Quotes to Note: American Campus Communities, Veterans on campus, and textbook edits

“It’s an intersection of being [non-traditional] students, being older and being transfer students. They have the same issues as other transfer students adjusting to this campus, but many also have families and are trying to balance family life with being a full-time student and, sometimes, trying to maintain a job as well.” — Jeff Moe, UT’s veterans affairs outreach coordinator and mental health counselor, on the challenges faced by UT student veterans

“I think [American Campus Communities’] overall play is to acquire more assets. Although, I am not sure of any specific properties they are currently targeting in the West Campus market. I think they want to dominate the market, if you will. This would allow them to control the prices of real estate.” — Joe Yager, real estate agent for Uptown Realty LLC and founder of Active Property Management & MR+D, on American Campus Communities’ perceived growing monopolization of the West Campus housing market

“We have no immediate plans to expand our footprint in West Campus, but we are focused on delivering the best living experience to our current residents. We are so thrilled to have a presence in our hometown and be actively engaged in the community.” — Gina Cowart, vice president of marketing and investor relations at American Campus Communities, on the company’s plans for the immediate future

“We started daily testing people, and we thought maybe it improves performance, and we found that it does improve performance in students, especially in students with low socioeconomic backgrounds. The idea is that if they bring their laptops in, we can give them personalized feedback based on their responses … to integrate many of those things that work well in an intimate class and try to scale those up for the big classes.” — Psychology professor Samuel Gosling on changes in student performance in his and fellow psychology professor James Pennebaker’s Synchronous Massive Online Course, or SMOC

“All I know is what’s been reported in the papers. I had no idea that he had weapons or any sort of anything else.” — Andrew Clark, president of the Senate of College Councils, on the case of Gene Vela, a graduate student and member of Senate currently being held in the Travis county jail under charges of aggravated assault against a public servant. 

“I believe this process is being hijacked, this book is being held hostage to make political changes … To ask me — a business degree major from Texas Tech University — to distinguish whether the earth cooled 4 billion years ago or 4.2 billion years ago for purposes of approving a textbook at 10:15 on a Thursday night is laughable.” — Texas State Board of Education vice chairman, Thomas Ratliff, on the Board’s decision to review a Person Education biology textbook’s assertions on natural selection and the theory of evolution.