Former Longhorn Sanya Richards-Ross debuts new reality show

Shay Hoffman

Former Longhorn track star Sanya Richards-Ross is out to prove she is more than just athletics; she is a jack (or in this case, Jill) of all trades.

“I don’t want to only be known as Sanya the track star,” Richards-Ross states at the very beginning of the first episode of her new reality show. “I want to be a fashionista, business owner…you name it, I want to do it.”

The pilot for “Sanya’s Glam and Gold” premiered last week and as one might expect from the title, depicted the expanded life the four-time Olympic gold medal sprinter leads off the track: she is the industrious wife of fellow star athlete and former Longhorn, New York Giants cornerback Aaron Ross and a businesswoman and co-owner of a hair salon located in Austin, Texas.

In the first episode, we are introduced to her family and bedrock of her support system, “Team S.R.R.”: her father and manager Archie, her mother, who doubles as her agent, sister and business partner Shari, with whom she co-owns her salon and her cousin, publicist and stylist Yolande.

The pilot serves as the neat exposition in which we meet all the characters and start to see how the personalities and relationships make up Richards-Ross’ world. Husband Ross is ready to start a family, but Richards-Ross is more interested in training for the next Games and expanding her business before focusing on the next phase of her life.

Shari is Richards-Ross’ headstrong sibling rival and though the two are clearly close, it’s likely that complications in the relationship and differences of opinion in business will be a running plot throughout the show.

Viewers will likely become fond of Archie, who often has a sage, Jamaican accented word of advice for his daughter, and of Ross, whose calm disposition clearly helps keep Richards-Ross grounded.


Though being fellow professional athletes and obviously considered an equal by one another, the show will probably feature some friendly competitiveness between the two, making for an interesting twist in the husband-and-wife dynamic, who have been together since their freshman year at the University of Texas.

The close knit, family bonds portrayed in the show, combined with watching Richards-Ross’ multifaceted, but positive relationship dynamic with her husband will appeal to families, young women and Richards-Ross fans alike.