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UT Austin’s inventors, 1000 patents strong, celebrate World Intellectual Property Day

Kevin Dural April 26, 2019

World Intellectual Property Day, observed annually on April 26, honors the inventors behind the innovative technology used in daily life. The day highlights the impact of UT’s inventors, which...


Startup founded by UT professor receives $80 million to research fighting cancer with immune system

Kevin Dural April 9, 2019

An $80 million partnership between engineering professor George Georgiou’s research company Kyn Therapeutics and biotechnology company Celgene will study a new treatment for cancer — the human...


UT researchers find that speaking clearly helps listener better retain what was said

Kevin Dural December 6, 2018

A team of UT researchers found that speaking clearly allows for better information recall in listeners, with results that can be applied in academic, health and scientific settings. Rajka Smiljanic,...


UT researchers solve 400-year mystery of debated authorship using new psychological-language analysis

Kevin Dural November 30, 2018

No researcher could say for certain whether 17-century playwright Aphra Behn wrote five plays considered to be scandalous and revolutionary for women at that time. The authorship of “The Woman Turned...

CRISPR 1115_AlbertLee(CRISPR) copy

Researchers unearth mysteries behind natural ‘DNA scissors,’ CRISPR

Kevin Dural November 15, 2018

Clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats, CRISPR, is a family of DNA sequences naturally found within unicellular organisms such as bacteria. The sequences provide considerable advantage...


Proposed Space Force unlikely to immediately impact plans of current ROTC cadets

Kevin Dural November 12, 2018

The United States Space Force (USSF), a proposed branch of the U.S. Armed Forces,  will be established in 2020, according to a plan announced by Vice President Mike Pence in August. However, cadets...

Invetor_courtesy_ofBetsy Merrick

Professors Gary Pope and Livia Eberlin honored at the 8th annual Inventor Awards

Kevin Dural November 12, 2018

The Office of Technology Commercialization at UT hosted its 8th Annual Inventor Awards on Thursday, recognizing the 2018 Inventor and Emerging Inventor of the Year. Petroleum Engineering professor Gary...


UT computer science researcher awarded grant from Department of Defense

Kevin Dural October 25, 2018

Computer science researcher Keshav Pingali, alongside others at Yale University and Texas State University, was the recipient of a $5 million grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. DARPA...


Webber Energy Group’s new twitter posts historical facts on energy

Kevin Dural October 19, 2018

Professor Michael E. Webber’s @EnergyHistory gives you a daily dose of energy. The Webber Energy Group, a UT mechanical engineering research group headed by Webber, director of the Energy Institute,,...


UT wins first place in MedHacks competition at John Hopkins

Kevin Dural October 12, 2018

A team of three UT-Austin students placed first in the world’s largest medical hackathon, Medhacks, hosted at Johns Hopkins University. Teams of students and professionals from across the country...


Austin Energy to increase frequency, efficiency of electric car charging stations

Kevin Dural October 8, 2018

A surge in electric car usage among Austinites has spurred investment in charging stations and could accelerate the presence of electric transportation on UT-campus.  Travis and Williamson counties...


UT tech entrepreneurs: ‘Austin breaks the rules’

Kevin Dural September 28, 2018

Austin was ranked the 19th best city in the United States for tech jobs, according to an analysis by Student Loan Hero. The findings were based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The study...

Barrier_0503_DianeSun_coral copy

Great Barrier Reef corals may survive for another century despite rapid climate change

Kevin Dural May 3, 2018

Great Barrier Reef corals may not be in as much danger as scientists originally predicted — at least for now — due to their genetic variation. Although environmental pressures such as rising...

venus_0420_GeoCasillas_Venus copy

Venus may have been more friendly to life in the past

Kevin Dural April 20, 2018

A couple billion years ago, Venus may have looked a lot more similar to how Earth looks today. According to Matthew Weller, an institutional postdoc at UT’s Institute for Geophysics, along with...


UT-Austin’s ‘Big Bertha’ drum literally has a radiant past

Kevin Dural April 12, 2018

Students who tuned into a recent showing of HQ Trivia, a mobile game show where viewers can participate in a trivia game using their smartphones, may have been surprised to find out that UT-Austin owns...

Sessler, Jonathan_court_of University of Texas_ 20163063

UT chemistry professor fights back against cancer

Kevin Dural April 10, 2018

As an undergraduate student at the University of California, Berkeley, cancer drug researcher Jonathan Sessler was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Sessler ultimately beat the disease, and now...

mcdonald_0405_MadiBeavers copy

McDonald Observatory and National Park Service team up to expand skywatching programs

Kevin Dural April 5, 2018

The McDonald Observatory is teaming up with park rangers at the National Park Service to show off another natural wonder to park visitors: the night sky.   According to Marc Wetzel, the observatory’s...


Our brains change as we learn, according to researchers

Kevin Dural March 9, 2018

Learning can result in the increase of how much information our brains can hold, researchers have found. Researchers at UT-Austin, the Salk Institute for Biological Studies and the University of Otago...

Where people live influences how the talk about food on the internet

Kevin Dural March 2, 2018

The way we talk about food depends on where we live, according to a study by UT researchers. Psychology postdoctoral student Kate Blackburn and psychology postdoctoral student Ryan Boyd have discovered...


Postdoctoral fellows Wu and Rizzuto receive 51 Pegasi b Fellowship

Kevin Dural February 15, 2018

Two UT postdoctoral fellows will shoot for the moon, thanks to a prestigious fellowship. Ya-Lin Wu and Aaron Rizzuto from the UT Department of Astronomy received the prestigious 51 Pegasi b Fellowship....


Inventor Spotlight: Grey’s Anatomy features a real-life UT invention

Kevin Dural February 14, 2018

In case you missed last week’s new episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” the fictional doctors of Seattle Grace Hospital praised a very real ground-breaking invention from UT researchers. ...


Researchers look to the stars this summer in search of extraterrestrial life

Kevin Dural January 25, 2018

Does life exist on other planets? Leading researchers across multiple disciplines at UT-Austin are coming together in an effort to settle this question once and for all. The Office of the Vice President...

UT-Austin alumna and former FRI students wins medical research fellowship

Kevin Dural December 7, 2017

UT-Austin stays true to its motto: What starts here changes the world. One alumna and former Freshman Research Initiative student is realizing this motto by winning a fellowship at a top medical institute. Lynne...

Telescope_1130_Courtesy of Giant Magellan Telescope Organization

UT-Austin and Giant Magellan Telescope Organization begin casting fifth of seven mirrors

Kevin Dural November 30, 2017

Weighing upwards of 150 tons and 25 meters in diameter, the Giant Magellan telescope will not be your average backyard telescope. In early November, UT-Austin joined other universities to initiate the...

UT-Austin alumnus develops social media platform for sports events

Kevin Dural November 16, 2017

A team including UT-Austin alumnus Harry Hoffman has developed a sports social media platform to connect fans at the stadium. Fandom, Inc., the business created by Hoffman, is behind the development of...

Stone, Williams, receive Emerging Inventor, Inventor of the Year awards

Kevin Dural November 14, 2017

Two UT-Austin researchers have been recognized for their work in improving cellular response to cancer and making drugs more soluble for absorption within the body. Everett Stone of the Department of...


Austin-based health data company vitaTrackr focuses on patient medical record control

Kevin Dural November 2, 2017

Health data company vitaTrackr wants to give patients control of their medical records.  Founded in 2011, vitaTrackr moved to Austin in 2015. CEO Brian Baum said that America lacked an independent...


UT professors awarded $4.6 million by National Institutes of Health

Kevin Dural October 20, 2017

The National Institutes of Health awarded UT professors Yuebing Zheng and Xiaolu Cambronne with the NIH Director’s New Innovator Awards on Oct. 5, which include a research grant of $2.3 million each. NIH...

Google’s new downtown office embraces diversity, weirdness of Austin

Kevin Dural October 13, 2017

Google is expanding its Austin office to 10 floors and revamping the workplace with modern, stimulating architecture. According to Jason Stanford, communications director for Austin Mayor Steve Adler,...

Apple and ACC launch new app development program

Kevin Dural September 25, 2017

In conjunction with Apple, Austin Community College is launching a new application development program aimed at educating the next generation of coders and developers. The curriculum, designed by Apple,...

Could Austin be home to Amazon’s next headquarters?

Kevin Dural September 25, 2017

In a press release, Amazon announced its intentions to open a new, second headquarters equal in size to its current one in Seattle.  The online commerce giant will invest $5 billion in the new...

New startup app UNIBEES offers food deals, student connection center

Kevin Dural September 8, 2017

People are buzzing about a new startup application called UNIBEES, a nationwide, one-stop-shop for deals and free food and aimed at college students. Founded in 2016, the app simplifies the way students...


Demo Day showcases undergraduate startups

Kevin Dural May 3, 2017

UT undergraduate entrepreneurs will get the chance to pitch their startups to the public this Thursday. Demo Day, hosted by the Longhorn Startup Lab, will last from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Lady Bird Johnson...

Austin high schooler seeks to get more women involved in STEM

Kevin Dural April 24, 2017

Local high schooler Akshara Anand believes ensuring gender diversity in STEM fields starts as early as middle school.  Anand, a junior at Austin’s Liberal Arts and Science Academy, recently...

UT professor, co-inventor of lithium-ion battery develops groundbreaking technology

Kevin Dural March 24, 2017

John Goodenough, UT electrical engineering professor and co-inventor of the lithium-ion battery, has helped  create a more efficient, solid-based battery.  Goodenough headed a team of electrical...

app_Courtesy of Xiaoyi Zhang

Microsoft mobile app allows people with ALS to speak

Kevin Dural March 10, 2017

A new application called GazeSpeak will allow people to “speak” with their eyes.  The application aims to allow those affected by motor neuron diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis,...

chariotbelltower_courtesy of Chariot

Chariot offers new mobility options for Austinites

Kevin Dural March 3, 2017

Your chariot awaits: A new mobility service uses 14-seat vans to make getting around Austin easier. Chariot, a mobility app and company founded in 2014, recently expanded from San Francisco to Austin....


Texas Board of Education votes on evolution curriculum

Kevin Dural February 17, 2017

The Texas Board of Education plans to hold a final vote to update evolution curriculum. Last Friday, the board voted to approve changes to the evolutionary curriculum taught in classrooms across Texas....

“STEM the Divide” looks to get scientists elected

Kevin Dural January 27, 2017

As science issues come to the forefront of American politics, one interest group plans to support STEM professionals running for office. Created by the nonprofit 314 Action, “STEM the Divide”...


Spitshine Poetry hosts poetry open mic night for students

Kevin Dural January 26, 2017

Spitshine Poetry, the only poetry club on campus, hosted an open mic night Wednesday where students were free to come and share their own work to an audience of students and other poets. “I’ve...

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