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Audio editor retires to devote more time to vegetable gardening

May 8, 2020

I never toured UT when picking what college I was going to attend. A week before decisions were due, my parents drove me down from Dallas to take a look at the Forty Acres. We couldn’t find the Tower,...

Su Yeong Kim

Project SEED provides insight into bilingual homes

December 6, 2018

Project SEED has been tracking the emotional, social, physical and educational health of Mexican children who translate for their Spanish-speaking parents since 2006. Now in its third wave, the project...


Student Government debates legislation supporting right to display ‘Gun Free UT’ signs

December 5, 2018

In a contentious final meeting of the semester, Student Government debated a resolution to support professors’ rights to display “Gun Free UT” signs around campus.  UT President...


CapMetro route 670 starts inbound detour to curb delays

November 26, 2018

Capital Metro bus route 670 will run on a detoured route until the end of the semester in an attempt to mitigate delays for students commuting to campus from Riverside. “We are committed to finding...


SG changes election code to simplify campaign season

November 20, 2018

After two personal moratoriums, an invalid election and a runoff election last spring, Student Government is proposing changes to its election code to help the next election cycle run more smoothly.  Changes...


Student legislation proposes ethnic studies class, Native American and Indigenous Cultural and Resource Center

November 16, 2018

Students can explore African, Latin American and Native American studies and more through UT-Austin curricula, but the opportunity to study many ethnic groups at once can seem limited.  Senate...


Student legislation supports right to display ‘Gun Free UT’ signs

November 14, 2018

Signs reading “Gun Free UT” have emblazoned windows across campus since the Texas Legislature enacted a law allowing licensed handgun owners to carry concealed weapons into public university...


James Hogg statue to return to campus after Confederate statue removal in 2017

November 13, 2018

Although the last of South Mall’s Confederate statues were removed in August 2017, the statue of former Texas governor James Hogg will return to campus, President Gregory Fenves announced Monday. “He...


ContribUTe 2018 raises over $4,000 for student aid services

November 12, 2018

Many on-campus facilities aim to help students with financial emergencies, food insecurity and interpersonal violence, but these services cannot function without enough funding. ContribUTe 2018, led...


Democrats take control of US House of Representatives

November 7, 2018

While Republicans held onto the U.S. Senate, the Democratic Party gained control of the U.S. House of Representatives last night after eight years of Republican control. “A Democratic congress...


Need a ride to the polls? Austin transportation has you covered

November 6, 2018

There are four more hours to vote in the midterm elections, and various transportation services are offering free and discounted rides to the polls. Capital Metro is offering free rides on MetroBus,...


It’s finally Election Day. Here’s What to expect when casting a ballot

November 6, 2018

Campaigns are coming to a close and early voting has come and gone, but students still have one more day to cast their votes in the midterm elections. To vote, students must bring one of seven...

electronic_1030_AndrewChoi(electronicStudentID) copy

New initiative wants to turn UT student IDs digital

October 30, 2018

Student IDs are the golden ticket to accessing campus resources, but they are just as forgettable as they are important. Speedway, bathroom sinks and dorm front desks are littered with lost IDs, but a...


SG passes legislation in support of sexual assault survivors

October 24, 2018

Student Government passed legislation expressing support for survivors of sexual assault three weeks after a demonstration regarding Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh sparked conversations about sexual...


Improve UT Challenge offers funding, resources for student improvement projects

October 23, 2018

Surrounded by more than 50,000 students, over 1,000 student organizations and three legislative student groups, students may feel overwhelmed when trying to make their voices heard on campus. Student Government...


UT frats restrict hard liquor

October 18, 2018

Hard liquor will be banned from all fraternity events, unless served by a third party vendor, beginning Jan. 1. “I don’t think Greek life is ever going to be the same,” Interfraternity...


Sensitive course content disclosures, canceling classes on Election Day proposed at SG meeting

October 17, 2018

When a video with a “graphic dramatization” of sexual assault was played without warning in one of Ian McEntee’s classes last fall, the humanities and sociology senior said he was stunned...


Sororities launch initiatives to diversify Greek life

October 15, 2018

The University Panhellenic Council is launching a new task force and set of initiatives to diversify Greek life and make sorority recruitment more accessible.  The council’s president...


Student Government proposes support for sexual assault survivors after YCT’s pro-Kavanaugh protest

October 10, 2018

Update (Oct. 10): In a committee meeting Tuesday night, SG members changed one of the components of  A.R. 4. If it is approved, SG will compile a list of registered student organizations...


15 UT law professors sign letter opposing Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh

October 4, 2018

Fifteen UT law professors signed a letter asking U.S. senators to not confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh as a United States Supreme Court Justice. A. Mechele Dickerson, William Forbath, Patricia Isela Hanson...


Student Government hosts ‘Safety Week’

October 1, 2018

Living in a bustling downtown area can make some UT students feel unsafe, but Student Government is trying to change that with Campus Safety Week.  Student Government and the Office of Campus Safety...


Texas politicians predict future of urban politics, transportation

September 29, 2018

Texas welcomed 400,000 new residents in 2017, according to The Texas Tribune. Now facing a population of 28.3 million people, stakes are at their highest for state and local politicians as they decide...


DACA recipients share their stories at Texas Tribune Festival

September 28, 2018

Maria Trevino-Rodriguez has always considered herself a Texan. She was born in Mexico, but her parents brought her to Houston when she was only 1 year old. Trevino-Rodriguez did not even know she was undocumented...


UT Green Corps: Students trash less food each year

September 26, 2018

From pizza slices to cobbler to untouched plates of Caesar salad, students eating at J2 and Kinsolving dining halls threw away over 30 tons of edible food last school year, according to data from University...


UT-Austin researchers suggest ways to combat Austin’s gentrification problem

September 19, 2018

UT researchers said they have identified which Austin neighborhoods are most vulnerable to gentrification as well as strategies to prevent its negative impacts. They presented their findings to the Austin...


UT-Austin student campaign raises funds for racing chairs at Longhorn Run

September 18, 2018

In spring 2017, finance senior Amie Jean left the hospital in a wheelchair after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Last April, she completed the Longhorn Run pushed in a pink wheelchair on loan...


UT Senate seeks to improve registration, advising for Longhorns

September 17, 2018

With recruitment finalized and assembly meetings underway, UT Senate of College Councils is focused on expanding advising, study abroad opportunities and improving the class registration process.  Senate...


SG explains plans despite little legislation

September 12, 2018

For the first time in three years, Student Government has not introduced new legislation at their first two assembly meetings.  SG introduced seven pieces of legislation in their first two...


Texas Interfraternity Council proposes ban of liquor at all UT-Austin fraternity events

September 12, 2018

Hard liquor might soon be banned from all fraternity events because of a new policy from the Texas Interfraternity Council. “This is going to be a seismic shift in a lot of chapters because...


East Campus Garage now offering secure indoor bike storage for UT-Austin cyclists

September 11, 2018

UT cyclists have a new space to store their bikes at the East Campus Garage. The storage room, which holds 160 bikes and includes a tire pump and tool station, is currently open and selling permits. Jeremy...

SG organization opens applications to transfers

September 4, 2018

Longhorn Legislative Aides, an organization within Student Government, has been helping college freshmen get acquainted with the 40 Acres for 15 years, and now transfer students in their first year at...

UT Austin professor clarifies defense of an NYU professor guilty of sexual misconduct

August 29, 2018

The #MeToo movement became much more complex when Avital Ronell, a prominent female professor of German and comparative literature at New York University, was suspended for the current academic year after...


Students and families continue to rebuild after Harvey

August 29, 2018

Hurricane Harvey made landfall last August, but advertising senior Hana Mostajeran is still feeling its effects of it. In December, her family had to celebrate Christmas at a family friend’s house,...


Reflection spaces to registration bars: What to expect from UT Student Government this year

August 28, 2018

While students this summer have been working internships, going on vacation or taking courses, Student Government has been preparing for another school year, focusing on empowering students and creating...

Semester stretches on for students, faculty with late finals

May 4, 2018

Friday marks the last class day of the semester, and while some students are eating their last meals at Jester City Limits and stuffing their belongings into their parents’ cars, others must stay...


UT Senate finishes most productive year yet

April 27, 2018

UT Senate of College Councils reached a milestone this year by passing eight pieces of council legislation — more than any previous administration.  Senate advocates for the student body’s...


UT Senate finishes semester, calls for easier transportation options for sick students

April 20, 2018

In the final meeting of the year, the UT Senate of College Councils passed its last legislation of the semester — Senate Resolution 1724, which supports the establishment of University Health Services...


Students and administration fight food insecurity

April 17, 2018

Note: Some last names have been omitted out of respect for the privacy and safety of sources. Savannah had a choice. She could buy a hamburger from the dollar menu, filling her stomach with greasy food....


Olympian Shaun White visits 40 Acres

April 10, 2018

An hour before Olympic gold medalist Shaun White was slotted to take the stage at Hogg Memorial Auditorium, students whispered excitedly about, “The Flying Tomato” and, “The greatest...


UT Senate holds impromptu special election

April 6, 2018

Following the resignation of Vice President-elect Raphael Jaquette, UT Senate of College Councils held an impromptu special election for the position Thursday night. “Characterizing this past...


Student organization-turned-nonprofit pairs tykes with teens

April 2, 2018

Every classroom at marketing senior Roger Lam’s elementary school had iPads and an interactive white board, but when he starting volunteering at local elementary schools in college, most of the schools...


UT hosts NBC correspondent, former first daughter Jenna Bush Hager

March 27, 2018

Jenna Bush Hager said she believes in hope. “You can’t ever lose hope that your voice is going to be heard because then you’re not living in a democracy,” Hager said. Hager...


Senate resolution attempts to add credit to study abroad programs

March 23, 2018

With flag course requirements, degree plans can seem endless and unmanageable, but new legislation from the Senate of College Councils could make graduation essentials easier to accomplish. In an effort...


UT TOWER Fellows Program invites adult professionals to explore life on the 40 Acres

March 22, 2018

Entrepreneurs, CEOs and other experienced professionals will be trading briefcases for backpacks under UT’s new TOWER Fellows Program. Now accepting applications for the 2018–2019 academic...


UT Senate elects new leadership as SG executive alliance heads to runoff

March 9, 2018

The Senate of College Councils revealed election results soon after Student Government announced a runoff for the executive alliance election. English junior David Jenkins and Raphael Jaquette, a Middle...


UT International Board of Advisors creates new globetrotting opportunity

March 6, 2018

Thanks to the UT International Office’s newest program, the entire world just became a classroom. In an effort to expand UT’s global network and enhance global education opportunities, the...


SG advocates for more transfer interest groups to ease students’ transition to UT

February 28, 2018

With a rigorous academic environment, fast-paced city setting and a population of more than 50,000 students, UT can be difficult to adjust to as a transfer student. Student Government is setting out to...


International, UT students exchange language, culture at weekly meetings

February 26, 2018

Campus is usually next to empty on the weekends as people escape to their apartments or dorms, leaving the stresses of education behind. Yet each Friday at 5 p.m., nearly 40 students congregate on the...


SG approves new rank-based election voting system

February 21, 2018

In an effort to eliminate runoff elections, Student Government passed an amendment to its constitution Tuesday night establishing a new rank-based voting system.  Under the new system, known as...


Four female engineers fight for better refugee camp conditions

February 13, 2018

Since late August, more than 660,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled Myanmar to seek refuge in overcrowded, mud-covered tents in Bangladesh. Many are living without clean water or hygiene facilities. At...