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UT professor Donna DeCesare receives oldest prize in journalism

Stuart Railey September 19, 2013

As a photojournalist immersed in a world of gang violence and poverty, Donna DeCesare brings visceral images of Latin America to an international audience. A bilingual adventurer, a compassionate commentator...

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Apple announces iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c

Stuart Railey September 11, 2013

Apple uncovered not one, but two new iPhone models Tuesday in Cupertino, Calif. On top of the new iPhone lineup, Apple also unveiled a 64-bit A7 processor, and a fingerprint-detecting home button. Apple’s...

“Total War: Rome II” in need of improved user-interface

Stuart Railey September 9, 2013

Political assassinations, provincial strife and pivotal battles in “Total War: Rome II” bring back the familiar empire-building game play that drew critical acclaim to the series more than...

‘Diablo 3’ hits consoles, brings offline co-op to Xbox and PS3

Stuart Railey September 4, 2013

It’s been over 10 years since the release of the last “Diablo” iteration, and now console fans have the opportunity to hack, slash and smash their way through waves of monstrous foes....


The Daily Texan’s guide to biking in Austin

Stuart Railey September 3, 2013

Whether you’re too broke for gas, too environmentally conscious to own a car or too lazy to walk to class, a bike can be useful for anyone. This stylish mode of transportation requires upkeep and...


“Lost Planet 3” proves stale and underwhelming

Stuart Railey August 29, 2013

“Lost Planet 3” debuted Tuesday, laying to rest a franchise that dates back to the initial launch of the Xbox 360. Unfortunately for gamers seeking a fresh layer of entertainment value, “Lost...


UT student uninjured after experiencing Asiana Flight 214 crash landing

Stuart Railey July 10, 2013

It wasn't until the plane smacked into the runway that Plan II sophomore Varun Bhatnagar realized something was very wrong. Seated towards the center of Asiana Flight 214, he and his fellow passengers...


Six fitness products you will never use

Stuart Railey May 1, 2013

When Americans express an interest in their fitness, their first step is usually buying something to make necessary exercise less strenuous and more convenient. Here are a few products that you may decide...


Apple MacBooks best at running Windows

Stuart Railey April 26, 2013

Microsoft to announce next Xbox in May At last, the next generation of Xbox consoles will be revealed to the gaming community. In a private event set for May 21, Microsoft will release the name and...


Pancakes for Parkinson’s takes over Gregory Plaza

Stuart Railey April 24, 2013

The wafting aroma of pancakes will guide students and faculty through a gauntlet of spatulas, griddles and pancake mix Wednesday in the Gregory Gym Plaza. Pancakes for Parkinson’s, an annual fundraising...


Paul Farmer, director of Partners In Health, to speak at AT&T Conference Center

Stuart Railey April 22, 2013

As the director of Partners in Health and United Nations Deputy Special Envoy for Haiti, Paul Farmer has a legacy of healing and activism that spans from Mexico to Russia. In celebration of his new book...


Iceland designs app to prevent accidental incest

Stuart Railey April 19, 2013

Iceland designs app to prevent accidental incest For the 320,000 inhabitants of Iceland, accidentally hooking up with a close relative is a legitimate concern for the party-going crowd. But thanks to...


Tabs on Tech tackles 3-D Pens, ‘Far Cry 3’ and an Apple Ban

Stuart Railey April 12, 2013

Thanks to tech entrepreneurs Peter Dilworth and Max Bogue, consumers will no longer have to be confined to a mere two dimensions when writing down their ideas. With the help of the “3Doodler,”...


Thomas Staley, director of Harry Ransom Center, to retire

Stuart Railey April 9, 2013

Since taking up the role of director of the Harry Ransom Center in 1988, Thomas Staley has personally helped make humanities research a more tangible facet of education for UT students. The Ransom Center...


Tabs on Technology

Stuart Railey April 5, 2013

1. Anonymous hacks North Korea’s Twitter and Flickr accounts The Internet “hacktivist” group known as Anonymous allegedly gained access to North Korea’s Twitter and Flickr...


Life in Color music event douses Austin fans with paint

Stuart Railey April 3, 2013

The word “tame” is not often used to describe the world’s largest paint party, which is scheduled to visit Austin on Saturday at The Backyard concert venue. Life in Color, the event formerly...


Tabs on Technology

Stuart Railey March 29, 2013

Editor’s Note: Tabs on Technology is a weekly update on the latest news in the tech world. Executive director behind Wikipedia decides to step down  Sue Gardner, one of the galvanizing leaders...


“Filaments” exhibition invites audiences into the creative process

Stuart Railey March 28, 2013

As part of the ongoing Cohen New Works Festival, the “Filaments” segment of this week-long exhibition takes a more interactive approach to the creative process. As a collection of short documentaries,...


Top 5 best designed video games of the school year

Stuart Railey March 22, 2013

Although the current generation of consoles has posed a rather inhibiting technological limit on game developers, a number of innovative video games have taken this challenge in stride. Here are The Daily...


“Gears of War: Judgment” will let down multiplayer fans

Stuart Railey March 21, 2013

Developers People Can Fly and Epic Games jointly released “Gears of War: Judgment” on Tuesday for Xbox 360. As the fourth iteration in the “Gears of War” franchise, this new title...


Capital Factory hosts startup promotional event

Stuart Railey March 16, 2013

Looking out over downtown Austin’s skyline from the top of the Omni Hotel, the Capital Factory office space is populated with plush beanbag chairs, endless desk space and 85 tech startups. From mobile...

SEC hosts “Game of Thrones” trivia contest

Stuart Railey March 7, 2013

In anticipation of the returning HBO TV series “Game of Thrones,” UT students braced themselves this past Tuesday night at the SAC by competing in the “Game of Thrones Pub Trivia Contest”...

2013-03-01_Portrait of Miguel Vazquez_CoFoSenior_Yamel_Thompson6017

College Forward mentoring program encourages student self-advocacy

Stuart Railey March 1, 2013

For UT senior Miguel Vazquez, the prospect of successfully attending college would not have seemed possible six years ago. The college admissions process — from financial aid forms to general applications...


Crytek’s ‘Crysis 3’ game lacks necessary innovation to further the series

Stuart Railey February 26, 2013

With videogame developers feverishly preparing for the new generation of consoles set to be released next holiday season, many popular game series are ending this spring. From “Assassin’s Creed...


ITS Applications Department looks to improve UT’s web interface programs

Stuart Railey February 20, 2013

Behind UT’s extensive umbrella of web services and interfaces, ITS Applications headed by Julienne VanDerZiel helps to better integrate these features into the daily lives of students and faculty...


Owner of ‘Singing Telegrams of Austin’ Prepares for Valentine’s Day

Stuart Railey February 14, 2013

Armed with an arsenal of comical costumes, Mardi Wareham, the proprietor of “Singing Telegrams of Austin,” is spending her Valentine’s Day traveling all over the city to deliver personalized...


Dead Space 3 continues precedent of gory, creepy thrills

Stuart Railey February 7, 2013

Electronic Art’s “Dead Space 3” hit the shelves this Tuesday, giving players the fear-induced heart palpitations the series is known for. Although some minor details detract from...


NPR Correspondent John Burnett speaks about experiences as international reporter

Stuart Railey February 5, 2013

John Burnett, UT graduate and National Public Radio’s roving correspondent based in Austin, exemplifies the meticulous journalistic style that has come to define NPR’s most popular programs....


First-person shooter “Far Cry 3” shows improvement from preceding title

Stuart Railey December 3, 2012

While “Far Cry 3” flaunts marked improvements over its predecessor, Ubisoft’s latest first-person shooter game adds little to the genre as a whole and may leave more attentive fans...


Orange Santa toy collection ongoing

Stuart Railey November 26, 2012

With the frenzy of Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday zeal, it can be difficult to divert our attention to more charitable endeavors during the early parts of the holiday season. The UT Police Department...


Texas e-Sports Association hosts second Lone Star Clash tournament

Stuart Railey November 13, 2012

The increasingly popular “Lone Star Clash” gaming tournament, an invitational event pitting professional and collegiate gamers against one another for cash prizes as high as $15,000, returned this...


Committee to host Halo 4 tournament, offer first look at new game

Stuart Railey November 6, 2012

Armed to the teeth with energy drinks, HD projectors and countless copies of the new video game “Halo 4,” the Tournaments and Games Committee will host a night of blood-splattering fun Wednesday....


The Hearty Vegan hopes to bring tempeh and other organic foods to larger retailers

Stuart Railey October 29, 2012

Despite the shadow of today’s stifling economy, small business owners Beth and Becky Taylor have subsisted on a passion for delicious food and the adoration of their loyal customers, specializing...


UTPD Officer Darrell Halstead talks to The Daily Texan about Campus Watch

Stuart Railey October 17, 2012

Crime Prevention is a job that requires vigilance, patience and a dry sense of humor. For Darrell Halstead, the primary writer of Campus Watch, abating the threat of public intoxication, traffic cone theft...

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Five not-so-common-sense tips for noobs attending ACL

Stuart Railey October 10, 2012

Enjoying ACL is contingent upon surviving ACL. Newcomers to ACL interested in experiencing one of the greatest music events that Austin has to offer should consider the following advice: 1. Irksome itineraries “It’s...


Naked Foot 5K promotes natural lifestyle, minimalist running

Stuart Railey October 5, 2012

The Naked Foot 5K may sound like a charity-sponsored streaking contest, but the truth is a little more complicated. On Saturday, participating runners will donate their old sneakers to Soles4Souls and...


The Broken Spoke welcomes those looking for their two-step fix

Stuart Railey October 1, 2012

In the wake of a booming population and increasingly cosmopolitan downtown district, the city of Austin faces an identity crisis. The polished oak dance floors, neon beer signs and the idiosyncratic twang...


Living with roommates helps develop communication skills

Stuart Railey September 19, 2012

For all 8,000 freshmen and other miscellaneous new students here at UT, the angst of arriving on campus is guaranteed to overwhelm even the soundest of minds. Separation from familiar environments is stressful...


University sacrifices oasis landscape in an environmental effort

Stuart Railey September 7, 2012

Fountains, graffiti and a few dozen turtles may seem like they have nothing in common, but that’s only in the eyes of a student. In the uncommon eyes of the fountain maintenance crew, Zone 4, these...

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