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Sexual regret differs by gender

Niq Velez December 4, 2013

Men and women experience sexual regret for different reasons, according to a study conducted in part by UT psychology professor David Buss. In the study, researchers coded participants’ responses...

Study finds majority of Latina women to be optimistic about unintended pregnancy

Niq Velez November 20, 2013

Though unplanned pregnancies might seem disastrous to women who do not want children, public policy graduate student Abigail Aiken said a significant portion of Latina women she surveyed adopted a positive...


UT study suggests practices to improve graduation rates among community colleges

Niq Velez November 18, 2013

Community college students undergo a fundamentally different experience from students who attend traditional universities; they are often older and must balance commitments to work and family. A study...


Brain imaging research examines processes that underlie decision making

Niq Velez November 12, 2013

New evidence gathered from brain scans supports the theory that people use specific memories from multiple regions of their brain when making decisions. Michael Mack, a postdoctoral researcher...


Researcher examines the stress of being in love

Niq Velez November 8, 2013

Cortisol — a hormone usually associated with stress – plays an essential role in the science of attraction, said Timothy Loving, UT school of human ecology professor. According to his...


Tribal Elders bless the opening of American Indians in Texas gallery

Niq Velez October 31, 2013

Elders from 12 different Native American tribes traveled to UT to bless the opening of the American Indians in Texas gallery at Jester Center on Wednesday.  Lee Walters, Blackfeet tribe elder and...

Student organization calls attention to anti-abortion cause with West Mall display

Niq Velez October 25, 2013

Nine hundred and fifteen neon pink crosses lined the ground in a display put on by Texas Students for Life on Friday in the West Mall. These crosses represented the 915 lives lost to abortion...

The Daily Texan talks to UT technology specialist about Blackboard to Canvas transition

Niq Velez October 25, 2013

Mario Guerra, instructional technology specialist at the Center for Teaching and Learning, talks Canvas versus Blackboard with Daily Texan reporter Niq Velez. Niq Velez: What are the top five reasons...

Women still underrepresented in scientific fields and leadership roles

Niq Velez October 23, 2013

Gender equality is still a widely unacknowledged and major problem in the workplace and on campus, according to a study conducted by UT sociology department chair Christine Williams. Williams recently...


The federal government gives UT a $1.7 million grant for traffic research

Niq Velez October 18, 2013

Many UT students have to travel to class by car — a process that can consume a large portion of the day depending on traffic, but will hopefully be addressed through a $1.7 million federal grant...


Delete Blood Cancer registers students for database in hope of saving lives

Niq Velez October 17, 2013

Those who suffer from leukemia, lymphoma or multiple myeloma can be treated when matched with a suitable donor, and all the information needed to save a life can be found on a single cotton swab —...

Panel discusses challenges faced by undocumented UT students

Niq Velez October 14, 2013

A panel of students and guest speakers discussed methods to ensure the success of undocumented students in a nation, which the students say has raised them but does not recognize them, at a symposium on...


UT librarians sell plants to raise money for health initiatives

Niq Velez October 10, 2013

Library employees sold cacti, bromeliads and other plants outside the Perry-Castaneda Library on Wednesday as part of the Hearts of Texas Campaign, a recurring initiative every October to incite charitable...


UT’s collection of unusual human brains will open to the public despite lack of medical histories

Niq Velez October 8, 2013

Human brain specimens whose accompanying records have been lost will be available for the public to view as soon as renovations to the Sarah M. and Charles E. Seay Building are complete. Jeffrey Luci,...

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