Point/Counterpoint: Should fans leave the stadium early?

During last Saturday's game against Ole Miss, many Longhorn fans left the stadium early, either out of shame or boredom. But was that the right move? Two of our opinion columnists have weighed in in today's paper, and you can join the debate!

Travis Adams thinks fans should stay to the bitter end, no matter whatTrue fans stay until “The Eyes of Texas” is sung. That’s what I was taught by my parents, who have gone to every home game since they graduated. I’ll teach my children to do the same, because it is disrespectful to the team and to the coaches to leave the stadium early, especially when we are losing and they need the support most. If you were playing in a game and your parents, family or friends left early because you were losing, how would you feel?

Eric Nikolaides, on the other hand, thinks it's only natural that fans should head home early if they're not getting their money's worthI love our Longhorns and want to do whatever I can to see them succeed. However, when the University spends such an unthinkable amount of money and resources on our football program, and when expectations are so high — both on campus and around the nation — it’s easy to see that the performances in the last three years are simply unacceptable. The real tragedy isn’t that students walked out with eight minutes to go in the game on Saturday, it’s the consistent failures on and off the field since 2010. The University owes us a better product, and until we get it, I see no problem with heading for the exits as we get walloped by yet another non-conference opponent.