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Jewish campus organizations — Chabad, Texas Hillel — help students cope with San Diego shooting aftermath

Libby Cohen May 8, 2019

Chabad Jewish Student Center and Texas Hillel, both Jewish campus organizations, are reassessing security measures following a shooting on April 27 in a synagogue in the San Diego area. Specific security...


Hey, Curious Capitol: What does the University of Texas’ lobbying effort look like?

Libby Cohen May 1, 2019

As the 86th legislative session reaches its final month, UT students work to influence lawmakers while the University stands neutral.  So, when one of our readers asked us, “What does UT’s...


Texas consent laws could soon cover alcohol use

Libby Cohen May 1, 2019

Currently, consent laws in Texas do not explicitly criminalize situations in which survivors are incapable of consent because of alcohol use.  A 2017 UT survey found 77% of sexual assault perpetrators...


UT gun violence prevention activists open up about harassment

Libby Cohen April 24, 2019

UT student activists supporting gun violence prevention have experienced frequent verbal and online harassment from the pro-gun community over the past couple years.  House Bill 357, which would...


Hey, Curious Campus: Why doesn’t UT have more comprehensive sex ed resources?

Libby Cohen April 22, 2019

Every UT student completes the sexual assault awareness modules and attends the consent theater performance at orientation. After that, UT does not provide any further mandatory sexual education requirements. So,...


Hey, Curious Campus: Here are quick answers to six of your questions

Libby Cohen April 18, 2019

The Daily Texan is committed to providing students with information about what’s happening on the Forty Acres and beyond. That’s why we introduced Curious Campus, where we answer reader-submitted...


Texas Constitutional Carry bill’s failure at Legislature opens campus gun control debate

Libby Cohen April 17, 2019

After an activist went to homes of lawmakers, state Rep. Jonathan Stickland, R-Bedford, withdrew House Bill 357 last week, which would allow Texans to openly carry a handgun without a permit.  Chris...


Speakers discuss representation at TEDxUTAustin conference

Libby Cohen April 8, 2019

Speaking to a crowd of about 300 people Saturday, 14 leaders from the UT community delivered presentations for TEDxUTAustin, a localized version of the popular ideas conference.  In the second-ever...


Hey, Curious Campus: What options do I have for filing my tax returns as a UT student worker?

Libby Cohen April 4, 2019

Between class and work, filing taxes is another time-consuming to-do for student workers this tax season. However, this objective on the “how to adult” list often times saves students money.  So,...


For World Autism Awareness, this University of Texas lecturer helps her students be better advocates

Libby Cohen April 3, 2019

This World Autism Awareness week, special education lecturer Lisa Sigafoos will lead her students in advocating for a welcoming setting for UT students with autism. “It’s a perfect...


UT students channel Austin start-up energy with Varfaj Partners

Libby Cohen March 27, 2019

Thirty University of Texas and New York University students are expanding their technology consultant company, Varfaj Partners, to support other student businesses in a initiative called Varfaj Leaders. Varfaj...


Hey, Curious Campus: How do we get involved with the legislature and creating policy without having a law degree?

Libby Cohen March 15, 2019

Because the laws in this country are supposed to reflect the consensus of the people, the Texas Capitol keeps its doors open to the public so state legislators can hear the grievances of their constituents. Going...

taxes_Courtesy_of Chelsey_Stewart

McCombs business students act as Austin IRS

Libby Cohen March 8, 2019

For 13 years, the McCombs School of Business has partnered with the advocacy group Foundation Communities to prepare tax returns for low-income families in Austin.  Accounting Practicum is a two-part...


New H-E-B location benefits tuition costs

Libby Cohen March 4, 2019

An agreement between UT Austin and H-E-B to bring the supermarket closer to campus was passed at the UT System Board of Regents meeting last week.  H-E-B will replace the Randalls at the corner...


Hey, Curious Capitol: Is medical marijuana moving forward in the legislative session?

Libby Cohen February 28, 2019

Editors Note: A source has remained anonymous in this article to protect their identity. Medical marijuana has been proposed in the Texas Legislature in session after session, including the introduction...


Spanish, Portuguese courses roll out hybrid half-online, half in-person classes

Libby Cohen February 13, 2019

This semester, the Spanish and Portuguese Department rolled out more hybrid courses, which counts three credit hours online and three credit hours in the classroom.  The department is among a few...


UT graduate student ditches soap

Libby Cohen February 4, 2019

In a bar following the Women in Science Writing Summit at MIT in 2014, physics graduate student Suzanne Jacobs talked with a man who stopped showering 15 years ago. David Whitlock, founder of AOBiome,...


UT alumna Chelsea Collier attributes networking during her college years as number 1 skill

Libby Cohen December 5, 2018

In January 2010, UT graduate advertising alumna Chelsea Collier (‘08) found herself longing for Austin’s mild winters as she picked out a coat suitable for Chicago’s weather. Collier...


Whole Foods, Capital Metro work with Central Texas Food Bank to provide for hungry Texans

Libby Cohen December 3, 2018

This past September, the Department of Agriculture reported 14 percent of Texan families are considered food insecure, two percent above the national average. This holiday season, the Central Texas Food...


Anti-Semitic incident at UT contributes to rising issue nationwide

Libby Cohen November 19, 2018

Last month, 11 Jewish-Americans were murdered in the most deadly attack on Jews in United States history. Still trying to understand why anti-Semitism remains prevalent, government freshman Julia Stern...


Voces Oral History Project highlights issues in Latinx film representation

Libby Cohen November 13, 2018

Tackling the obstacles of underrepresentation and funding in the field, 12 prominent Latinx filmmakers agreed external aid is needed to give a voice to the Latinx experience in the American film industry. An...


Neil Lazarus speaks on contemporary anti-Semitism at Texas Hillel event

Libby Cohen November 1, 2018

Following a moment of silence for the 11 lives lost in a Pittsburgh synagogue, Neil Lazarus spoke at Texas Hillel regarding the perpetuation of hatred and anti-Semitism on American campuses on Tuesday. Organizations...

fostering_during_flood_ courtesy

UT students foster pets during storm, boil notice

Libby Cohen October 29, 2018

While the rain over the past two weeks kept people inside, foster animals from Austin shelters were separated by three walls and a chain link fence from the low temperatures and precipitation. Animal...


Texas Farmers’ Market hosts fifth annual Fermentation Festival

Libby Cohen October 24, 2018

Billions of living organisms gathered at the Austin Central Library for the Texas Farmers’ Market’s fifth annual Fermentation Festival on Oct. 21. The free event open to the public served...


NYU professor suggests libraries as solution for climate change

Libby Cohen October 19, 2018

Eric Klinenberg, a sociology professor at New York University, focused on a path forward from the “burning house” at the College of Liberal Arts’ Difficult Dialogues panel regarding climate...


Young Conservatives of Texas demonstration changes campus conversation on sexual assault

Libby Cohen October 17, 2018

The Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) pro-Kavanaugh demonstration on Tuesday, Oct. 2 gave victims of sexual assault, such as journalism senior Sarah Remelius, motivation to voice their own experiences. “I...

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