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Psychology students launch petition to raise their grades

Leila Ruiz May 1, 2014

While many students resign themselves to bad grades or use poor scores to motivate themselves to study harder for finals, students of Marlone Henderson’s Introduction to Psychology class started...

McCombs to host annual graduate student investment competition

Leila Ruiz April 30, 2014

The McCombs School of Business will host its annual Global Venture Labs Investment Competition, the oldest investment competition for graduate student entrepreneurs, Thursday through Saturday at the AT&T...


Egyptian-American journalist Ayman Mohyeldin discusses foreign correspondence career

Leila Ruiz April 25, 2014

Ayman Mohyeldin said he was a bored NBC news intern in the summer of 2001, questioning his career choice, until the attacks of 9/11 occurred. His life changed when a producer handed the Egyptian-born,...

Statistics will transform from a division to a department in August

Leila Ruiz April 24, 2014

The statistics division will become its own department in August, allowing the University to recruit tenure-track professors and more doctoral students. Currently, statistics professors’ appointments...


Faculty Council creates committee for technology and debates longer Thanksgiving break

Leila Ruiz April 15, 2014

Faculty Council voted Monday to create an oversight committee intended to allow faculty members to have a clearer stake and a better understanding in the use of technology in academia. Faculty members...

For students who must intern in order to graduate, a paycheck is not guaranteed

Leila Ruiz April 11, 2014

As former unpaid interns take major employers, such as Conde Naste and Fox Searchlight Pictures, to court for violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act, UT students must also consider working for free,...


UT’s first black students faced significant discrimination on the long road to integration

Leila Ruiz April 4, 2014

Leon Holland could live in the dorms but was not allowed to eat in any cafeterias. Holland could attend classes but could not take part in nearly any student organizations. He could cheer for his school’s...

During the Carter administration, integrating UT remained a work in progress

Leila Ruiz April 4, 2014

Although the Civil Rights Act was signed into law in 1964, full integration of Texas universities was still elusive well into Jimmy Carter’s presidential term. In February 1978, Joseph Califano,...

Twins study examines interaction of nature and nurture

Leila Ruiz March 28, 2014

A UT psychology research project aims to compile and study a diverse registry of twins in hopes of better understanding the balance between a child’s genetic makeup and their environment. The...


Former American Airlines President and CEO encourages persistence and integrity

Leila Ruiz March 26, 2014

Tom Horton, former president and CEO of American Airlines, spoke about his perspective on leadership Tuesday as part of the University’s VIP Distinguished Speaker Series.   Horton was...


Ransom Center undergoes exterior renovation

Leila Ruiz March 21, 2014

The Harry Ransom Center is currently undergoing exterior renovations, the first outdoor maintenance on the archive and museum building since it was built in the early 1970s.  The $400,000 project,...


UT basketball game in China expected to expand Longhorn brand

Leila Ruiz March 20, 2014

With the UT men’s basketball team scheduled to head overseas to play a regular season game in China in 2015 against the University of Washington, UT officials said they hope to strengthen and expand...

Government professor serves on presidential commission to make voting easier

Leila Ruiz March 18, 2014

In response to a Presidential Executive Order calling for an expert committee  to improve the voting prowess for citizens, government professor Daron Shaw surveyed local election officials throughout...


Dan Patrick, David Dewhurst to face off in run-off election in Republican lieutenant governor primary

HOUSTON — After a close and hard-fought primary election, state Sen. Dan Patrick, R-Houston, took a lead over incumbent David Dewhurst in the race for the Republican candidate for lieutenant...


UT official says new binge drinking game overshadows most students’ moderate drinking habits

Leila Ruiz February 28, 2014

While chugging a six pack in five minutes is not the average college party trick, the drinking game “neknominations” encourages students to do just that — on camera — to earn bragging...

UT balances quality with four-year graduation rates

Leila Ruiz February 26, 2014

While the University continues its push to increase four-year graduation rates, UT officials said high numbers of transfer credits present a challenge to ensuring students receive a quality education while...

Deaf researcher studies emergence of new signed language in Mexico

Leila Ruiz February 26, 2014

The National Science Foundation awarded a $15,107 grant to linguistics graduate student Lynn Hou to be used to research the emergence of a new signed language in the Oaxaca region of Mexico.  Hou...


Visiting law professor advocates for greater civil rights involvement in speech at LBJ School

Leila Ruiz February 20, 2014

In her Wednesday keynote address for the 18th Annual Barbara Jordan Forum at the LBJ School of Public Affairs, Harvard Law professor Lani Guinier said America must work together to protect current voting...


President discusses role of faculty input in curriculum technology integration

Leila Ruiz February 19, 2014

President William Powers Jr. said faculty input was a critical element of transforming undergraduate education at the University during a Campus Conversation with faculty in the Etter-Harbin Alumni Center...


Genes can suppress appetite-subduing hormones

Leila Ruiz February 14, 2014

Amid boxes of free pizza, nutritional science professor Molly Bray said some genes increase people’s inclination to be overweight by either giving greater satisfaction after eating or by suppressing...

2014-02-12_ Governor_Mengwen

Rhode Island governor blames increased partisanship for bad government

Leila Ruiz February 12, 2014

Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee said during a speech at the LBJ School of Public Affairs on Tuesday that the recently increased levels of partisanship in American politics have prevented politicians...

Columbia professor advocates drug education

Leila Ruiz February 7, 2014

Columbia University psychologist Carl Hart said decriminalizing drugs in the United States would do more good than continuing to fund costly drug prevention efforts at a speech Thursday sponsored in part...


Presidential photojournalist explores the evolving relationship between the White House and the media

Leila Ruiz February 5, 2014

Photojournalist Dennis Brack once spent an entire afternoon sanding holes into flowerpots before one of President Ronald Reagan’s state dinners — just to get the perfect shot.  Brack,...

University to launch updated data analytics system

Leila Ruiz January 31, 2014

The University’s Texas Advanced Computing Center will release a new, high performance visualization and data analytics system known as Maverick in February. Originally slated for deployment in...

Kinsolving Dining Hall, Jester City Limits stay open through Friday closures

Leila Ruiz January 27, 2014

Although classes and most University offices were closed Friday as a result of freezing temperatures and icy roads, on-campus dining options remained open in a limited capacity. Kinsolving Dining Hall...

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