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CourtesyofIdentity Threat Assessment and Prediction

UT Center for Identity releases report on identity theft

Meraal Hakeem May 2, 2017

Fake accounts and hacking are usually what comes to mind when people think about identity theft.  However, the UT Center for Identity recently researched data discovering “analog” theft...

Mellon Grant Courtesy Photo

UT receives more than $3 million to support the arts

Meraal Hakeem April 25, 2017

The University of Texas at Austin received two grants totaling $2.7 million from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation this month to strengthen, promote and defend the contributions of the humanities and arts...

Briscoe_courtesy of Brisco Center

Briscoe Center reopens after renovation

Meraal Hakeem April 18, 2017

The nationally renowned Dolph Briscoe Center for American History reopened to the public last week after an 18-month renovation period that added nearly 4,000 square feet of exhibit spaces. The Briscoe...


Panel discusses importance of diversity

Meraal Hakeem April 6, 2017

Two organizations from Student Government, Muslim Student Association and Queer & Trans Students Alliance gathered in a panel Wednesday to emphasize the importance of diversity at UT.  The...


Harry Ransom Center receives grant to digitize records

Meraal Hakeem April 4, 2017

The Harry Ransom Center received a $195,000 grant last week from the National Endowment of the Humanities to digitize some of the its archives.  The grant will aid the Center in completing a two-year...

Activist reveals how Muslims support religious freedom

Meraal Hakeem March 30, 2017

Despite what most people think, the religion of Islam promotes tolerance of different faiths, and Muslims are working to alleviate the jihadist terrorist situations in global communities, activist Jennifer...


UNICEF creates awareness for clean drinking water through art

Meraal Hakeem March 28, 2017

p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Minion Pro'; min-height: 14.0px} p.p2 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Minion Pro'} Perspiration gathers at her brow as she trudges...


Mexican-American writers discuss the significance of their literature when all eyes are on the border

Meraal Hakeem March 24, 2017

Dagoberto Gilb did not know much about his white father, but one thing has stuck with him since his youth. “Never tell anyone you’re Mexican, say you’re Spanish,” his father used...

Voices Against Violence has conversations with Indian students about interpersonal violence

Meraal Hakeem March 2, 2017

UT students and Voices Against Violence exchanged Skype calls over the past month with students in India to discuss what they can do to prevent interpersonal violence on their college campuses. “It’s...


Roundtable considers climate change, effects on policy

Meraal Hakeem February 28, 2017

In a broader global sense, it’s worth remembering the relationship between climate and policy is not just about the future, said anthropology assistant professor Jason Cons on Monday. Cons and...


Solar vehicle team speeds on to success

Meraal Hakeem February 24, 2017

UT’s Solar Vehicles Team is harnessing the sun’s energy to speed their way to success in a solar vehicle track race this summer. SVT is a multidisciplinary organization that works out of...

Victoria Prescott performs at slam poetry session

Meraal Hakeem February 23, 2017

She sat still in her car, silent and in shock after witnessing the burial of her best friend. She remembered the white morning glory flowers on the grave, and she remembered how on her way home, a field...


Panelists discuss Trump’s executive orders and U.S.-Mexico relations

Meraal Hakeem February 16, 2017

Professors, students and community members stood in solidarity Wednesday against President Donald Trump’s executive orders on immigration policies and U.S.-Mexico border relations.  A “Foro...


Joseph Havel discusses journey as an artist

Meraal Hakeem February 7, 2017

Internationally acclaimed artist Joseph Havel visited UT on Monday to share his experiences and journeys as an artist within the Austin community. The event was hosted by the annual Viewpoint Lecture...

Transgender comedian performs stand-up, discusses political views

Meraal Hakeem January 31, 2017

Transgender stand-up comedian Ian Harvie said Monday he aims to create a relatable atmosphere during his performances, where individuals from all backgrounds and gender identities are united through laughter. Harvie...


TreeFolks hosts first tree ID walk at UT

Meraal Hakeem December 2, 2016

UT’s campus is home to many different types of trees; however, students don’t always stop to acknowledge them and the benefits they provide. “UT has incredible trees, including the...


New project provides free training for parents of children with autism

Meraal Hakeem December 1, 2016

Parents across Texas now have access to specialized training on UT’s campus to help develop the speech and language communication skills of their children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders.  Project...

2016-11-11_ABC Pres debrief_Katarina

Bush Administration’s chief political strategist provides insight into 2016 election results

Meraal Hakeem November 18, 2016

Many nationwide polls didn’t predict Donald Trump would win the presidency, but Matthew Dowd, a political strategist and chief political commentator for ABC News, said he saw Trump’s victory...


Clinical study testing advanced imaging methods and partnership bring community together

Meraal Hakeem November 16, 2016

UT has commenced a two-year clinical study to test advanced imaging methods that predict early on which breast cancer patients would respond better to treatment.  The study will help identify which...


Aspirations of Speedway construction unraveled at meeting

Meraal Hakeem November 11, 2016

The ongoing transformation of Speedway into a pedestrian mall has contributed to students’ familiarity with construction. However, many have been left wondering when the construction will end and...


Professors debate whether students should vote

Meraal Hakeem November 8, 2016

As students prepare to cast their votes in today’s election, perhaps spending hours in line at their polling places, the question of whether or not to vote is at its most pressing. The Texas Political...


UTCPG hosts talk with law professor on economics of student loans

Meraal Hakeem November 4, 2016

The cost of higher education is on the rise, and while students may pay a substantial price on the front end in the form of student loans, the reward of a college degree is worth it, according to Todd...


Woman testifies for accommodations for pregnant people at transportation meeting

Meraal Hakeem November 1, 2016

Ceaseless chafing of the inner thighs, intense pelvic pressure and decreased mobility are all pains of pregnancy Amanda Woog knows well. Being seven months pregnant, Woog sought to find a solution to cater...


‘World Café’ opens discussion on healthcare inequity in Austin

Meraal Hakeem October 18, 2016

GlobeMed, a group of students passionate about issues regarding healthcare, hosted a panel Monday at the Student Activity Center to discuss the social inequity of healthcare in Austin. The panel, titled...


Farm Stand raises awareness of produces sustainability and environmental effects

Meraal Hakeem October 7, 2016

Several food options are available for students around campus, but finding organic items such as bok choy, avocados and honey can be difficult.  On Thursday, students had the opportunity to purchase...


Kismet Cafe to relocate away from campus

Meraal Hakeem and Paul Cobler October 4, 2016

Students will no longer be able to walk and grab a shawarma wrap from Kismet Cafe, as the restaurant plans to relocate to a newer building this winter.  Owner Rami Bataineh confirmed the relocation,...


Professor discusses countercultural youth in hippie-era Kathmandu

Meraal Hakeem September 30, 2016

Before Nepali youth attended college in the capitol city of Kathmandu in the late 1960s, most had never seen electric lights or even a wheel at their homes in the countryside, according to Mark Liechty,...


Therapy dogs, cakes promote suicide prevention week

Meraal Hakeem September 27, 2016

Students were able to pet therapy dogs and purchase cakes from Depressed Cake Shop, a pop-up bakery set up on the East Mall, in honor of suicide prevention week Monday.  The CMHC hosts suicide...

History of food seminar examines its influence on culture

Meraal Hakeem September 20, 2016

Besides sustaining societies, food may also be capable of creating cultures, nationalism and ethics, according to Rachel Laudan, a Ph.D. in the history and philosophy of science. In the seminar “Just...


UT panelists discuss Turkish coup, aftermath

Meraal Hakeem September 16, 2016

A series of attacks, the rise of ruthless leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and 50,000 government employees placed out of work have left many concerned about the recent coup in Turkey.  The Strauss...


UT-Austin receives award to improve deaf education

Meraal Hakeem September 13, 2016

Researchers in the College of Education were recently awarded a $20 million research grant to aid Austin’s deaf post-secondary students and recent graduates by providing them with resources to improve...


Amazon at UTexas experiences backups

Meraal Hakeem September 9, 2016

As Amazon at UTexas grows in popularity, students increasingly utilize the close package pick-up location to speed up the delivery of their Amazon orders and other Amazon Prime Student benefits.  The...


Fraternity to host second Philanthropy Fair on East Mall

Meraal Hakeem September 8, 2016

The Asian-interest fraternity Lambda Phi Epsilon will host its second Philanthropy Fair on the East Mall this afternoon, where students can participate in various activities and games organized by more...

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