Horns Up for Feb. 3: Mack Brown can’t understand twitter, but he sure is trying


Horns Up: Mack Brown's twitter education

Former head football coach Mack Brown is slowly getting the hang of things on Twitter (emphasis on “slowly”). Brown started exploring some of the features of the social media platform Sunday, engaging followers in a Q-and-A and even discovering the retweet button. There’s still just one hang-up, though: The former coach’s tweets aren’t reaching all his followers, at least not in their feeds, because he’s leaving out a crucial punctuation mark: the period. As several Twitter users tried to explain to Brown, tweets only appear in one’s feed if one follows everyone mentioned in the tweet, unless a period is placed in front to override that feature. Brown, however, continually placed the punctuation before his own Twitter handle, regardless of where it came in the tweet, even when given explicit formatting instructions. We will continue to support Brown as he learns the ropes of Twitter, and damn if we aren’t impressed by his persistence — the former head football coach even went so far as to retweet a user who had linked to an  article explaining just where to place that pesky period. Horns Up, Mack Brown, for being a class act, if not a fluent tweeter.