We asked: 24-hour PCL

Starting Sunday, the Perry-Castañeda Library will remain open 24 hours a day on weekdays. We asked students standing outside the PCL what they think about the new development, a result of Student Government’s effort, and if they plan to make use of the extended hours.

“I think I’ll probably use it now because midterms are coming, and I know that it wasn’t open 24 hours until finals [before 24/5]…During the week, that’s still kind of hard because we have class during the week too so it would be hard to use if you have morning classes.”
— Daphne Delgado, Spanish and nursing junior

“I probably won’t because I go to sleep at midnight, but it’s nice for other people.”
— Maria de la Garza, international relations and global studies sophomore

“I think it’s awesome, but I live really far, so I don’t like walking back by myself.”
— Ale Siller, biology sophomore

“I don’t study at the library. I study in my room all the time.”
— Adrienne Gonzales, biology sophomore

“I would use it because you never know when you have something that needs to be done…Having 24-hour access to Internet is a great benefit to me, so I’ll use it.”
— Amber Doyle, undeclared freshman

“Yeah, I’ll probably be using it, at least during finals time, because it’s more comfortable than other places I could go in the middle of the night to study.”
—Alex Dodge, architectural engineering freshman

“I live off campus, but if I lived on campus or somewhere close I would use it.”
— Floyd Miller, kinesiology sophomore

“I will use it because I can study any time I want to, and I won’t bother my roommate.”
— Tryphosa Asamoah, undeclared freshman