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air bud feature (not the dog) Courtesy of Rankin White

UT student doubles as pilot, perseveres to fly planes

Landry Allred May 8, 2019

Nothing can stop Jack Bane from pursuing his passion to fly planes — not parents, money or flying 2,400 miles solo in a small aircraft. Since he was 12 years old, Jack, now a biology and Spanish...


Vampire Weekend’s Father of the Bride examines state of the world, religion

Landry Allred May 6, 2019

In a world of imperfection, Vampire Weekend’s Father of the Bride looks at society’s demise through exploration of religious aspects and musical experimentation. Before rising to fame, Vampire...

catfish bottleman review Courtesy of Universal Music Operations Limited

Catfish and the Bottlemen’s ‘The Balance’ sacrifices creativity for formula

Landry Allred April 29, 2019

If there was an equation for alternative rock hits, Catfish and the Bottlemen would nail it every time. Before performing across Europe and the U.S., Catfish and the Bottlemen formed 12 years ago in...

short_0425_CameronDehghani(ShortPeople) copy

Live music falls short in accommodating for height

Landry Allred April 25, 2019

When Samantha Diwa attended her first indie rock concert in Austin, she was excited until, standing at 5 feet, 2 inches tall, her head barely met the shoulders of the person in front of her. Living...


Students share picnic experiences for National Picnic Day

Landry Allred April 22, 2019

All it takes is a blanket, food, friends and the outdoors to enjoy picnics. In honor of National Picnic Day on April 23, students share their picnic experiences in Austin. Nursing senior Madison Leonard...


Q&A: ROC Nation CEO Jay Brown discusses experience in music industry

Landry Allred April 19, 2019

Jay Brown, CEO of entertainment company ROC Nation, visited UT on April 17 to talk about his career experience and successes as the final VIP Distinguished Speaker of the semester. ROC Nation represents...


UT professors, filmmakers discuss how film soundtracks affect perception

Landry Allred April 18, 2019

People watch films such as “Guardians of the Galaxy” or “Baby Driver,” but few understand how the music impacted their perception of the film. Though music may often go unnoticed...

CLEAN_CAUSE_clean cause_courtesy of CLEAN Cause-Alice Rabbit

Former drug addict helps others using his experience, yerba mate company

Landry Allred April 16, 2019

Five years ago, Wes Hurt struggled with addictions to cocaine, opiates and alcohol. Today, he runs a company that helps others recovering from addiction. In 2014, Hurt founded CLEAN Cause, an Austin-based...

walking_0412_CameronDehghani(PurposelessWalking) copy

Purposeless walking supports mind, body

Landry Allred April 12, 2019

There’s a science to walking for leisure. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adults who walk for transportation, fun or exercise increased 6% in five years from 2005...


Austin Ninjas provides ninja training for adults, children

Landry Allred April 9, 2019

To the left of the room, an adult sprints up a warped wall, grabbing a handle hanging from the ceiling. To the right, a child grabs two ropes hanging from a bar and swings his arms to move his body across...


Couple shares bagel-based, missed connection love story

Landry Allred April 4, 2019

Brianna McKinney and Israel Uballe didn’t know bagels and a Facebook post could lead to love until last spring. Recently celebrating their one year anniversary, the couple has been together since...


Hozier harnesses passion in Austin performance

Landry Allred April 3, 2019

Following his recent album release “Wasteland, Baby!” at the beginning of March, Hozier was quick to jump on the tour bus. Musician Andrew Hozier-Byrne, professionally known as Hozier, performed...


YouTuber Adam Neely explores language as universal music

Landry Allred March 16, 2019

Recent neuroscience research discovered people perceive musical rhythm similarly to how they perceive language patterns, but what does that mean for artists? Adam Neely, a bassist and YouTuber, spoke...


Rop Pope explores cryptocrime, sharing techniques for prevention

Landry Allred March 15, 2019

If cryptocurrency claims to be the most secure currency, why does cryptocurrency theft continue to occur? At SXSW this afternoon, Rob Pope, co-founder of the mobile app development company Dogtown Media,...


Songwriter and artist Ross Golan explores pop music components, history

Landry Allred March 15, 2019

From the Gregorian chants of monks in 800 A.D. to Lil Dicky’s rapping in 2019, the history of music has shaped what society calls pop music today. Ross Golan, a songwriter, artist and podcast...


Pandora Radio’s product manager explores challenges in music recommendations, classifying music

Landry Allred March 15, 2019

When a user asks their device to play alternative rock, how much of the music their device plays is actually alternative rock? Evan Paul, Pandora Radio’s product manager on the music recommendation...


Library empowerers bring up new frontier of music collections across nation

Landry Allred March 15, 2019

A sense of community filled the room as library empowerers chatted before a panel of representatives from libraries across North America and waited to hear how libraries have become prevalent in the local...


Music video producer for A$AP Rocky and Tyler, The Creator discusses music video revolution

Landry Allred March 15, 2019

With the release of innovative music videos from A$AP Rocky and Tyler, The Creator, Tara Razavi, the executive producer at Happy Place, discussed the music video revolution. Cherie Hu, a reporter for...


TESS mission team talks discoveries of planets outside solar system

Landry Allred March 14, 2019

Space aficionados filled the Manchester Ballroom at the Fairmont Austin hotel to hear about the discovery of planets outside the solar system. Last spring, NASA launched the Transiting Exoplanet Survey...

war_of_kindness_Courtesy of Jamil Zaki (credit to Sarah Deragon)

Psychology professor from Stanford speaks on how empathy can mend our broken society

Landry Allred March 12, 2019

People filled the ballroom of the Hilton Austin Downtown Hotel, waiting to hear about empathy’s short supply yet extreme importance. Jamil Zaki, a psychology professor from Stanford University,...


BeBop Sensors give a hands-on experience for users at SXSW

Landry Allred March 10, 2019

SXSW visitors gathered around a table in the trade show center, waiting to try on what appears a simple, black glove. Little did they know, the glove provides an immersive experience with the digital environment...


Art directors share a look inside Pixar

Landry Allred March 10, 2019

Pixar lovers lined up outside the room hours before the event to hear art directors from Pixar Animation Studios spill secrets about the inner workings of animation. Pixar art designers Joshua Holtsclaw,...

MURICAIDOL_american idol_courtesy of Amber Deardoff

UT alumna tries ‘Idol’ a second time, turns humbling experiences into motivation

Landry Allred March 5, 2019

The crowd booed her off stage in elementary school when she performed The Cheetah Girls’ songs at a lip-syncing show. “American Idol” dismissed her after the group round at 17 years old....

HOZIER_hozier review_courtesy of Hozier

Hozier returns with new album expressing ideas of love, darkness

Landry Allred March 4, 2019

Hozier has always been one to speak out on love, but this time, he pairs it with the world’s brokenness. Five years since his last album, Hozier released his second album Wasteland, Baby! on Friday,...


Brain injury survivor turns experience, passion into reality

Landry Allred February 28, 2019

After his accident, Austin Morgan wasn’t expected to live, yet today he is a part of a nonprofit for people just like him. On July 6, 2014, neuroscience senior Morgan had a motocross accident,...

greenbelt kombucha_courtesy of timothy klatt

Greenbelt Kombucha promises accessibility, honesty to kombucha lovers

Landry Allred February 26, 2019

Valuing accessibility and honesty, a five-member team that includes three UT alumni promises to deliver just that to kombucha lovers. Greenbelt Kombucha was founded in the spring of 2018 by Nathan Klatt...


Growing up in bilingual households speaks volumes of hardships coming to UT

Landry Allred February 21, 2019

When accounting sophomore Marie Yamamoto was applying to UT, her parents were unable to help her because they lacked one thing — the ability to speak English fluently. Yamamoto’s experience...


Student helps create trailers for headlining artists at ACL, Lollapalooza, Voodoo

Landry Allred February 19, 2019

Each year, famous artists such as Bruno Mars and Paul McCartney wait in their specially designed trailer before performing onstage. Little do they know, architecture junior Amber Pufal is one of the brains...


Tinder serves as ultimate dating detector

Landry Allred February 13, 2019

How do you detect a partner desiring only a one-night stand from one desiring a long-term relationship? Tinder. For the past seven years, the infamous dating app, Tinder, has brought users entertainment,...

RECORDCOLLECTION_record collection_courtesy of Laura West

UT student keeps collection of vinyl records worth $12,600

Landry Allred February 12, 2019

Over a year’s worth of tuition in the form of records lies in Michael West’s home. For the past 10 years, architecture junior West has collected over 400 vinyl records ranging from Aerosmith...


‘You have to stand out’: Austin attorney David Komie ‘rocks’ — literally

Landry Allred February 6, 2019

By day, David Komie is co-founder and attorney for Komie & Morrow, LLP. By night, he’s the lead singer for his rock band Dharma Kings. For more than 40 years, Komie has played music since...


Student finds common ground between Bevo, Indian bull: Pride

Landry Allred February 5, 2019

What does a bull in Tamil Nadu, India, and a longhorn in Austin have in common? Pride. For the past year, Plan II pre-med senior Jana Dsouza has researched the famous bullfight called Jallikattu in...

BACKSTREET_BOYS_Backstreet-Boys review_courtesy of Dennis Leupold

Backstreet’s back with experimental album ‘DNA’

Landry Allred January 31, 2019

Backstreet’s back, alright! Six years of silence can’t stop the Backstreet Boys. Friday’s release of their tenth studio album DNA resurrected hints of their pop-ish edge that ushered...


Quadriplegic artist paints from the heart with his mouth

Landry Allred January 28, 2019

After a diving accident in 2000, Jared Dunten had to learn how to paint with a new tool — his mouth. When Dunten began working full-time at an advertising agency in Austin, he and his friend went...


Psychology explains difficulty behind keeping New Year’s resolutions

Landry Allred January 25, 2019

"New year, new me,” can be seen among Instagram captions and heard from café discussions in the midst of the new year, yet the phrase rarely rings true. People make resolutions...

waitress preview Courtesy Tim Trumble copy

‘Waitress’ musical brings new understanding of feminism

Landry Allred January 22, 2019

A story filled with pie, friendship and motherhood will penetrate the hearts of musical lovers this week in Austin. Lexus Broadway in Austin, presented by Texas Performing Arts, will host the musical...


Ceramic gnome named Taquito brings community, creativity to UT sports clubs

Landry Allred December 7, 2018

No one would expect a ceramic gnome named Taquito to bring so much joy to UT sports clubs until the day Taquito left the University Co-op to join a family of athletes in 2013. To this day, Taquito sits...


Sonja Kever’s oil portraits paint fresh perspective on homelessness in Austin

Landry Allred November 28, 2018

In 2015, Sonja Kever spent a year working on her Street Stories project, during which she painted 32 oil portraits of the homeless population in Austin. She raised over $27,000 through several events and...


Animatronic residing at UT brings President LBJ beyond the grave

Landry Allred November 19, 2018

In the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum, also known as the LBJ Presidential Library, visitors expect to see artifacts, letters and even photos of the 36th president himself. However, few expect...


Remaining moonlight towers shed light on Austin’s history

Landry Allred November 16, 2018

Seventeen moonlight towers remain standing in the world and all reside in Austin. However, few people know their history. These 165-foot-tall moonlight towers were the main sources of outdoor lighting...


Spirit group Texas Blazers to cultivate learning, diverse meals for Eastside

Landry Allred November 9, 2018

Since 1994, new inductees of Texas Blazers, a UT spirit group, have hosted service projects for the Austin community. This time, they aim to go green and expand student lunch options. This semester,...


Interactive pop-up art exhibit connects art to social media

Landry Allred October 31, 2018

This exhibit was created to be seen, photographed and even touched. The Art of Ice Cream Experience is unlike any other art exhibit. The Art of Ice Cream Experience, an interactive pop-up art exhibit...


Austin Detours brings immersive murder mystery experience to Sixth Street

Landry Allred October 26, 2018

Eight women ventured onto Sixth Street, questioned suspects and ultimately, solved a murder. Normally this happens on television, but visitors can experience it firsthand with the help of a live theater...


Local micro-home business aims to make smart houses intelligent

Landry Allred October 17, 2018

No one would have thought living in a dumpster for a year would spark a housing business — no one but Jeff Wilson. Wilson founded Kasita — a micro-home business based in Austin that manufactures...


Architecture sophomore shares how Egyptian Orthodoxy influences her life, work

Landry Allred October 10, 2018

As an architecture sophomore, Judy Labib creates things. She uses her hands, her mind and most importantly, her heritage. Labib grew up Egyptian Orthodox, and although she was not born in Egypt, she...


South Austin’s beloved dance hall closes, community reflects

Landry Allred October 1, 2018

A building with a dance floor, themed bars and a staff and customers who care — this is a place where memories are made, people reconnect and many famous artists such as Toby Keith and Brooks &...

Local artists to connect, convene at Asian Pacific American Artist Meet Up

Landry Allred September 26, 2018

When Yola Lu searched for an older Asian woman to cast as her mother in her web series, it proved to be more difficult than she imagined. Luckily for Lu and other artists like her, events are emerging...


With ‘Vibrant’ app, the mood ring goes digital

Landry Allred September 19, 2018

None of the students ever thought their class project would end up in the App Store. The Mobile App News Design course proved them wrong. Last spring, four UT students — Kaitlin Reid, Connor Leech,...


Representation for Asians in media expands, Austin responds

Landry Allred September 10, 2018

For most of her life, Angela Kang watched Asians in the media portrayed as the stereotypical nerd or computer genius, but with movies such as “Crazy Rich Asians” and “To All The Boys...

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