Quotes to note: college football and Rick Perry

“I feel sorry for some schools that will have to scramble to find a place. We won’t. I trust DeLoss [Dodds], and I trust Bill [Powers]. I can’t sit around and worry about things I can’t control. I know where we’re going to be this weekend.”
— Texas Head Football Coach Mack Brown, on the rapidly changing college football conference landscape and the possibility of Texas joining another conference, according to the Austin American-Statesman.

“Schools have reached out to us. But we’re not doing anything proactively.”
— Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott during Friday night’s Oregon v. LSU game, on the possibility of more Big 12 schools joining the Pac 12.

“Simon says touch your ear. Simon says jump up and down. Now run for president. … Next time you go to the polls, ask yourself, ‘Is your candidate smarter than an Aggie?’”
— An announcer for the Rice University Marching Owl Band at Saturday’s football game against Rice, on Gov. Rick Perry’s candidacy for president.

“[Perry’s] rhetoric gives pause to people who want to see someone in power that has a certain amount of reserve to them. When you’re president, you can’t all of a sudden take back that you attacked Vladimir Putin. Electability’s a big factor with bundlers.”
— An anonymous Republican fundraiser, when asked by Politico whom he predicts will draw the most financial support from GOP elites during the Republican primary.

“Al Gore, from my perspective at that particular point in time, was the most conservative of the Democrats. …This was well before I had a deep understanding about his [stance] on global warming as well.”
— Perry, on his support for Al Gore’s 1988 presidential campaign and past life as a Democrat.