Weekend creeps up with Zombie Ball, notable haunted houses

Eli Watson

This weekend will be full of tricks and treats and, as always, there are a couple of events that will help make your Halloween interesting and entertaining.

Described as “the party to die for,” the Zombie Ball will wake the dead with an array of performances, including Austin’s very own Bright Light Social Hour.

Originally at the Sustainable Waves Studio, the Zombie Ball has since moved to Austin City Limits Live at The Moody Theater and is now a one day event rather than two. The Zombie Ball will allow attendees to put on their best undead costumes and engage in a night full of entertainment. From sensual burlesque collective Kitty Kitty Bang Bang, to aerialists, pyromaniacs and dancers in oversized cocktail glasses, the Zombie Ball will offer various activities to its guests.

Zombie Ball will kickoff with attendees striking their best ghoulish poses on the red carpet. Once inside, the festivities will continue with dancing, drinks and costumes stylized by local designers Method Hair, Ossuaria Jewelry and Kitsch Trading Company.

The dead also enjoy some friendly competition: The Zombie Ball will reward one contestant with the highly-desired Stephen Macmillan Moser Glam-A-Zombie Award. Moser, Austin Chronicle’s go-to guy for fashion, will be one of the judges for the competition. In order to be a part of the contest Zombie Ball guests must check-in by 9:30 p.m. at the Moody, where they will receive a souvenir fan for their participation. The winner will receive the title of best Moser look-a-like, along with cash and other prizes.

Named “one of America’s scariest Halloween attractions” by The Travel Channel, the House of Torment offers two different attractions. One is “The Reckoning,” where guests attempt to escape the dreaded commander Nemesis. The other is “Cursed,” where guests must escape the clutches of Captain Scoria and his evil island. Love and House of Torment founder and president Dan McCullough still continues to push the envelope. Besides House of Torment, he is building a 40,000 square-foot haunted house called 13th Floor in San Antonio.