No additional security planned for Austin movie theaters

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis

In the wake of the shooting at Friday’s midnight premiere of “The Dark Knight Rises” in Aurora, Colo., the Austin Police Department said it does not plan to tighten security in movie theaters around the area.

APD spokesman Chad Martinka said APD does not plan to station additional officers at Austin movie theaters at this time, and that it is ultimately the individual theaters’ decision to increase safety precautions. The shooting resulted in 12 deaths and 59 wounded at the hands of 24-year-old shooter James Holmes. “The majority of the movie theaters around town have private contracts with officers,” Martinka said. “If they’re adding extra people, it’s through their private off-duty contract.”

Local Alamo Drafthouse Cinema locations declined to comment on whether the Aurora shooting will lead to increased security on their premises.