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Livestream of President Powers, Chancellor Cigarroa testimonies in Regent Wallace Hall hearings

Madlin Mekelburg December 18, 2013

Click below to watch the livestream of the hearing brought to you by a partnership between The Daily Texan and TSTV. President William Powers Jr. and UT System Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa will...


Faculty members introduce legislation to halt Shared Services plan

Madlin Mekelburg December 10, 2013

UT faculty introduced a resolution to stop the implementation of shared services during Monday's Faculty Council meeting. The resolution — coauthored by Dana Cloud, associate communication...

UT System to revise intellectual property policy to clarify ownership of student-originated ideas

Madlin Mekelburg December 5, 2013

The existing UT System Intellectual Property Policy will be revised to clarify language discussing ownership of student ideas and creations following legislation passed in the Senate of College Councils. Intellectual...


University leases 109 acres of research campus for commercial development

Madlin Mekelburg December 4, 2013

Eight University departments will be relocated when UT leases 109 acres of land on the J.J. Pickle Research Campus for commercial development.  The land UT is planning to lease to Houston-based...

Shared Services Plan will be revised based on campus feedback

Madlin Mekelburg November 26, 2013

The UT Shared Services Plan will be revised to address public concerns collected at campus dialogue sessions regarding job security, funding and restructuring. The plan is a list of recommendations...


Student opinions differ on accessibility of contraceptives on campus

Madlin Mekelburg November 25, 2013

Though University Health Services distributes more than 47,000 free condoms every year, some students think that access to contraceptives on campus is insufficient.  Junho Ahn, the College of Natural...


Powers commends Fisher v. Texas lawyers at Faculty Council

Madlin Mekelburg November 19, 2013

The Faculty Council approved an update to the core curriculum course list for the 2014-2016 undergraduate catalog and discussed the Fisher v. Texas case and land development plans at its meeting Monday.  All...

Board of Regents approve Permanent University Fund allocation

Madlin Mekelburg November 15, 2013

The UT System Board of Regents approved an allocation of $265.6 million of the Permanent University Fund for capital projects at its regular meeting Thursday. The allocation was recommended by Chancellor...

UT System Board of Regents to discuss Hall investigation at Thursday’s meeting

Madlin Mekelburg November 13, 2013

On Thursday, the UT System Board of Regents will gather for a regularly scheduled meeting where it will discuss legal issues regarding the ongoing investigation of Regent Wallace Hall. The board meeting...


UT System lawyers testify that Regent Wallace Hall shared protected student information

Madlin Mekelburg November 13, 2013

During the complex process required to fulfill Regent Wallace Hall’s massive open records requests to the University, Hall was mistakenly given access to private student information — possibly...

UT System Board of Regents votes to waive ‘limited’ attorney-client privileges

Jordan Rudner and Madlin Mekelburg November 11, 2013

At a specially called meeting Monday, the UT System Board of Regents voted to address issues of attorney-client privilege that have arisen during the ongoing investigation of Regent Wallace Hall, including...


Moody College of Communication celebrates donation

Madlin Mekelburg November 8, 2013

The Moody College of Communication hosted a celebration Thursday to thank the Moody Foundation for their $50 million contribution to the college. A portion of the donation will go toward renovations...


Tom Hicks: Hall told sports agent Powers would be gone within the year

Jordan Rudner and Madlin Mekelburg November 7, 2013

UT System Regent Wallace Hall said President William Powers Jr. “would not be here at the end of the year” in a private conference with a sports agent earlier this year, according to former...

UT System Board of Regents discuss personnel, legal matters in closed session

Madlin Mekelburg November 4, 2013

The UT System Board of Regents met in a closed session Monday to discuss issues including “individual personnel matters,” though no decisions were reached, according to System representatives. This...


UT warns students to avoid bats on campus

Madlin Mekelburg October 31, 2013

While people may be inclined to run like a bat out of hell at the thought of encountering a furry mammal with wings, bats are not an uncommon sight on campus, according to Carin Peterson, training and...

UTmail through the ages

Madlin Mekelburg October 30, 2013

UT will be transitioning from Blackboard to Canvas next fall, giving students the opportunity to submit documents and collaborate with classmates and professors via Google Drive using their UTmail accounts.  UTmail...

SURE Walk to release iPhone and Android application

Madlin Mekelburg October 30, 2013

SURE Walk will release an iPhone and Android application, developed by computer science students, in January.  SURE Walk is a Student Government-sponsored organization made up of student volunteers...

UT will be more reliant on UTMail following Blackboard to Canvas transition

Madlin Mekelburg October 28, 2013

Although UT’s email services have been evolving since the 1990s, UT will become more reliant on UTMail following the University’s transition from Blackboard to Canvas. It is not mandatory...


Student Government passes resolution in support of undocumented students

Madlin Mekelburg October 23, 2013

A resolution regarding undocumented students was passed by a vote of 18-9-2 at the Student Government Assembly meeting Tuesday, where over 50 students were in attendance in the gallery. The resolution...

Revised conflicts of interest statement published for methane emissions study

Madlin Mekelburg October 22, 2013

UT faculty announced Monday that the University will continue to review its conflict of interest policy, weeks after chemical engineering professor David Allen came under fire for his involvement in a...

Protest emerges following Student Government Assembly meeting

Madlin Mekelburg October 16, 2013

Shouts echoed through the Student Activity Center on Tuesday night following the Student Government Assembly meeting, as members of the University Leadership Initiative protested SG’s decision...


SG representatives announce resolution to cut stipends for executive branch

Madlin Mekelburg October 16, 2013

At the Student Government Assembly meeting Tuesday, a future resolution was announced that calls for the elimination of government stipends given to all executive branch members. The resolution will be...

The nuts and bolts of the UT Shared Services plan

Madlin Mekelburg October 15, 2013

A brief history: In January, the Committee on Business Productivity released a plan titled “Smarter Systems for a Greater UT” that outlined recommendations on how to increase the University’s...

University administrators believe bulk of 500 job cuts will come from natural attrition

Madlin Mekelburg October 15, 2013

The current iteration of the “UT Shared Services Plan,” a plan that calls for eliminating 500 jobs and centralizing some University services, will be tested on a college or other large unit...

University plan calls for elimination of 500 jobs

Madlin Mekelburg October 12, 2013

A draft of the “UT Shared Services Plan,” designed to reduce costs at the University, outlines the elimination of 500 jobs and a centralization of certain university services, according to...


Campus post office and UT discuss branch relocation

Madlin Mekelburg October 11, 2013

The campus post office will hold a meeting with UT officials next week to discuss the future of the campus location, which is set to have its contract with the University expire in February. The...

UT Austin LGBTQ Certificate

College of Liberal Arts approves LGTBQ and sexuality studies certificate

Madlin Mekelburg October 9, 2013

The College of Liberal Arts Policy and Curriculum Committee unanimously approved an interdisciplinary certificate in LGTBQ and sexuality studies, predicted to launch in the fall of 2014.  The certificate...


UT Athletic Director DeLoss Dodds announces retirement for 2014

Madlin Mekelburg and Anthony Green October 1, 2013

In a swanky suite nestled in a stadium he’s transformed, DeLoss Dodds announced he will retire from the men’s head athletic director post at the end of August.  Dodds said he is retiring...

Redistricting commission shows student district in preliminary map

Madlin Mekelburg October 1, 2013

Students could make up the majority of a city council district based on a preliminary map released by the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission. The new district lines are being drawn as part...

Professor continues research on video summarization technology

Madlin Mekelburg September 25, 2013

Researchers at the University are working to perfect a computer algorithm designed to summarize first-person perspective films, with the hope of aiding the elderly and memory-impaired. Kristen Grauman,...

UT leads study on methane gas emissions

Madlin Mekelburg September 17, 2013

A new study led by the University measured the amount of methane emissions produced by 190 hydraulic fracturing well sites across the United States to fill gaps in current scientific literature.  David...


New York Times columnist Gail Collins speaks on women’s roles through history

Madlin Mekelburg September 10, 2013

Gail Collins, New York Times columnist and author, outlined how women’s roles in society have changed over her lifetime in the 2013 Liz Carpenter Lecture on Monday evening. Collins primarily discussed...

Shape-note singers host public “singing school”

Madlin Mekelburg September 9, 2013

The Shape-note singing student organization hosted a public singing session Saturday to introduce the tradition of shape-note singing to students and the general public.  Shape-note singing, also...


“Luminous” exhibit captures 50 years of art on paper

Madlin Mekelburg September 3, 2013

In celebration of its 50 years as a fixture at UT, the Blanton Museum of Art hosted a public tour of its exhibition “Luminous: 50 Years of Collecting Prints and Drawings at the Blanton” on...

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