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UT center develops math education system for community colleges

Vinesh Kovelamudi May 7, 2015

The Dana Center, a research unit in the College of Natural Sciences, has developed the New Mathways Project in order to improve mathematics performance among students in community colleges. The...


Researchers design robot to help with physical therapy

Vinesh Kovelamudi May 6, 2015

UT researchers have developed a robot exoskeleton that could help provide helpful therapy to patients who have spinal and neurological injuries.   The robot, HARMONY, connects to patients at six...


UT gaming academy debuts its first video game

Vinesh Kovelamudi May 4, 2015

The one-year-old Denius-Sams Gaming Academy in the Moody College of Communication released its first video game Friday. The academy, composed of 20 video game students from across the country, hosted...


UT searches for other brands of ice cream to replace Blue Bell after recall

Vinesh Kovelamudi April 30, 2015

After the recall of all Blue Bell Creameries ice cream on April 20, students are finding empty freezers where the Dutch Chocolate and Homemade Vanilla cartons used to be. Following the announcement...


Chipotle begins delivery service through Postmates website, mobile app

Vinesh Kovelamudi April 28, 2015

Chipotle has introduced a delivery service for all of its menu items through the website and mobile application Postmates. Postmates coordinates a system of local couriers who deliver items, including...


Energy sector faces challenges as global energy consumption increases

Vinesh Kovelamudi April 24, 2015

The head of a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable energy discussed the challenges and opportunities the energy sector faces as a result of impending climate change. In order to...

Dean Wood-22

Dean of engineering school elected president of American Concrete Institute

Vinesh Kovelamudi April 21, 2015

Sharon Wood, the dean of the Cockrell School of Engineering, was elected president of the American Concrete Institute last week. ACI is a nonprofit company dedicated to spreading educational resources...


Astronomy department’s outreach program sends teachers to stratosphere

Vinesh Kovelamudi April 16, 2015

After 17 years of development, UT’s astronomy department successfully flew Texas teachers to the stratosphere as part of an outreach program called the EXES Teacher Associate Program. In 1997,...

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DHFS says all Blue Bell products recalled from main campus

Vinesh Kovelamudi April 14, 2015

Blue Bell Ice Cream and Sabra have issued recalls for many of their products because of a possible contamination with Listeria Monocytogens, a food bacterium. The Division of Housing and Food Service said...


Take Back the Night allows survivors to voice stories

Vinesh Kovelamudi April 9, 2015

Voices Against Violence hosted “Take Back the Night” at the Main Mall on Wednesday to provide an open forum for survivors of sexual violence to share their stories. Take Back the Night is...


Study: Hearing and deaf children with autism both avoid using pronouns

Vinesh Kovelamudi April 6, 2015

A study conducted by a UT professor and a UT alumnus found deaf children with autism tend to avoid using pronouns, mirroring similar habits observed in their hearing counterparts. “The major result...


Ghirardelli CEO emphasizes importance of leadership, communication in business talk

Vinesh Kovelamudi April 3, 2015

Martin Thompson, president and CEO of the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, offered career advice to students at an on-campus talk Thursday. Thompson emphasized leadership and communication skills as important...


UT professor says shade-grown coffee is the most sustainable coffee production method

Vinesh Kovelamudi April 2, 2015

Increasing implementation of non-shade coffee production, also called intensive coffee production, has resulted in an unsustainable practice that needs to be changed, according to a UT researcher.  “Intensive...

Staff Ombuds Office hosts Share-A-Taco Day to increase office awareness

Vinesh Kovelamudi March 26, 2015

The Staff Ombuds Office and Division of Housing and Food Service hosted Share-A-Taco Day at the Blanton Museum Faulkner Plaza, where live music and free tacos delighted both staff members and postdoctoral...

New discoveries lead UT researchers to reconsider the effectiveness of HIV treatments

Vinesh Kovelamudi March 24, 2015

UT researchers found the HIV virus is not as infectious after transmission as previous studies suggested.   Postdoctoral researcher Steve Bellan and integrative biology professor Lauren Meyers...


New program links patients’ medical records to state-funded tobacco cessation initiative

Vinesh Kovelamudi March 13, 2015

A new program that links patients’ medical records to a state-funded tobacco-quitting program will significantly lower healthcare costs for the state, according to Michael Davis, the director of...


Visiting professor praises Israeli poet’s influence on Hebrew literature

Vinesh Kovelamudi March 10, 2015

Erez Biton used his literary talents to invent a type of language through poetry that had been previously non-existent in Israeli society, according to a visiting Israeli professor from New York. Prior...


Weather conditions at Zilker Kite Festival affect vendors, would-be kite flyers

Vinesh Kovelamudi March 2, 2015

Despite poor weather conditions and low turnout, the sky was still dotted with kites at the 86th annual ABC Zilker Kite Festival on Sunday.   The attendees who braved the cold and humidity flew...

Argentine official’s murder raises questions about judicial system

Vinesh Kovelamudi February 26, 2015

The mystery surrounding the death of one of Argentina’s top officials illustrates the flaws in the Argentine justice system, according to law clinical professor Ariel Dulitzky. Alberto Nisman,...


Brazil’s public funding system needs makeover, according to Brazilian professor

Vinesh Kovelamudi February 24, 2015

Brazil’s outdated public funding system faces many difficulties, which stem from the country’s unbalanced population structure, according to Cassio Turra, associate professor of demography...


Persian studies department changes course content to prepare students better

Vinesh Kovelamudi February 19, 2015

Persian-language students at UT are typically under-prepared by the time they enter advanced classes, according to Blake Atwood, Middle Eastern studies assistant professor.  The Persian studies...


Ebola outbreak signals need for better health care in West Africa, according to lecturer

Vinesh Kovelamudi February 10, 2015

The 2014 Ebola outbreak should not be a reason to isolate infected regions, such as West Africa, according to Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who...

Climate change results in migration, according to professor

Vinesh Kovelamudi January 27, 2015

In a lecture Monday, Teófilo Altamirano, visiting professor in social science from the Catholic University of Peru, emphasized the relationship between climate change and forced human migration. At...

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