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The Daily Texan guide to houseplants for the busy college student

May 1, 2019

College dorms can be dark, desolate and musty rooms that reek of ramen and despair, but they don’t have to be. In addition to being an aesthetically pleasing addition to any room’s decor,...


UT students partner with local organizations to support refugees

April 24, 2019

Austin accepted roughly 1,000 refugees in 2016 — the majority of which come from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burma, Bhutan, Iraq and Afghanistan. Texas’ unique geographic location...

RULEOFMANY_rule of many review_courtesy of Amazon Publishing

Twin UT alums’ ‘Rule of Many’ highlights sisterhood and resistance

April 16, 2019

UT alumnae twins Ashley and Leslie Saunders, who both graduated in 2010, broke into the young adult fiction genre last year with their debut novel “The Rule of One.” This novel tells the story...

Bugs_0403_jebmilling_bugs copy

Bug munching soon to be mainstream in Austin

April 3, 2019

From kombucha to poke bowls, Austin residents have a history of embracing long cherished ingredients from other cultures and not letting go.  The future of eating bugs in the U.S. is near, and...


SXSW week: Events available to public

March 8, 2019

SXSW is more than an acronym that UT students associate with heavy traffic and pricey tickets — it’s the coming together of industry professionals, artists and everyday people focused on sharing...

FLAVORTOWN_flavorful origins_courtesy of Netflix

‘Flavorful Origins’ debuts with tradition-steeped ingredients of Chaoshan

March 7, 2019

For middle-class America, food-centered shows such as “Chef’s Table” and “Salt Fat Acid Heat” offer a glance into another world, where every meal consists of choice ingredients...


Students share Austin food scene through Instagram

February 21, 2019

Named the second most exciting food city in America by Zagat, a dining guide, and fastest-growing food truck industry in the United States, Austin is an established culinary hotspot of the South. As a...


UT affiliates discuss how students can combat gentrification in Austin

February 11, 2019

Two weeks ago, activist group Defend Our Hoodz gathered outside East Austin restaurant Lou’s Bodega to protest what they saw as cultural appropriation and gentrification. Lou’s is an upscale...


7 date ideas for Galentine’s and Valentine’s

February 4, 2019

Ditch Netflix this Valentine’s season and try something new. Whether you’re celebrating Galentine’s with your girlfriends or having a romantic night out with your date, there are plenty...


Onyx Honor Society provides platform, dialogue for UT’s black community

January 29, 2019

What started as a Twitter discussion last semester led to the founding of the newest honors organization on campus, providing an unprecedented opportunity for students of color to start a dialogue regarding...


Wading the waters after the city-wide boil notice

October 29, 2018

The boiling advisory is over, but the threat of losing access to potable water is not. The city-wide boiling notice that was put into effect last Monday reminded Austin residents that clean water is a...


CapMetro neglects student commuters with Remap

October 22, 2018

Countless UT students rely on the bus system to get around campus and the city. For those who live in Riverside or North Campus and don’t have cars or other modes of transportation, buses are the...


Sick? Your syllabus doesn’t care.

October 15, 2018

The official attendance policy at UT is “regular attendance at all class meetings is expected.” Often   departments agree on an attendance policy and all professors within that department...

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