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Austin Yoga Festival offers more than just stretches

Rachel Perlmutter October 6, 2011

When yoga instructor and UT graduate Russell Burns decided to realize his vision of directing Austin’s first yoga festival, he did not expect his initially small, Saturday afternoon venture to snowball....

Blanton shows retrospective of El Anatsui’s works

Rachel Perlmutter September 23, 2011

Opening Sunday, the Blanton Museum of Art’s latest exhibition “When I Last Wrote to You about Africa” will showcase a major retrospective of internationally renowned contemporary artist,...

Atown embraces uniqueness of Austin

Rachel Perlmutter September 14, 2011

Austin’s aesthetic is that of a place where countless, seemingly disparaging styles converge. While this is usually the product of a virtual shopping scavenger hunt, Atown attempts to put a little...

Fall Forms of Entertainment: Local Art

Rachel Perlmutter September 9, 2011

After Dark Wally Workman Gallery | Dec. 3-23 In this group show, 30 artists were challenged to create works inspired by the exhibition title. Although each artist is sure to interpret the task in a...

Blanton expands permanent collection through art lottery

Rachel Perlmutter August 8, 2011

The Blanton Museum of Art acquired 12 new works of contemporary art for their permanent collection through a lottery organized by the Dallas Museum of Art and on behalf of art collectors Nona and Richard...

Blogs, classic travel guides can prove helpful to vacationers

Rachel Perlmutter August 4, 2011

On a recent trip to Paris with my family, we chose to stay in an apartment rather than seek the usual hotel experience. Between the three of us, we had no French proficiency, no concierge and because...

‘Footloose’ dances into hearts at Sheffield Zilker Hillside Theater

Rachel Perlmutter July 25, 2011

A splutter of dancing feet breaks the silence on Sheffield Zilker Hillside Theater’s stage at Zilker Park as a group of rowdy teenagers kick their feet up and down in the theater’s rendition...

Make your own Harry costume

Rachel Perlmutter July 14, 2011

The premiere of the final Harry Potter movie, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2,” is tonight and perhaps you’re thinking of taking this last chance to dress for the occasion....

Thai Fresh makes culture’s food ‘Thrice’ as nice

Rachel Perlmutter July 7, 2011

Walking into Thrice Cafe, there is an eclectic coffee shop feel — but with a twist. A hint of Thai spice wafts through the air amid the coffee aroma. The mismatched chairs and faux-grass stage...

Culinary kings

Rachel Perlmutter July 4, 2011

Parked in the open patio of Shangri-La, the new East Side King trailer is shorter than the average food trailer by a good three feet. The multicolored, tribal-patterned trailer houses a small team of...

Pole dancers defy gravity for fun fitness

Rachel Perlmutter June 30, 2011

With her body elongated and toes pointed three feet above the floor, instructor and studio owner of Brass Ovaries, Natasha Bajic, spirals downward on the 10-foot pole while it spins. Then, using only...

‘Hairspray’ showcases big voices, small set charm

Rachel Perlmutter June 27, 2011

The stage lights center on a short, plump girl with big hair waking up in her bed. As her bedroom transforms into the sidewalks of Baltimore, she sings about greeting the city in her sassy soprano voice....

A thoughtful guide to tactful texting

Rachel Perlmutter June 22, 2011

It’s no question that text messaging has become an essential part of communication. For UT students, texting is vital for everything from campus safety alerts to organizing study groups. The pervasiveness...

Former Rilo Kiley guitarist discusses his album, hiatus

Rachel Perlmutter June 20, 2011

The Elected- Babyface by MMMusic In between the transition from lead guitarist of indie band Rilo Kiley to center stage with his own band, The Elected, singer-songwriter Blake Sennett found...

Styles to beat Texas heat

Rachel Perlmutter June 16, 2011

In the heat of yet another brutal Texas summer, three local clothing store managers on Guadalupe Street weigh in on smart wardrobe investments, purchases to avoid and how to maximize the use of everything...

Mobility, retro vibe to be selling points of new food trailer

Rachel Perlmutter June 13, 2011

Sparks flew from the vintage, aluminum airstream trailer as workers buffed and polished the aluminum shell. In about three weeks, the trailer will be ready for business, carrying out the vision local...

Artists to mix mediums for Califa Arts Collaborative

Rachel Perlmutter June 10, 2011

Choreographers, visual artists and musicians will come together this weekend to present the second annual Califa Arts Collaborative, a free show featuring Ballet Austin dancers at the company’s theater....

Dance company showcases art of tap with festival

Rachel Perlmutter June 8, 2011

Three dancers move to the center of the room into their positions. Their tap shoes click-clack against the wooden floors. Swing music plays over loudspeakers, and the dancers’ feet begin to flutter...

‘The Book of Grace’ explores family boundaries, norms

Rachel Perlmutter June 6, 2011

Genre: Drama Running Time: 120 minutes For Those Who Like: Death of A Salesman, The Color Purple, Raisin in the Sun Grade: A-  Grace looks around cautiously to ensure that she...

Rolling road show to take fans on movie road trip across Texas

Rachel Perlmutter June 2, 2011

The dry heat hangs over western Texas’ desert as sparse bits of plant poke out of the ground. The hauntingly soundless land is perfectly out of reach of the law, where drug deals and murder could...

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