UHS hands healthy horns spring break kits


Emily Ng

Economics junior Cameron Crump sets out spring break kits at Gregory Plaza Wednesday afternoon. The kits consisted of various tools to keep students healthy and safe during the break.

Alexandra Dubinsky

Healthy horns know that preparation is key to playing safe.

An initiative by University Health Services aims to keep UT students free of potential harm over spring break by equipping them with a safety kit containing condoms, sunglasses, sunscreen and a water bottle. UHS tabled at Gregory Plaza Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. to distribute the free kits. 

Chemistry and chemical engineering student Katie Madler said she heard about the distribution through word of mouth. 

“My friend told me to come,” Madler said. “I think it’s really realistic. It shows that UT at least knows what’s up.”

Students provided their EIDs and email addresses in exchange for kits.

Cameron Crump, an economics senior and healthy sexuality peer educator, said UHS collects students’ information and sends out an optional survey inquiring about their behavior during the break.

“We take the answers we receive from these surveys and decide what kind of program we should provide in the future,” said Crump. 

UHS selects healthy sexuality peer educators to help guide students toward living a healthier college lifestyle. Volunteers for the program must apply and take a credited course to be selected.

Jessica Wagner, manager at University Health Services, said this particular program has become an annual tradition since its start six years ago.

“It’s been popular with students each year, and we are constantly evaluating our efforts to make the kit contents relevant and beneficial.”

Undeclared sophomore Cody Smith said the tools provided are everything he needs while he spends the week at South Padre Island.

“I think it's cool,” Smith said. “I always forget to get the essential stuff. It's especially cool for guys because, you know, we don’t normally have lip balm or sunscreen.”

The Princeton Review ranked UHS as the third best college health service in the country for 2013. In addition to supplying about 3,000 kits this year, the service reaches out to students by hosting events throughout the year. Crump said they offer fun workshops regarding safe sex, healthy sexuality and sex trivia where students can also learn.

“I think we’re bringing about awareness,” Crump said. “It’s about having these things available instead of acquiring them so they can be safe.”

Published on March 7, 2013 as "UHS preps break survival kits".