Iceland designs app to prevent accidental incest


Twitter teamed up with Spotify and Rdio to release a new Twitter Music app.

Stuart Railey

Iceland designs app to prevent accidental incest

For the 320,000 inhabitants of Iceland, accidentally hooking up with a close relative is a legitimate concern for the party-going crowd. But thanks to the “IslendingaApp,” singles will no longer have to privately consult Iceland’s ancestry database. App users can simply bump phones to determine if they have any close genealogical roots. If two people happen to share a few branches on the family tree, the app will send out an “incest alert” which comes in two varieties: a ringing sound and a text message. Three university students at Sad Engineer Studios created the application, which is now available for download on the Google Store

Twitter launches new music app

Teaming up with Spotify and Rdio, Twitter services will now extend into the music business with a new application for iPhone and Android operating systems. Twitter’s new service, which the company debuted Thursday, will function in a similar manner to Spotify in that mobile users can see the music that others are listening to. The program also recommends new artists based on trends in popularity and each user’s listening history. Full songs are available to listen to and because the application is linked with the iTunes store people can download songs directly. Later this year, Twitter expects to begin allowing TV clips to air on its feed along with new advertisements in an attempt to expand its services into new media realms.

Google Fiber in Utah

Provo, Utah, will become the third city in the United States to undergo construction of a new fiber network. Google Fiber is a service that provides high-speed Internet access to customers who can manage the $70 monthly fee. Unlike the two other cities planned to receive Google Fiber, Austin and Kansas City, Provo already has a partially built fiber optic network in place called “iProvo.” Due to unforeseen budget constraints, the city of Provo was unable to finish the network and instead opted to sell the construction contract to Google. 

“Iron Man 3” in 4-D

For those who have grown tired of the cliche 3-D cinema experience, the new “Iron Man 3” movie will be a smelly change from previous shows. In Nagoya, Japan, the movie will be released in 2-D, 3-D, and 4-DX formats. A typical 4-DX experience consists not only of sights and sounds, but also of smells, seat motion and wind effects. While these particular movie effects are not yet available in the United States, they are already available in other countries including Mexico, Thailand, Russia and Japan. The 4-DX “Iron Man 3” will premiere in Japan on April 26, later opening in the United States on May 3. 

Leap Motion will be bundled with new HP computers

Leap Motion is an incredibly accurate motion tracker. With a precision of up to 1/100 of a millimeter, the program tracks even the slightest nuances in a person’s movements. Hewlett-Packard announced that it will bundle a new line of computers with Leap Motion Sensors starting this summer, although other details have not yet been released. The sensor will be available for purchase separately on May 13 for approximately $80.