Women’s rowing to compete in final face-off before regular season

Sam Jackson

Friday marks the Longhorns’ third-annual scrimmage against Bates College. Traveling all the way from Maine, the Bobcats come for an early season training week on Texas waters. 

The head coach of Bates College’s men’s and women’s teams is Peter Steenstra. After only a year at Bates, Steenstra led the women’s team to second place at the 2009 NCAA Division III Championship, the highest team finish by any Bates team in an NCAA championship. 

In this scrimmage with Texas, Steenstra is looking for his squad to “hold their own.”  

“We’d like to give them a respectable challenge so we know we are moving well, even at this very early point in the season. I can consider that an accomplishment,” Steenstra said. 

Although Bates has only been on the water for four days, Steenstra said his crew looks great and is valuing the team’s early training time.

As for Texas, the women are off to a great start to their training season, placing high in the Fighting Nutria and further preparing for their first regatta of the season, the Heart of Texas on March 2. This face-off with Bates College will provide a great point of reference for Texas as the regular spring season nears. 

This match is important for both squads. Bates is just starting its season and Texas is approaching its kickoff. 

This scrimmage will allow a chance for the women to improve their chances in the races to come.