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Stepping down from the soapbox

Zoya Waliany May 3, 2012

I am opinionated. And I love telling other people these opinions. And even further, I love to shock people with my opinions. If I happen to spark dialogue and evoke others’ passions in this process,...

Building from the University’s racist past

Zoya Waliany May 1, 2012

The majestic University campus is a source of pride for all Longhorns, from the collegiate Six Pack to the ever-photogenic Tower. What most students fail to notice about our campus, however, is the years...


Point-Counterpoint: The push for a sweatshop-free UT

Zoya Waliany and Kayla Oliver April 26, 2012

Editor’s note: Last week, 18 members of the Make UT Sweatshop-Free Coalition protested the University’s affiliation with the Fair Labor Association, a group that monitors working conditions....

Taking a lesson from a walk-out

Zoya Waliany April 10, 2012

Late last month, about 50 students walked out of their Detroit high school classes to stage a protest demanding higher quality education. While these students were exercising their rights to assemble and...

Cultivating personal beliefs in college

Zoya Waliany March 30, 2012

Throughout his campaign, Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum has made countless outlandish remarks targeting dozens of groups in the nation. Among his targets is higher education, which he attacked...

Explore the rooting of recruiting

Zoya Waliany March 22, 2012

Last week, Greg Smith, former executive director at Goldman Sachs, resigned from his job of 12 years with a scathing op-ed in The New York Times. Smith said he resigned because he believes the company...

Celebrate progress toward gender equality

Zoya Waliany March 8, 2012

Conservative political talk-show host Rush Limbaugh finally entered the debate about contraceptive coverage last week, when he targeted a female student who attempted to testify in the all-male congressional...

Promoting equal marriage rights

Zoya Waliany March 1, 2012

A county judge in Dallas, Texas, is making waves in the headlines for her policies regarding performing marriage ceremonies. Tonya Parker, thought to be the first openly gay African-American elected official...

Protecting women’s access to affordable health care

Zoya Waliany February 23, 2012

The tremendously important and oddly controversial topic of women’s health has again sparked a debate in America. From the attacks on reproductive rights in the Republican debates to President Barack...

Assisting refugees in acclimating to Austin

Zoya Waliany February 16, 2012

On Saturday, hundreds of Austinites participated in the Ride for Refuge, a biking event held across America that raises funds for nonprofits that benefit refugees. This ride helped raise $18,357 for organizations...

Challenging legacy bias in admissions

Zoya Waliany February 10, 2012

As Fisher v. Texas — the affirmative action case involving a Caucasian female denied admission to UT — makes its way to the Supreme Court and gains prominence in the media, other similar university...

A federal safety lock on weapon wielders

Zoya Waliany January 26, 2012

After a series of tumultuous events and heated debates, UT students can rest assured that measures to allow students to carry guns on campus will not be permitted. Last week, Sam Cummings, a conservative...

Add flexibility to registration

Zoya Waliany January 17, 2012

This week, UT students will begin a new semester and new classes — classes they selected last October. Because the UT student body is so large, most classes are now closed or waitlisted, leaving...

Propelling education beyond the classroom

Zoya Waliany December 6, 2011

In the midst of senior year, many UT students are applying for graduate and professional schools and accepting offers at companies around the world. Some students, however, have chosen a path less traveled...

From Wall Street to the Main Mall

Zoya Waliany November 28, 2011

Waves of protests spread across the globe over the last year from Egypt to Greece, demonstrating the strength of the human spirit. Refusing to be outdone, the United States began participating in this...

Moving from perfunctory to policy

Zoya Waliany November 21, 2011

For the past few months, names such as Rick Perry and Herman Cain have been ubiquitous in every news publication. Most of the coverage deals with scandals, sound bites and gaffes as opposed to any policy...

Making an exception to the rule

Zoya Waliany November 14, 2011

As the second round of midterms comes to an end, students’ grades are shifting both upward and downward. Some students suffer from senioritis while others are experiencing personal issues, and the...

Discrimination and Texas’ brand and prattle

Zoya Waliany November 7, 2011

In the current political climate, buzzwords such as “oil,” “the Middle East” and “terrorist” are constantly thrust into the faces of the American public. Including modern-day...

Lobby to effect change

Zoya Waliany October 31, 2011

 When meandering through the West Mall, one is certain to catch a glimpse of dozens of vibrant student organizations fundraising, informing and advocating for a variety of causes. While these student...

Unlocking knowledge, empowering minds

Zoya Waliany October 17, 2011

Countless university students have, at some point or another, lamented their heavy amount of homework, wishing for an opportunity to take classes that interested them without the burden of assignments....

Rick Perry: Under-qualified and uninformed

Zoya Waliany October 7, 2011

Gov. Rick Perry, once the darling of the Republican Party, has recently been dropping in his approval ratings as voters have become acquainted with his policies and rhetoric. Under-qualified and uninformed,...

Transforming gender roles in higher education

Zoya Waliany October 3, 2011

Recently, School of Information professor Lecia Barker was featured in The Daily Texan for her commitment to increasing the number of women involved in computer and information technology-related careers....

Race in admissions: maintaining a vibrant, diverse student body

Zoya Waliany September 26, 2011

The University may soon enter our country’s spotlight, and football has nothing to do with it. Two white students denied admission to UT in 2008 have filed a lawsuit against the University alleging...

Name the SAC after Margaret C. Berry

Zoya Waliany September 19, 2011

Thanks to the new Student Activity Center, students can finally take refuge from Wendy’s during lunchtime. Affectionately called the NUTSAC, this one-year-old UT building offers study areas, simulated...

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