant sponsored the...

Ex-council member educates on LGBTQ issues

Kayla Jonsson November 17, 2011

UT alumna and former Student Government president Randi Shade served on the Austin city council from 2008 to 2011 and worked under three different governors, in addition to serving on several committees...

Research shows fracking may not contaminate ground

Kayla Jonsson November 10, 2011

There is no direct link between fracking and contamination of groundwater, according to preliminary results of a study by UT’s Energy Institute. Hydraulic fracturing, known as fracking, involves...

Study shows students gain less than 15 pounds freshman year

Kayla Jonsson November 3, 2011

First-year students concerned about the infamous “freshman 15” can rest a little easier, according to a study by Ohio State University. The 7,418 young people in the study showed an average...

Senator promotes development of medical school

Kayla Jonsson November 3, 2011

A Texas senator said talk of UT collaborating with the Seton Family of Hospitals corporation to build a new medical campus is possibly one of the biggest ideas to come to Austin since UT was built. Texas...

Musicians play peers’ compositions, revitalize classics

Kayla Jonsson October 27, 2011

The Butler School of Music is attempting to refresh classical music by creating new pieces instead of replaying centuries old works, said Zack Stanton, assistant director of New Music Ensemble. The New...

Slim Thug breaks down music business

Kayla Jonsson October 24, 2011

  Rapper Slim Thug took the glamour out of the music industry by portraying the business side of his career during a Q&A session on Saturday. The Q&A, hosted by GrammyU, a student organization...

Martial arts group Capoeira Angola holds roda

Kayla Jonsson October 24, 2011

UT’s Capoeira Angola group met Saturday at the Austin Recreation Center for their October roda. Capoeira is a combination of dance, music, martial art and game that has been passed verbally through...

Keyboard player treats audience to light show

Kayla Jonsson October 13, 2011

As studio art graduate student Ezra Masch tapped the buttons on his keyboard, 73 colorful lights corresponding to the notes flooded the Visual Arts Center. The keyboard performance was only one element...

Leadership Initiative group determined to stop Texas Aggie Conservatives

Kayla Jonsson October 13, 2011

UT and Texas A&M have long been rivals on the athletic field, and now a group of UT students have established a political rivalry as well. Members of the University Leadership Initiative, a UT student...

Nonprofit gets grant to assist homeless

Kayla Jonsson October 6, 2011

The Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation is attempting to prevent homelessness in Austin through a $50,000 grant to the nonprofit organization Green Doors. Green Doors strives “to end homelessness...

Students celebrate Rosh Hashanah

Kayla Jonsson September 29, 2011

Students and community members celebrated the first day of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, Wednesday night at UT’s Rohr Chabad Jewish Center. Rabbi Zev Johnson said he expects approximately...

Children lead to weight gain

Kayla Jonsson September 29, 2011

According to a study conducted by UT’s Population Research Center, weight gained during the time of pregnancy can last more than just nine months and affects both mothers and fathers. A study by...

New supercomputer to be built on campus

Kayla Jonsson September 22, 2011

[Corrected Sept. 22: Removed last two graphs] UT’s Texas Advanced Computing Center plans to build a supercomputer with state-of-the-art computing and visualization capabilities as part of a National...

Raising fish in captivity could save coral reefs

Kayla Jonsson September 22, 2011

The amount of healthy coral reef has taken a dive toward the deep end, but scientists are attempting to help it make a comeback. Breeding ornamental fish in captivity is becoming a more popular way to...

Engineering tuition may rise to improve school’s rankings

Kayla Jonsson September 15, 2011

Tuition may increase by 5 percent for engineering students in the 2012-13 school year if a proposal by the Tuition Policy Advisory Committee passes in March, said the dean of the Cockrell School of Engineering. The...

Union ‘Wendy’s Guy’ inspires students from behind the register

Kayla Jonsson September 15, 2011

Junior, “The Wendy’s Guy,” celebrated both his 13th anniversary working at the Wendy’s in the Texas Union and his six-year anniversary of breaking a fast food world record at the...

Professors find iClickers useful classroom tools despite cheating

Shane Miller and Kayla Jonsson September 8, 2011

The increasingly popular clicker device has been used as a tool for cheating rather than learning, according to several UT students and professors. About the size of a TV remote, clickers are used to...

Children of immigrants face tough challenges, lecturer says

Kayla Jonsson September 6, 2011

Children of immigrants living in America face separate language barrier and racism challenges than their parents did, a UT professor said last week. Part of a seminar series in the Department of Human...

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